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Setup a New Chapter on LinkedIn

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Open a LinkedIn account.

I invite you to open a new chapter on LinkedIn.

The first few questions will be
"Why open an account on LinkedIn?"
"Does it allow to monetize content?" and so on.

  • I know most of you are confined to the dot-cash platforms, other crypto blogging and gaming platforms, and several crypto trading platforms. You and I are bubbling to earn cryptocurrencies as upvotes. Nothing is wrong with that.

  • But are you okay with coming out of the comfort zone of earning handsome upvotes by the algorithmic account of a platform?

If you don't want to come out of the crypto comfort zone, please don't read further. If you are open to explore outside your well-defined crypto comfort zone, please consider reading and reviewing further.

  • LinkedIn is a professional network. Anybody can create an account for free and access multiple features, such as blogging, education, job search, company page, advertising jobs, groups, Live video, audio, even an indirect URL shortener, etc.

Yes, LinkedIn is a network for the professionals

LinkedIn is a social network for professionals in any field. There are members from Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, Mathematics (STEAM), Economics, History, Geography, and any other subject area you can think of.

  • Most big corporations have their company pages on LinkedIn. You get all the job advertisements from small and big companies.

  • If you have a startup or business idea or wish to have your own consultancy company, you can start a LinkedIn company page. You can post job advertisements for your company.

  • You can create LinkedIn groups on your choicest subjects, have like-minded people join the groups, post updates, write comments, engage in direct communication with the group members, etc.

  • And, of course, LinkedIn has got a powerful blogging interface through which you can write short update posts and long-form articles. You can write comments and reply to comments.

Some of you might think that I am writing about LinkedIn for a referral? No, LinkedIn doesn't pay any member for writing or promoting the platform.

LinkedIn doesn't pay you monetarily, but the opportunity on LinkedIn is endless. Please continue reading the following sections.

The blogging interface of LinkedIn is very transparent

  • Everybody can see who writes comments and replies.

  • Everybody can see whoever clicks "Likes" on a post and comment.

  • The platform also sends notifications about all engagements.

Suppose, you have written a comment on an article, and some other member clicked a "Like" on it or writes a reply to it, the platform will send a notification about the engagement on your posted comment.

That means a lot for a blogger and a commenter.

  • You will not only get notifications about the engagement on your published articles and short update posts, but you will also receive notifications about the engagement on your comments.

  • You hold ownership of all your published articles, short update posts, comments, and replies. That means you can edit or delete your published content at any time.

And, you have much more in the blogging interface of LinkedIn.

For example, LinkedIn's superior search engine optimization (SEO) puts your blogs in the top search results in the Internet search engines.

I have posted a ReadCash article about it in the past,
"How to Make Your Blogs Internet Searchable."

LinkedIn Newsletter opens a place for a niche for your blog

LinkedIn Newsletter is a feature to publish your long-form articles under a niche subject area of your choice. At this time, each member can create only one newsletter.

  • You can put a name and a logo for your newsletter. LinkedIn allows the logo to be a GIF animated image.

  • As you publish the first article of your newsletter, notifications are sent to all your connections. They are invited to subscribe to your newsletter.

  • Articles published under your newsletter can be accessed on your newsletter page.

  • Every time you publish a new article, a notification will be sent to all who subscribed to your newsletter.

  • Commenting and other engagement works the same as other posts on LinkedIn.

LinkedIn Group extends communication to a higher level

As a member, you can create many LinkedIn Groups.

  • You have to write a short description and set the rules of the groups.

  • You can invite your connected LinkedIn members to join your groups.

  • The groups can be private or public.

  • As an administrator of the group, you may invite a few members as group managers.

  • All public groups are showcased on the home page, and any LinkedIn member may send a request to join your groups. The administrator or the group managers can review and accept/reject members.

  • Group members can submit short update posts in the group, which may be moderated by the group managers or auto-accepted for publication.

I have a LinkedIn Group, "The Unfluencers" which was co-created by me and Dr. Jeffrey Strickland from the US. This group was featured in Forbes Entrepreneurs channel articles in 2015 and 2016.

LinkedIn Company Page is ideal for your business

LinkedIn has got a useful feature for your business. It is called LinkedIn Company Page. As a member, you can create a company page for your already running business, or a concept of a business idea that you are thinking to start shortly.

  • You have to decide on your company page's name, description, background image, and logo.

  • You can publish regular articles and short update posts from your company pages.

  • You can publish job advertisements, and LinkedIn will display the "You are hiring" badge on your LinkedIn profile.

  • LinkedIn members can follow your company pages and get notifications about new posts, events, and job advertisements.

I have a company page for my student mentoring project, "Learning Times."

LinkedIn Live is a feature ideal for podcasting

LinkedIn created its LIVE feature sometime around 2018 but tested it with a limited number of members who already posted regular videos. Slowly, LinkedIn rolled out the LIVE feature to other members.

  • I started LinkedIn Live only in December 2021.

  • I started to have live conversations with professionals on LinkedIn about their careers, business, and life.

I go Live on LinkedIn and Facebook simultaneously. The live conversations are automatically recorded and are saved for future viewing.

  • To date, I could only have five episodes.

Go to my Odysee Channel "Learning Times" to view the episodes. You can also view the episodes on my LinkedIn author page or the Podcast Window LinkedIn Page.

LinkedIn Audio is a new feature

LinkedIn has started a dedicated Audio feature.

Members can create an Audio event and invite their connections to join.

I have attended one audio event. I haven't created any events yet.

LinkedIn Audio events may be similar to Club House or better.

The possibilities on LinkedIn never end

LinkedIn as a professional platform is awesome.

  • Check how a LinkedIn profile can help you build a personal brand in cyberspace.

If you are a person who is shy and wants to hide your personal identity with a fictitious nickname or pen name, you may not need to create a profile on an authentic platform like LinkedIn.

  • If you are broad-minded and open to intensifying your personal brand image, you must try creating an account on LinkedIn.

Anyway, you don't lose anything by having your digital presence on LinkedIn.

  • LinkedIn gives you a professional edge with excellent search engine optimization (SEO) for its published content.

Today, one of our blogger friends commented that he is thinking to use his LinkedIn account more often. Incidentally, I drafted this article more than a month ago. The new comment inspired me to post it today.

Major benefits of a LinkedIn account

  • Networking with professionals in your field

  • Blogs can be made Internet searchable with superior SEO

  • Job opportunities in your field

  • Groups and company pages

  • Post your company job advertisements

  • LinkedIn Live and Audio

  • And many more ...

All facilities are available with the basic free account.

With a premium membership, you can watch unlimited professional video courses under the LinkedIn Learning program by experts in universities and industries.

Bringing it altogether

  • Whether you are blogging on the dot-cash platforms, HIVE, or other crypto-blogging platforms, you need to take your good work beyond the comfort zone of the well-confined crypto-tipping platforms.

  • Whether you have five hundred, one thousand, or multiple thousands of followers and subscribers on the crypto-blogging platforms, it is a fact that all the significant numbers of followers are just numbers. Nobody knows who are their followers or subscribers.

A day may come when many of your subscribers leave these platforms, or someday it may also happen that you may have to leave these platforms.

In the future time, these crypto platforms may also change their cyber presence.

You may, therefore, need to think about another place in cyberspace where you can parallelly continue to have connections with like-minded professionals.

You may cross-populate people from both places and vice versa. You can recruit new consumers on ReadCash and NoiseCash from LinkedIn, and earn referrals!

  • I, therefore, invite you to start a new chapter of your professional self on LinkedIn and start building your personal brand image in cyberspace.

  • There is so much in this world to be experienced, a lot of amazing people, and more than potential opportunities are waiting for you on LinkedIn.

Step out of your comfort zone, and don't be too scared to take chances.

About me (author)

  • My fields of interest include but are not limited to Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Mathematics (STEAM).

  • I create password security and cybersecurity solutions relevant to cryptocurrencies, blockchain, and other block-less distributed ledgers.

  • Thanks to my sponsors, whose names appear in the "Sponsor" channel.

I wish that the entire blogging community will strive here and elsewhere.

If you have time, don't forget to explore "Learning Times" and other channels on Odysee-dot-Com and earn crypto coin LBRY Credit or LBC for consuming and creating content.

Check my writing communities:


Unity (Debesh Choudhury)

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All other image sources are referred to just below it.

Disclaimer: All texts are mine and original. Any similarity and resemblance to any other content are purely accidental. The article is not advice for life, career, business, or investment. Do your research before adopting any options.

Unite and Empower Humanity.

May 02, 2022.

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Written by   269
3 months ago (Last updated: 1 month ago)
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LinkedIn is very useful based on what you mentioned. I will explore it for better use. Thankyou so much!

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1 month ago

I am glad to get your comment. Explore and join LinkedIn because it is a professional network. Build your personal brand image in cyberspace.

$ 0.00
1 month ago

I once made an acoount on LinkedIn but later had to leave to due my studies but I think I will join it soon another time, some of my friends are there on LinkedIn even my elder brother is there. And he always tell me to create an account there.

$ 0.01
1 month ago

Join back on LinkedIn. As a student, you will find enough opportunities to grow your resume on LinkedIn, such as LinkedIn education and campus. Check it out.

$ 0.00
1 month ago

LinkedIn is really nice, but people are looking for money, maybe I'll work on it later

$ 0.01
2 months ago

That is the problem with the ReadCashers! When the platform stops, what will they do?

$ 0.00
2 months ago

in my case, I think your article help me a lot because I am a little bit confused regarding the linking account, and links help me to reach the target audience and especially the information regarding the company the coming day, i am creating my online company page on linked because its a great source to get achieve what we want

$ 0.00
2 months ago

I am glad that my article helps you in using LinkedIn. Let's connect there.

$ 0.00
2 months ago

This is actually interesting, I read it late, and I am saving it for future purposes. Thanks for the tag. 🤗

$ 0.02
3 months ago

I am so happy that you have noticed the article despite your many notifications! LinkedIn is a space for all professionals of the world. LinkedIn hadn't created any direct monetization application (which it could), but a single LinkedIn can give a big lead in career, business, and life.

$ 0.00
3 months ago

Unity thanks for this. I have this article bookmarked already. Thanks to you; I would be active on LinkedIn.

$ 0.01
3 months ago

I very much appreciate your comment "I would be active on LinkedIn" and your earlier comment saying you are on LinkedIn. Let's connect there.

$ 0.00
3 months ago

I am a member of linkedin! And people there are wholesome and yeah professional. Love to read articles there too!

$ 0.01
3 months ago

I am so glad to see your presence on LinkedIn. Let's connect there as well.

$ 0.00
3 months ago

I completely agree with you we all should explore other platforms, thanks for sharing all this info about LinkedIn, I will surely try to make profile there.

$ 0.01
3 months ago

Create your LinkedIn profile when you feel it right.

$ 0.00
3 months ago

Thanks for the mention. I have a LinkedIn account since 2009 when many people didn't know it, and I think at the beginning all were clearer and honest profiles. Now all is more superficial in my opinion... but still it's good for professional relationships.

$ 0.01
3 months ago

Yes, I agree with you. So, you have known LinkedIn for many years. LinkedIn got huge members, and naturally, there are many fake accounts. LinkedIn has deteriorated since its acquisition by Microsoft in 2016. Still, LinkedIn is too good to be ignored.

$ 0.01
3 months ago

I've known LinkedIn is for professional.. as for now I don't have the urge to open an account in there since I can't make time on it yet. Thanks for tagging, for sure one of these days if my experience is enough to put all together I'll make an account in there.

$ 0.01
3 months ago

Thanks for your time and the comment. LinkedIn gives a professional space. It doesn't take any time to be connected once in a while.

$ 0.00
3 months ago

I think I need to research first. Anyway big thanks to your article.

$ 0.00
3 months ago

Do your research and find it out.

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3 months ago

I am seriously thinking to join the LinkedIn after your script.

$ 0.01
3 months ago

I am glad to know your positive mind to join LinkedIn.

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3 months ago