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This or That?

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4 months ago

From the title you might be wondering what this is actually all about haha. Well I recently came across @Khing14 's article a few days ago on the "Would You Rather" challenge. Which I think was a trend here about a few months ago, so I hope I'm still not too late to join in.

And this is my version on the "Would You Rather" challenge. And according to @Khing14, there is a random question generator. If you also want to take this challenge, you can get questions HERE

So here goes.

Would you rather be poor but everyone loves or a billionaire and nobody likes?

Well, I for one am already poor so I might as well choose to being poor that everyone likes. Because the thing about being poor is that you know how to truly value thing and people. For that matter, if you value other people well enough, in our case like family, then they would also value you as a part of their family.

And you know what they say "money doesn't always buy everything".

Would you rather be able to time travel or to be able to stop time?

This is rather tricky one. And for some unknown reason this question kinda reminded me of the movie called "The Time Traveller's Wife". Well you might guess what the story is all about based on the title haha.

So for me, I'd choose to be a time traveller. And no, it isn't because of the movie, mind you. But rather due to my undying curiosity about the past, that isn't always often answered by textbooks nowadays. I want to be able to time travel so I can see for myself what the world looks like before we even began to exists.

And yeah, I'm really curious to know how our family looks like before. And I mean, like what my great grandparents would look like on both sides. And maybe be able to meet my Mama's family and know if her brothers are still alive. She never really got to see them because she grew up in her aunt's care.

Would you rather eat delicious food with a blind date or eat fast food with a good friend for an entire month?

For a woman like who already has loving partner, I'm not gonna look for blind date anymore. So I choose to rather eat at a fast food with my friends even for a few times, not necessarily a whole month.

Guess maybe have some catching up with my girls, that we haven't done yet since after I had my first baby. And they had to get on with their lives also.

And food doesn't really matter, a fast food would be alright with me, but I guess home cooking would be better, that way we have a sort of a bonding like we used to have back in our high school days.

Would you rather have five feet or five hands?

Easy I'd choose to have five hands. Because it could come in pretty handy especially when you're a stay-at-home mom. Who always does the cleaning, cooking, washing clothes, washing dishes and all other stuff in the house.

You know what I mean. Hands up to all stay at home moms.

Would you rather have every minute feel like an hour or every hour feel like a minute?

Again, a pretty tricky question. Which I believe is how time behaves based on how you're feeling. Like you know, time seems longer when you're lonely or in pain or struggling. And feels short when at the brink of happiness.

So for me I'd choose the minute feeling like an hour. At least I get to savor the moments that I am in. Especially the happy ones.

Would you rather have neighbours who were noisy or neighbours who were nosy?

Well, in our country, living with noisy neighbours isn't always bad. Like hey, even singing karaoke in the middle of the night isn't always a bad thing. We'll that is if they're playing your favorite songs and you get to sing along with them in the comfort of your own home haha. (and yeah, singing karaoke was like a must in every occasion, before the pandemic)

But living with nosy ones are always the worst. You know why? Because they tend to get to nosy on your business that they act like they have every right to poke on your personal life and choices. And they even bad mouth you around others. Especially when you guys don't get along so well.

So yeah, noisey neighbours would be my choice.

Would you rather get a terrible tattoo that's visible or a terrible scar that's semi-visible?

Well, as much as I'd love to experience having a minimalist tattoo, getting a terrible one would the worst decision in my life. Nah, I'm just overeacting. But I guess I'll prefer a scar that semi-visible. Because I already got one haha and it's got a pretty hilarious back story. And I'll be telling you all about it soon.

Would you rather never get angry or never get jealous?

I'll say never get jealous. Well maybe because this has been the main reason of our fights over past few years of our relationship haha. And also, being jealous, get you extremely insecure. And when you're insecure, you could do something you never wished you'd do,that you'll regret by the end of the day.

Because being is like a part of our emotions. We get angry when we get frustrated. And we let that out. But jealousy can be damaging. Not only to other people. But to yourself, down to the very core of you.

Would you rather have the ability to speak to animals or the ability to speak all languages?

Being a linguist. Well I would choose the ability to speak to animals. Because I remember the conversation I had with a friend on noise. And i remember saying if only we had the ability to talk to them we'd be able to get them what they really need. And maybe be able to be a voice for them to stop any kind of mistreatment that's been going on for ages. And they have no ability to be able to talk back or reason out with the ones who are causing them damage.

Being to speak all the languages would be really cool though. But without a purpose, that would mean nothing.

Would you rather have a perfect memory of your past or be able to see one minute into your future?

Having a perfect memory of my past is a must for me. Because I always liked to have some sudden throwback of memories once in a while.

And you know our past, is what makes us whole. No matter how too many painful memories there are. We wouldn't be the person we are today if it weren't for the past.

The past mistakes we made that turned into great lessons for us today. The past joyful memories that still linger in our minds that kept us from the brink of accepting defeat in life.

And one peek at the future would only puzzle us into choosing the right decisions in order to obtain that future. It isn't supposed to be that way. Life isn't all picture perfect.

Final Thoughts

And that wraps up the whole "Would You Rather" challenge for me. I only got ten question from the randomiser because I know it'll be like a novel if I took out all the questions that has sparken my interests. Let me know if you want a part 2 of this because this kinda acts like a "Get to Know Me" setup haha.

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Written by   52
4 months ago
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Can I do this? I think I want to join in!

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4 months ago

Sure you can heheh. You can also tag me if you want. And you can get some questions from the link I provide. Good luck buddy.

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4 months ago

Thank you! I'll get right on it ;)

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4 months ago

I want to time travel to, cause I want to go back when Jesus Christ is alive...Somehow similar to the SUPERBOOK - the two kids there that time travels during Jesus Christ's time to witness personally a specific occasion mentioned in the bible

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4 months ago

I also want to be able to witness the happenings in the Bible just like in the animated series "SuperBook".

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4 months ago

yeah, that's what I just said above :)

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4 months ago

For me five hands and time travelling as well!

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4 months ago

Hahaha what would you do with those five hands to be specific? And where you want to start on time travelling if ever?

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4 months ago