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Retrospection 8

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1 month ago

In this Retrospection, we will look at some small and disparate topics: cats, dogs, Covid-19 and the mysterious Knights Templar.

We start with cats, and I must admit that cats have a special place in my heart and I know there are many other cat lovers at

I grew up with a cat as a sister, because that was in truth the nature of our relationship. We played and fought together and shared everything to the extent that my mother said that the cat was half human and I was half cat. Of course that was partly a joke, but, as with all good jokes, there was a kernel of truth in it. I learned things from her, I would have never learned from humans.

This cat was given to me when I was 4 years old and she was a Persian kitten of 3 weeks. She died when I was 20, so she was a part of my childhood and my teens. It was not always easy, she wanted to be with me everywhere, which was not always possible - and she was temperamental and so furiously jealous that she scared away my earliest girlfriends.

I have not more than four articles here about cats:

Small & Big Cats in Japan is a part of my series about Japanese art & culture; and as part of my topic Egyptology, we have Felines of Egypt, an article about as well cat deities in old Egypt as real cats today.

In The Relationship Between Cats & Humans – Where did it Begin, and Why?, I discuss how, when and why the cat became domesticated – if it is domesticated, which is a matter of doubt.

Black Cats, Heralds of Evil? is mainly about folklore, but also about the inherent strength of black cats.

When we come to dogs, I have six articles, four of them are related to Egyptology.

The Dog Star & The Dog Days


Other Dog-like Deities of Egypt

Real Dogs in Egypt – in History and Now

Then we have The Origin of Dogs; and finally something that is mainly about cancer, but yet related to dogs: 11000 Years Old Contagious Cancer Still Alive.

As for my articles about Covid-19, they are few (three) and they rather indirectly deal with this pandemic. I have deliberately avoided the purely medical side of this virus. The topic is so widely chewed in media, again and again, so it is hard not to become weary of it – and is so full of personal stories about how to deal with the related isolation and so on, that we, as readers, suffer from over-saturation.

My three articles about covid-19 are:

Why the Covid-19 Mortality Rate so far is Lower than Official Statistics Claim

The Covid-19 Pandemic Proves Political Impotence

Covid-19 and a lagging step of the Digital Revolution

Our last topic this time is The Order The Knights Templar. They were mysterious and secretive and wielded huge power during they heydays; they were the first warrior-monks, and the first order of knighthood, as it came to be understood in Christian Europe – all other orders of knighthood were modelled after them. They were also an essential part in the development of modern banking. But this was not enough. Peculiarities in their history, and their dramatic dissolution, also gave birth to many legends and myths about them; the mysteries of The Knights Templar is still very much alive in literature and film.

In my Index, the topic “The Knights Templar” presently lists six titles:

1. The Order of the Temple - The Knights Templar

2. The Mysteries of the Knights Templar

3. Symbols of the Knights Templar & Templars in Fiction: Literature and Film

4. The Knights Templar & The Circular Number Nine

5. The Knights Templar & Papal Infallibility

6. The Knights of Malta: Legitimate or Not?

Strictly, the last one does not belong to the topic, it is about another order of knighthood, but I included it here because it is likely to interest the same readers as those being interested in the Templars.

My series “Retrospection” is primarily created for new readers of mine, as a manual into my production at this platform so far - but it can be read by anyone who wants to explore my articles topic by topic, rather than doing so in chronological order. In addition to that, my retrospections contain new comments and from time to time short personal stories connected to the relevant topic or topics.

Previously published “Retrospections” are:

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Retrospection 6 (Suggested reading. About other authors and their articles.)

Retrospection 7 (Purple, Eyes, Vision, Light and Blindness.)

Copyright © 2021 Meleonymica/Mictorrani. All Rights Reserved.

You find all my writings on Read.Cash, sorted by topic, here.

My 5 most recent articles:

Calcium & Magnesium

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Retrospection 7 (Purple, Eyes, Vision, Light and Blindness.)

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Written by   379
1 month ago
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I tell you that I have a little kitten at home. He appeared one day in front of the house, he had no where to live. So we took him in and took him to the vet. We are really very happy with the new pet. Cats are very affectionate and this one in particular is playful.

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4 weeks ago

Me encantan las mascotas y siempre desde pequeña tuve una perrita, al fallecer ella de viejita dije no tengo más porque sufrí mucho cuando murió, pero de nuevo tengo otra. En particular me encantó esta publicación porque es un índice de todas las publicaciones que has realizado en y todos me gustan, así que realicé un marcador en esta publicación para leerlos todos en orden de aparición y a mi me encanta leer

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4 weeks ago

Estos post no son todos los artículos que tengo aquí, solo todos los artículos pertenecientes a estos temas en particular. Si quieres un índice sobre todos mis artículos, lo encuentras en

Si quieres una introducción más lenta a mi escritura aquí, sigue mi serie "Retrospección". Ya he publicado 1-8, y más seguirán.

Retrospección 1-8, se encuentra en

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4 weeks ago

I've always wanted to keep a pet for myself but i think i don't have time for them yet cuz i plan my time in a good order but probably later i would be able to keep a pet for myself

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4 weeks ago

Ah, yes, a pet takes time, and must be allowed to take time to be worth the while.

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3 weeks ago