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2 years ago

The last few weeks I have seen some retrospective articles; that is, posts where the author in one way or another says something about their time on this platform, what it has meant to them, which have been their greatest successes, and so on... At first it occurred to me as an author lacking something to write about, someone who desperately grabbed for a new topic – but after a while I saw a value in these posts. They could be an encouragement to newbies, they also introduced old material to new readers, and, considering how this platform has evolved, that could definitely be meaningful, as well for the author as for interested readers.

First we must realise that the production here is large and has been going on for a long time now. The total numbers of articles posted on is large and beyond anyone to read. You read a few, you discard a few, but most of them you don't even know that they are here. In fact, most of us almost never read an old article here, or know that it exists if we not either read it when it was new or got some sort of reference to it.

Without doubt, many of those old articles are good and well worth reading.

I belong to the veterans here by now. I came in March 2020, and there were about 1500 members. Now, exactly when I am writing this on 6 July 2021, the membership is 67856. Most new members, even if they would read my present posts, have no or very little idea about my previous production here. Still, if you like what I write now, you probably would like much of what I wrote before.

I have tried to provide the means for interested readers to explore my whole production here. For that purpose, I created an index over my articles at While the total number of my articles has grown (presently close to 250), even the index feels insufficient - but it is still a way to find my articles based on topic.

I also think that retrospective posts can fill a function, helping newer members to find their way to old material they would like. So, since I am posting texts about a large number of different topics, some of which are coming and going, I decided to create a few retrospective posts to introduce new members and other readers to material that they may have missed. I don't know how long this series will become, it depends to some extend on how it is received - but I am not going to overdo it, and it will be a while between the parts.

As for what has been most successful, I cannot really compare that. My time on this platform is divided into two periods; the first was March-August 2020, the second was December 2020-present. During the first period there was no Random Rewarder, and tips were mostly insignificant. An article could be in several communities at the same time; views, comments and thumbs up were counted per community and not summed up anywhere. It is close to impossible to sum up the results for a fair comparison.

If you already belong to my readers, you know that my topics are quite diverse. I'm sure there are readers liking some of my topics, but not others. That is natural. People are different and take interest in different things.

(The image above is an example of Ukiyo-e: Bijin on veranda, by Harunobu, one of the greatest masters of Japanese Art. The one below shows a detail from a painting, "Tengu and a Buddhist Monk", by Kawanabe Kyōsai )

After this long preamble, let's start with the real retrospection. I will bring up a topic that caused a lot of positive attention during my first period here; Japanese Art and Cultural History. Starting with Satoshi & Sharaku , where I introduced one of the most mysterious artists in the history of art, Sharaku, by comparing him with the equally elusive Satoshi Nakamoto, the subject of Japanese art was opened. I posted another 18 articles, most of them dedicated to the sub-genres and great names of a unique Japanese style, called ukiyo-e. I also went into other subjects of Japanese history, folklore and culture, such as:

Chushingura – The 47 Ronin

Seppuku - Ritual Suicide

Emperor & Shogun, The Edo Period and Ukiyo-e

Crows, Ravens & Tengu

When Namazu Whips His Tail, Earth is Shaking.

After my 4 months absence from, the system had changed, the Random Rewarder was in place, and the membership had reached over 40000. I had planned to continue writing about Japanese art and culture now and then, it was one of my established topics. Yet it took a while before I tried to re-introduce it; In March 2021, I published Kachō-e: Flora & Fauna in Japanese Art, about one of the sub-genres of ukiyo-e. There was practically no response at all, so I decided to put that subject on ice until further notice.

You can find the full list of these articles in my Index/Japanology.

I'd like to hear if there is any interest in a re-introduction of this topic. Please, leave your comment!

Copyright © 2021 Meleonymica/Mictorrani. All Rights Reserved.

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2 years ago


I haven't done one of these articles yet, but I'll probably get around to it once I've spent more time on the platform. I find it encouraging, as many people are here as a way of earning crypto without dealing with faucets and such. It also helps legitimize BCH. Of course, with that kind of focus, so many of the articles here are about crypto.

I do write about crypto, but I enjoy writing about other things, too. That's why I'm subscribed to you - you don't write about just crypto.

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2 years ago

It is curious that I also had a similar activity planned, there are many articles that I liked so I thought I would publish an article talking about my favorite articles from that week. I have not yet begun to carry it out, but without a doubt yours would appear, there.

It's funny that there are certain topics that although you can talk about them, they won't be rewarded, that made me think, are there topics that the platform doesn't accept?

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2 years ago

Apart from hate-speech, pornography and such obvious things, I don't think there is anything the platform doesn't accept. The membership, however, is enormously focused on cryptocurrency, and all articles gaining much attention and really much tips are directly or indirectly related to cryptocurrency or blockchain matters. This was even worse in the beginning, the enormous emphasis on crypto is gradually fading, but it is still topic number 1 here.

Then one can question if the Rewarder is impartial, when it comes to topics. But it has never been claimed that it would be.

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2 years ago