Power of encouragement

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Few weeks ago, I was opportune to be at an event with children and teenagers.

At the event, there are lot of games and shows e.g talent show, to participate in. Some of the teens I went with said they would like to show off their singing talent, well best of luck I said. While I was standing quietly at a corner, one of the girls, who was chosen by others to be the lead singer, came to me before it got to their turn telling me how scared she was, and that she didn't think she could do it as against what others thought and she kept ranting about her being not fit for the task.

I just stood there and watch her talk thinking of how best to make her believe in herself, when she was done. I held her still and gave her a hug, while still in that position, i spoken to her ears saying " you remember one of our mottos is shine your light, you've gotten everything it takes to do better than anyone here, I know you can and I believe so much in you" and I ended it with "go girl! the world awaits your manifestation".

Their performance went amazingly well, even to my surprise. They got people on their feet, it's honestly superb. Through out our stay there and even while going home she and others kept receiving compliments from adults, children and teens alike. On our way home, she fell in pace with me and said even though she didn't win any trophy, the compliments are enough evidence that she did well.

That day I learned a lesson, which was power of encouragement.


Encouragement is the act of uplifting, as a person or group, to do or to continue doing some specific thing. Encouragement is power. It gives strength to continue, builds the will and can be an incentive for improvement. Learning happens through encouragement. Encouraged students learn more in a shorter time than those who are not encouraged. Encouragement causes one to strive. Encouragement helps one to build character, maturity and self esteem. Encouragement is one of the most important things in life, be it to others or oneself.

Encouragement/motivation/will power.

These words may be mistaken to mean the same but they have their difference.

Encouragement as we've learnt can also mean the action of giving someone support, confidence, or hope.

While motivation is reason or reasons for acting or behaving in a particular way.

And willpower is the control exerted to do something or restrain impulses. Word similar to it is determination. When motivation and encouragement are gone will power is what keeps you pushing.

Let me share this; although I have shared it before in one of my articles.

All the grandpa did was a simple action of encouragement

Triggers for encouragement

As we've read above, it can be triggered by [1]external events (that is verbal encouragement). [2]signals from within the individual, such as an emotion or a memory.

Form of encouragement

Encouragement may come in many forms, including praise, words of affirmation, or expressions of love and support.

encouragement is much more powerful than any kind of force in the world. It makes someone to do his/her best at work, especially for teenagers, youth and adult that are still in school. There must be someone who is willing to help them on their way to success

It's one of the attributes of an empathic leader and as earlier stated it's word of affirmation, one of the five types of love languages.


Encouraging others won't take a dim from ones pockets and as we all know we live in a world where negativity over shadows positivity particular on the internet. There are a lot of people who spend their time trying to make one feel bad about oneself. Its tough.

One of the reasons, we need to encourage more and criticize less.

As the common saying goes behind every successful man there is a woman. Let me rephrase it by saying behind every success person be it man or woman there is a tribe of encouragers.

To me another way of showing humanity is through encouragement.

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