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4 New Multiplayer Games Coming To! Yes, 4!

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10 months ago

1BCH is extremely happy to share that 4 new multiplayer games (RPG, Strategy, Hybrids) are coming this year.

We had been working very hard on them for months already and didn't want to talk about it until we are almost done. Our shoestring budget is extremely limited and so these games will be lacking aesthetically but we do everything we can to bring in new people into the Bitcoin Cash ecosystem, including multiplayer games.

Bear market? No problem, get through the tough times battling monsters and fight against the other players and the good times will come. Remember the Bitcoin Cash's Hall Of Fame ( We will update it soon (before the game launches) to include the other BCH contributors and you will see these non-playing characters inside the game.

Look out for Marc De Mesel or Roger Ver during your journey! Some of them may even drop amazing loots! Barring any unforeseen circumstances, these 4 multiplayer games will launch publicly this year.

And yes, you can spend and earn Bitcoin Cash prizes. The games will also feature tribes so Bitcoin Cash tribes can compete against the Ethereum tribes or Komodo tribes on the leaderboard. Be on a look out for more exciting details that we will be announcing in due course!

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