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Retrospection 10

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1 month ago

About Brain, History, Memory, Bandwidth of Consciousness, Subjective-Objective, Words, Verse, The number of the Beast, The Music of the Spheres, Number Magic, History of Music.

In this Retrospection, we begin with rather “heavy” topics and a series of four articles I published here he first week of March 2021.

1. Brain & Horror Vacui (Fear of the void)

2. History – Understand the Present by Understanding the Past

3. Memory as Soft or Hard History

4. Bandwidth Of Brain and Consciousness

In the series I discuss certain properties of brain and consciousness, reliability of perception and memory, bandwidth of brain and consciousness, and the importance of history. As a matter of fact, I am diving deeper in the concept of history, trying to define what history really is and how reliable it is in its various forms. These four articles were originally one long essay, as such published in my own e-magazine, Meriondho Leo, in 2011, and as a part of my e-book “Reality & Mind” (2018).

Let's continue with a related article, Words, Consciousness & Beyond. It is about how interconnected words, thinking and consciousness are. Is it possible to think without words? Are we prisoners in our consciousness and its never ending stream of words?

More about words:

Words are Power - But only if you Have Something to Say. The title of this article is self-explanatory.

Verse, alliteration and rhyming probably started as mnemo-technical tools, used to structure the content of texts so they become easier to remember. Read more about that and other aspects of words in Rhyme & Reason: Verse, Structure, & Memory.

Philosophically I am a subjectivist and I have touched that perspective in a number of articles. However, it is most clear in What is Special with Number 7?

Are the octave and the Pythagorean scale part of the very fabric of cosmos or reality? Read more in The Octave & The Music of the Spheres. Here I also discuss the scale's connection to number seven and twelve.

Since we slipped into the subject of numbers... According to St. Augustine, God created the world in 6 days because six is a perfect number. Learn why it is perfect by reading Perfect & Multiperfect Numbers.

In Genesis 32:14, one can learn that Jacob sent his brother Esau "two hundred she goats, and twenty he goats, two hundred ewes, and twenty rams." Why 220 turns up here, is explained in Amicable & Sociable Numbers.

When we discuss numbers we just have to include 666, the number of the beast. Few numbers have been the subject of so much speculation throughout the times. I try to explain it in The Number 666 & The Essence of the Beast .

In culture, symbology and magic, four numbers occur more than others: three, four, seven and twelve. Interestingly, seven and twelve can be generated from three and four.

Number Magic 1: Three & Four

Number Magic 2: Seven

Number Magic 3: Twelve

If you are interested in numbers, you can also read:

Two tricks based on the circularity of 9 and The Goldbach Conjecture

Another article that belongs here is Symbols & Their Opposite: Mathematics & Music, which binds together mathematics and music, and further expresses my subjectivist perspective.

Since we have touched the subject of music, we can take a look at my articles about music and music history. So far, my index has only six articles under the label Music & History of Music.

Handel, Haydn & The Day When Time Stopped

The Greatest Victory

The Octave & The Music of the Spheres

Symbols & Their Opposite: Mathematics & Music

The Kreutzer Sonata: How Art Inspires to Art, which Inspires to Art...

Pictures at an Exhibition

Two of these were discussed above. Of the rest, I will only comment the first one. It is a long article encompassing more topics than the title implies. The day the time stopped leads us far away from European history of music, although there is one small common denominator.

All my articles connected to numbers or mathematics can be found here, and to music here.

My series “Retrospection” is primarily created for new readers of mine, as a manual into my production at this platform so far - but it can be read by anyone who wants to explore my articles topic by topic, rather than doing so in chronological order. In addition to that, my retrospections contain new comments and from time to time short personal stories connected to the relevant topic or topics.

Previously published “Retrospections” are:

Retrospection 1 (About Japanese Art & Cultural History.)

Retrospection 2 (About Egyptology & about Coffee.)

Retrospection 3 (About Quotes, Sayings and Proverbs; and about creating new words.)

Retrospection 4 (About dinosaurs, reptiles, dragons and to some extent birds.)

Retrospection 5 (About Privacy, Freedom and Politics.)

Retrospection 6 (Suggested reading. About other authors and their articles.)

Retrospection 7 (Purple, Eyes, Vision, Light and Blindness.)

Retrospection 8 (Cats, Dogs, Covid-19, The Knights Templar.)

Retrospection 9 (Teeth, Human & Animal; Dentistry & Dental Health, Gems, and Colour.)

Copyright © 2021 Meleonymica/Mictorrani. All Rights Reserved.

You find all my writings on Read.Cash, sorted by topic, here.

My 5 most recent articles:

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Written by   439
1 month ago
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The article i loved reading about you here was the one that talked about the special thing involved with numbers. That article was so interesting to an extent that it revealed to me the main thing involved in these numbers we freely use today and having brought the back in retrospect is rather made me high on thinking again as to going back to reading it once again.

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1 month ago

I am glad to hear you liked it that much.

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1 month ago

Yes and i'll continue to like it very much. Thanks for that reasonjable article sir. Take care

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1 month ago

You have actually brought my brain into that same retrospective tendency of recalling some of the good articles you had published here. Being your follower for as much as over 3 months now if I'm right, I have read a lot of your articles and one of them being that of the brain and the horror plus the one that talked about sports or games. I enjoyed others as well but the above mentioned two are so swift for my liking as I read them over again and again. I wish one day, I shall duly have my work here specified in retrospect so that everyone can refresh one's mind with some of them that are familiar to them as well.

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1 month ago

Yes, why not?

I see that your comments are still considered as spam. They don' show up in notifications.

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1 month ago

I'm surprised as you are. I don't know why I should be placed under spam given the fact that I do things here in quality

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1 month ago

Sir you are an epitome of knowledge and more importantly clarity of knowledge.

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1 month ago

Thank you for your nice words.

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1 month ago