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5 months ago (Last updated: 4 months ago)

We have all been victims of a selfish love, the economic model and the constant competition to be better at what we do leads us to improve our position and forget that there are homeless people, who have nowhere to go, who do not have to eat.

Who am I to be blind?

Pretending not to see the needs of others.

Do I intend to leave them alone?

I want to start with me, by the reflection of my silhouette in the mirror, changing my way of being, if you want the world to be a better place, take a look at inequality and no message could have been any clearer.

Bitcoin Cash has given me the opportunity to wake up and understand that it is possible to help others, it has the powers to change lives and sowing hope in those who have lost everything.

They are like me, they have been victims of the consequences of a failed economic model and bad government decisions that make the poorest pay for the mistakes of those in power and to only benefit the elites, that is why we cannot allow Bitcoin Cash to be centralized by a group that wishes to tax the coinbase and does not recognize the other groups in the diversity of thoughts and development.

If they intend to act as the politicians of our countries do, where their interests prevail over that of the majority and they only make arbitrary decisions, we will experience the same reality in BitcoinCash as we live in the Fiat model that has the majority immersed In a collapsed model, if we want to offer a better way we must defend Bitcoin Cash.

My starting point is to make myself listen with what I do, to make myself feel by sharing my message and my dreams of the BitcoinCash with which he has lost everything material but still has a hope alive, that hope that is called BitcoinCash and will help us make a change.

A change that begins with me, because historically nobody cares about the most needy, they are only used for elections and to repair and suffer the mistakes of those who are ruling.

The government does not want to see them, they have promised them freedom in exchange for making them more dependent on their decisions, centralizing power in the hands of a few, with corrupt police and justice systems.

Man must be free and BitcoinCash can make us free, independent and prosperous. That cannot be hidden or censored as long as it is decentralized.

Helping the most needy, the children, awakening those who are still trapped between credit cards and loans that have mortgaged their future in the tentacles of a system that offers you a feeling of freedom while you are useful and productive, that is where Bitcoin Cash is a solution and not an option, it is where I want to go and it is there where I want to be raising my voice.

We cannot remain blind.

It is time to wake up and help others to wake up.

It is time to help others grow with a tool of freedom before they are caught.

If you want the world to be better, stand up and help me make a difference.

Thank you Fundme.Cash for helping us make a difference in our first campaign, thank you @Keith_Patrick for helping those who are still trapped in the collapsed model of governments, Thank you for building tools that makes Bitcoin Cash easy and affordable for everyone!

Thank you @GeorgEngelmann

Thanks BitcoinCash!

Help us make a difference in our new campaign through Fundme.Cash and help children to have a better return to school in a special activity of "Bitcoin Cash Grow & Learn in the communities of La Candelaria / El Limon" to benefit 100 children affected by floods.

This time we want to highlight Bitcoin Cash charity by delivering bags allusive to BCH like the one in the previous photo, colors, pencils, notebooks, paint sets, medicines and toys to 100 affected children in these two communities, help us to continue sowing hope with Bitcoin Cash. (FAILED)

Bitcoin Cash is and will be sound money for Everyone!

Sofia 💚

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Written by   639
5 months ago (Last updated: 4 months ago)
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