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Do You Build a Solid Foundation in Growing Your Finances?

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11 months ago

Learning how money works for you is an advantage if you have a stable source of income. Working for your money until you reach 60 or retirement age can be so exhausting and disheartening thinking that at this age, you are supposed to enjoy life to the fullest. 

Old age is something that we have to put into consideration because it was so heart breaking seeing old people who were still working at Singapore airport for an instance. I was traveling back in Seychelles around 2017 and I could not take it when an old lady, almost like my granny's age told me to clean my table which I meekly replied,

"no, please I will do it myself". She was one of the food crew and other travellers were also vocal about what they had seen.

I was not quite sure whether it's the culture of the Singaporeans to let their elders work until they're able to do so however I could not imagine letting my mom work until retirement age. She's supposed to enjoy life because she deserved it for the long years of working for the whole family. This is the least we could do for our parents, giving them comfort in their retirement years. Although my father's demise brought so much hope that he could survive on his illness, the thought of being HOME to our eternal place was comforting anyhow. 

  • Will You Be Working Until your Retirement Age?

While I was reflecting on how important it is, and I have to emphasize this enough that preparation is the Key to enjoy our retirement age, the scenario I have seen back at Changi Airport was a real deal of preparing for my old age too which has great relevance to these questions that were addressed in the book entitled, The Secret to Saving and Building your Future,

  1. Who will take care of your family if you die too soon?

  2. Who will take care of you if you live too long?

Quite an impact should we put into consideration which these questions can be a turning point on how we see money and personal finances in general perspective, knowingly that Financial Literacy can be an advantage for our future and our retirement.

These questions are my foundation for why I wanted my money to work for me, why I am always passionate about learning ways how I can grow my finances. The biggest blew when it comes to expenses was the hospitalization of my father wherein medical and hospitalization bills skyrocketed. I have to share this over and over again with high hopes that it would open the minds of others especially for Filipinos Overseas Workers on the reality of hospitalization in the country could kill.

Some patients were dying not merely because of their illness but because they were not able to pay for the medication costs. This is so true for what happened to my uncle who passed away upon hearing the news of his death three years back when he was diagnosed with a terminal illness and his medication cost was more than the family's capacity to sustain his daily hospital allowance. 

To take into account, both of my auntie and uncle were public servants and during their 45 years of service, earned a good amount of money monthly however due to the lack of Financial Education especially health care has been taken for granted, their passing took a great impact to my cousin. We help in our small ways but as far as greater expenses in terms of hospitalization, for example, it must be our topmost priority considering that in my country, this brought bankruptcy not only financial but also emotional and mental misery. 

  • Do You Spend Time Reading Books for Personal or Self-Help Growth?

Reading this book is like talking to the author himself for he had just answered my question when it comes to making most on how our subconscious mind can bring an impact into our existence.

In the book, it was stated that "Wealth is in the Mind", (page 136 Chapter Nine on the topic: How To Use the Power of Your Subconscious Mind for Wealth) and not unless you truly practice your thinking faculty can you comprehend how powerful it is into our wellbeing.

It is such a gem to know that wealth is hidden in our subconscious mind and only when we learned how to delegate our subconscious mind for what we wanted to achieve, there's so much power in it. 

When we claimed first hand that WEALTH is synonymous with SUCCESS, regardless of what's going on in the stock market, the sideways, the uptrend, and the downtrend movements of cryptocurrencies, its volatility and so many other factors to consider, remember that our MIND has a lot to do with our EMOTIONS towards the fluctuations of the market. The book helps me open to another dimension in terms of dealing with my financial journey towards financial freedom. I know I am reaching the part wherein I could say to myself, "Well done Pat! Now, time to sit back and relax!" tapping my shoulder reaping on what I had sown. 

At the end of the day, it is the "HOW" of our mindset and not just on the "what". Likewise, whoever reads this book can share his/her insights on how it transforms one's mindset into wealth hence as I was saying redundantly, THINK ABUNDANCE and ABUNDANCE shall be yours! This has been my solid foundation when it comes to growing my wealth. This may be so hard to fathom for others whose mindset is not inclined towards abundance.

  • How's Your Visualization? 

Image Source

Olympic Game 2020 is currently held in Japan and while I was internalizing how each athlete stayed FOCUS on their specific sports/games, it is no wonder that those who have strong stamina can win the race. Cycling which was my topmost favourite is the epitome of a real battle of physical and mental strength. They have clear visualizations of the triumph they wanted to achieve not only for themselves but for the country they have represented. 

How is this related to your finances?

Simple actually, by staying focused and able to Visualize the potential growth of your finances is an edge as you know where your money can go.

Remember that it's not about how much money you have in your bank account but it's how you manage to set aside a portion for your retirement and for your investments.

**Take note that saving alone can not beat inflation!

  • What's the Rationale?

Building a solid foundation in our finances takes a lot of self-discipline and practice DELAYED GRATIFICATION always however everything boils down to the RIGHT MINDSET.

Should we fed our Minds with proper and healthy ideas where the fountain of wealth truly resides, then we can be assured that whatever happens in our economy we would stay rooted in creating good ideas to produce wealth abundance and an income-generating project regardless of how others may see

it gave me a decent return with these accessories I once had that I do not find any more use for me and the best strategy is to sell them out! Entrepreneurship is not just about service but building good relationship.

Our mentors at the International Marketing Group equipped us with the proper tools on how to be Financially Educated and the importance of financial concepts so we could be a blessing to others, likewise, it is the same as building our house where a solid foundation is as important as building for our future.


  • 1. Do you believe that building a solid foundation in growing your finances has a lot to do with the right mindset towards money?

  • 2. What are the three bold steps you took in order to grow your wealth?

  • 3. Can you say you are successful? Why or why not?

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Written by   361
11 months ago
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I guess you are in my head because since the beginning of this week, I have thinking about how to grow my income, not by working extra hard though

I was trying to remember vividly what I learned about compounding in the book, "The richest man in Babylon" by Clarkson.

He taught us to always keep one tenth of all that we earn, and once it reaches a specific amount, we should start allowing it work for us by investing and compounding

Now, he urged that we do not blindly invest in ventures we have no idea about. For instance, if we wanted to invest in the steel industry, we shouldn't ask for financial or investment advice from someone who in the textile industry.

We should ask those who are already rooted in the fields we plan to invest so we do not lose our hard earn savings

So, yes, just saving isn't enough, we need to learn to make money work for us, by investing them, and watch it compound as we continue to grow old

I have been thinking about it too much that when I saw the title of your post, I was moved to click and read through.

I was hoping I'll find something that will help me establish those thoughts of mine, and start working towards them as the month of August begins

Another thing I have learned through my continuous thinking is that we do not need to wait until we have a pile up of money before we can start working towards our financial freedom

We can start with the little that we have, and in a few years, we will be surprised at how far we have come.

Thanks for this writing, it made my Sunday.

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11 months ago

hello @Edystringz, yes 10% is decent enough to start and let our money grow so it could work for our advantage when times comes. I followed our 70-20-10 formula for success wherein 70% is what I spent on, 20% for my investments and 10% tithes! There is so much wisdom in this way but takes a lot of self-discipline and determination to achieve it.

Remember what Albert Einstein said on how compounding interest can be of our great advantage for those who don't know it, pays for it.

On the hind side, our mentor would always emphasize it's not about how much we have but on HOW MUCH we set aside... PAYING OURSELVES FIRST is the KEY!

I was so inspired on the Science of Getting Rich by Wallace D. Wattles too.

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11 months ago

Thank you for sharing your ideas regarding this matter sir. I learn something from this.☺️

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11 months ago

hello dear glad that it helps on your financial journey! This is the least we can do for others sharing insights for prosperity.

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11 months ago

Hi, my friend.

I used to think about enjoying the golden years, but now I'm not really sure.

I read about your relatives who worked for many years in the public administration of your country, and in the end, the social security system was insufficient to provide them with the assistance they deserved for so many years of service.

Well, I am convinced that we are currently in a model transition. So those of us who think to enjoy the golden years, now, we are practically at zero.

I think the best thing is to try to be useful to the best of your strength and capabilities, enjoying yourself along the way.

In this sense, it should not be a problem to see an old man work, unless he is denigrating. Although it must be recognized that many works out of necessity in tasks that are not pleasant to them.

I believe in family solidarity. Living little or long and worrying about how to maintain yourself is foolish if you do not work with prudence and foresight.

Do not be a fool, build sincere and lasting relationships, you will probably always have a helping hand in all the generations you meet.

The future can be uncertain if you don't build today.

Thanks for sharing your thoughts with us.

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11 months ago

hey @Jnavedan, I love when you said that is to be useful of our strength and capabilities enjoying our life while we still can. I was just amazed at how those old folks back at Changi Airport were still able to work when in my opinion they must be able to enjoy at least their later years in life, though I can't refute whether it is culture based but definitely won't allow my mother to do just the same as I wanted her to make most of her retirement age travelling if not at least be free from employment.

Family is indeed our lifeforce for without them all these we have are useless and to no avail.

We may live too long or too short, the point is, on how we make most of it. Great day ahead.

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11 months ago

I love this article you just made ❤. I strongly believed that wealth is just hidden in our mind. Now, I appreciate the importance of having a solid foundation to have a financial freedom someday 🤗

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11 months ago

hope it can inspire those who are having a stable source of income to set aside not only for material investments but more so than what we can share to others.

This is the least we can do dear. Great day ahead.

$ 0.00
11 months ago

Very well said. I doubt myself if I really had this solid foundation in me, I guess I don't. Lol. So now I'm convinced to earn and save as much as I can. Producing wealth abundance and an income-generating product is very important for we are the ones who will benefit the fruit of our labor. Let's plant while we are still young so when we grow old, we have something to harvest.

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11 months ago

Preparation is the key @Marinov when it comes to future plan as much as the TIME is our ally. I remembered how Joseph the dreamer saved Egypt from famine when he foresee how important it is to set aside even 10% of what we earn.

This is possible should our mindset is wired to wealth abundance. Hope it helps on your financial journey!

$ 0.00
11 months ago

A very big help, ma'am. ❤️

$ 0.00
11 months ago