A Quick Comparison of BCH and XRP

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Cryptocurrencies are many

I am a bit surprised to find the total number of cryptocurrencies today.

  • The total number of cryptocurrencies is no less than 6k.

  • Going through the entire list would be a daunting task.

  • Most cryptocurrencies are somewhat similar in functionalities.

The easiest comparison is the cryptocurrency price graph. It is available for almost all recognized cryptocurrencies using a simple Internet search.

Let us view a quick comparison between BCH and XRP

  • First, let us see the two cryptocurrencies, namely Bitcoin Cash, aka BCH and XRP, in terms of prices, market caps, and available supplies.

  • Then, we can view the graphical variation during the days and months.

The 1-day comparison of BCH and XRP

Screenshots Source

The 7-day comparison of BCH and XRP

Screenshots Source

The 30-day comparison of BCH and XRP

Screenshots Source

The 90-day comparison of BCH and XRP

Screenshots Source

The 180-day comparison of BCH and XRP

Screenshots Source

The 365-day comparison of BCH and XRP

Screenshots Source

The overall variation of BCH and XRP is close.

The screenshots from this site clearly depict that the overall variation of BCH and XRP is close to each other.

=> The base prices of BCH and XRP are, of course. very much different.

=> Both cryptocurrencies may be used for faster payments with minimal fees.

Bringing it altogether

  • I forgot that I used to blog on a Coil-dot-Com platform, where XRP was the tipping cryptocurrency.

  • Consumers could tip the Coil creators in XRP via their Twitter handle.

Both BCH and XRP are champions in terms of SCALING:

  • BCH and XRP consume minimal time to process a transaction, i.e., both cryptocurrencies execute transactions faster.

  • The fees per transaction for BCH and XRP are significantly less, i.e., a few cents, a cent, or less.

One may choose any of the cryptocurrencies depending on the requirements.


  • This article is a very brief "quick comparison" and doesn't compare the use cases and details about many other aspects.

The main difference between BCH and XRP lies in the fact that BCH is a fully decentralized cryptocurrency. In contrast, XRP is a quasi-centralized cryptocurrency controlled by a company named Ripple Labs.

  • There are different websites to see quick comparisons between cryptocurrencies.

  • I used the comparison data and graphs available from walletinvestor-dot-com.

  • You may utilize any other cryptocurrency data analytics provider sites.

  • These sites reproduce cryptocurrency analytics from past data available publicly.

The cryptocurrency future predictors are making wild guesses by looking at the data available from these sites.

  • Nobody knows what is happening in the background and what will happen in the near and far future!

Therefore, a cryptocurrency investor and adopter MUST review the past data comparison, and decide judiciously about which cryptocurrencies they should adopt and use.

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Jan 07, 2023

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There is a very big difference between XRP and BCH. XRP is centralised and issued by a company and BCH is decentralised.

I would have been interested in a comparison where I can use XRP and BCH.

The fees per transaction for BCH and XRP are significantly less, i.e., a few cents.

The transaction fees for BCH are not a few cents. They are much less than a cent. They are almost 0. Here you can see a example transaction, it cost 0.00000374 BCH, which is about 0.0374 cents.


If the transaction fees on BCH were a few cents, read.cash users would have to pay several cents in fees for a cent tip, which would be pointless.

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2 months ago

Thanks a lot for the blockchair link.

I have strike-through the words "a few cents" in the sentence about transaction fees. In the postscript, I also included a sentence that BCH is a fully decentralized cryptocurrency.

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2 months ago

What is this Coil Platform you have mentioned? Is it similar to readcash?

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2 months ago

https://coil.com/ existed much before ReadCash started its journey. It was not similar, but there was a finite bonus to the creators per engagement. They changed the platform now.

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2 months ago

Thanks for sharing. I might try this platform.

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2 months ago