What is Your Mission Impossible?

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I earnestly want to know what is in your mind.

  • I am not mentioning a movie name. I wish to read your ideas on the subject.

  • You might remember an old movie name "Mission Impossible." But I am not mentioning a name of a blockbuster movie of yesterday.

I want to know about something really challenging that you are trying to accomplish or are on the way to doing it in the near future.

  • If you say that you have nothing to accomplish in the future, I would say that you are probably not thinking right. I mean, you might reconsider thinking big and try some innovations.

Maybe, you have a lot of ideas that are creating ripples in your mind pond.

Maybe, you wish to live with cryptos and give up fiat.

Since it is a crypto-blogging platform, cryptocurrencies are the first point that comes to mind. The most interesting subject that is omnipresent in the background could be cryptocurrencies.

I am not sure if most of us try to dream of a world running on cryptocurrencies only. But it is a sweet dream with a solid backing from the present real-world experiences.

  • Why not have a dream of living on cryptocurrencies only? Not a bad idea, I think.

There remain extraordinary occurrences of catastrophes on the way. I read stories of people who sold every piece of wealth, bought cryptos, and are now starving!

Maybe, you wish to quit a full-time job and start a business.

Entrepreneurship is trending as a career choice. The subject of entrepreneurship is seriously accepted in the academic curricula of global universities.

If you consider starting your small company, nothing is wrong. But before quitting your current full-time job, you must do a thorough hands-on course or an extensive workshop in entrepreneurship.

  • You may also start your small business immediately after passing out from college.

Then, you may have to seek professional and financial help from government initiatives for small business funds.

Maybe, you wish to record your dream musical album.

Music is a passion of many. We learn music during our school days. Some of us take music seriously. They know the basics and take advanced training.

Whatever the situation might be, music and art are parts of human lives. Even if we don't learn the art of singing, we learn it spontaneously from listening and casual singing.

  • Nowadays, software-driven musical recording is possible in the comfort of our homes. And it doesn't incur a high cost. One can record songs and music with minimal or almost zero spending.

Pursuing a musical dream can be an entertaining home experiment.

Maybe, you wish to communicate with the world.

  • In my case, communication is a challenge. As an introverted human, I always faced difficulties communicating with the world.

  • In your case, communication might be a smooth and spontaneous skill. Then you are in an advantageous position to start communication as a service.

  • The mission is now to open up and chat with as many professionals as possible.

The world is open through the information superhighway - the Internet. One must utilize the super power of the Internet, but with caution and a fare bit of understanding about everyday cybersecurity.

What is your thought?

=> I am curious to get your opinion on the subject!

Please don't hesitate to communicate, and get started with your next "Mission Impossible" in life and career.

  • The world is in your hands.

  • Just start exploring it and accomplish your wishes.

  • It is not a goal, just a mere wish.

=> Say it is a goal after you accomplish your wish.


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Dec 16, 2022

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I still wish to become a gaming streamer focused on Anime Genre on YouTube, aside from being a content creator. I just want to see myself in that place once. Just waiting for that game to come out. I know I can start with a other one too but I think I will decide this in new year based on when the one which I am waiting for will release. I have done it previously and I do think it's not impossible for me, just hoping to get a bit lucky by the YT algorithm.

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