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Retrospection 7

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1 month ago

In this retrospection, I discuss different aspects of colour, especially purple, and eyes, light, vision and blindness. We'll see how these subjects connect to health, science, history, symbols and philosophy.

People who visit my Index, are sometimes confused when they discover that some articles can be found listed in more than one place.

I assure you that it is no mistake. It is because some articles belong to more than one topic. Let's say I would write about cats in Egypt; should it be labelled “Egyptology” or “Cats”? In such cases, I enter the article under both labels.

There is also the case with extensive and very general topics, such as “Health” and “History”, that they contain so many quite diverse articles that (for the convenience of my readers) I have also listed some of them under more specific labels. For instance, an article about the history of coffee appears as well under general “History” as under more specific label “Coffee”; and article about eye health as well under “Health” as under “Eyes”. But note then that labels as “Coffee” or “Eyes” also contain articles discussing other aspects of coffee than history and other aspects of eyes than health.

Sometimes I have completely removed a subtopic from the main topic. Japanology and Egyptology cover subjects that are indeed history, but I don't include them under the general label ”History” at all.

New labels are created continuously as the Index grows, so everything is not entirely consistent. I apologise for that. The index is ever-changing and evolves as my published production at this platform grows, so it tends to become slightly erratic. Yet I hope it to some extent serves its purpose to help my readers to navigate in my production.

Today we will look at some less extensive topics. First “Purple”, then “Eyes, Light, Vision, Blindness”. At first sight, this might seem a set of entirely different subjects, but they are related.

From the beginning a neurologist & brain surgeon (I later slipped into other specialities as well), I have always been interested the senses of perception, and especially vision. Quite frankly, vision and eyes still hold mysteries we have not yet been able to penetrate completely. This subject also leads to the nature of light, and colour. My interest in colour grew far beyond the medical discipline, as I think can be seen from writings, even if I have not published much about colour here – not yet anyway.

The subject of colour brings us to our first series today: “Purple”. It contains four articles:

Pontifex Maximus & The Imperial Purple of Rome, in which I discuss how the Roman legacy still lives in the purple and the office of the Roman Catholic Pope, a direct continuation of the old Roman office “Pontifex Maximus”.

Purple Earth; has the “green planet” been the “purple planet”?

When Something is so Red, it is Purple: Purple in Chinese & Japanese Symbology. Here I combine my interest in colour with another interest of mine: symbols (which we will discuss in a future Retrospection).

Purple Light? It Doesn't Exist! And what is Visual Purple? Physics and vision.

The second topic today is “Eyes, Light, Vision, Blindness”, which at present includes 15 articles, apart from one of the purple texts:

COLOUR & NEGATIVE REALITY: Do we sometimes see what is not?. This is philosophy; some thoughts based on how we perceive colour and how the brain represent colours.

Blue Light, Blindness, Sleep Disorder & Cancer. In my opinion, one of my more important articles. About how so-called blue light harms us.

The Cult of the Green Fairy; La Fée Verte - Appendix: The colour of Absinthe. This link leads to a subsection of the article. It is about why absinthe is green, how colour affects taste and about blindness.

Being Blind and Suddenly See: Bliss or Curse?. It can be either.

Which land-living animal has or had The Most Powerful Eyes ever? A monster familiar to most of you: Tyrannosaurus Rex!

The Importance of Contrast. Philosophy again, but most obviously relevant for vision.

The Apple of Your Eyes & Too Much Shame Makes the Eyes Drop Out. This is about eyes and language.

The Eye As A Metaphysical Symbol. The title is self-explaining.

What is an Eye? For What Purpose Do We Have Eyes? Questions to which we do not have as conclusive answers as most people believe.

Colour Vision & Why is Human Colour Blindness so Relatively Common? About colour blindness and genetics.

Lutein & Zeaxanthin: Nutrients that Protect Your Eyes from Ageing. Nutrition and eye health in combination.

The Pineal Gland - The Third Eye. In the brain we have an endocrine gland which is also an eye, the legendary third eye.

Eye Health + Eye Exercise Program. This is something all people would need to read, especially today, when a continuously increasing number of people spend most of their time in front of a computer or mobile phone screen. Some simple exercises would lessen the risk for eye damage – although no exercises will remove the harm caused by the blue light of the screens.

The two last articles are related to seeing and art:

Art as Visual Music & The Importance of Form

Practising Art: The Art of Seeing & Beyond Mere Seeing

Copyright © 2021 Meleonymica/Mictorrani. All Rights Reserved.

You find all my writings on Read.Cash, sorted by topic, here.

My series “Retrospection” is primarily created for new readers of mine, as a manual into my production at this platform so far - but it can be read by anyone who wants to explore my articles topic by topic, rather than doing so in chronological order. In addition to that, my retrospections contain new comments and from time to time short personal stories connected to the relevant topic or topics.

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Written by   391
1 month ago
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Good day Sir! I just want to ask if you have some articles about yourself. I'm sorry to asked it, just want to know you more because you are so good in writing:)

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1 month ago

No, not really about myself. I have been dropping this or that small piece of information in various contexts, but there is nothing extensive about me in one single text. Thank you for your interest though, and for the compliment :)

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1 month ago

Whatever the name you are giving the article, what matters most id the relevance. Your past articles are meaningful and it is interesting to read more of it.

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1 month ago

Thanks. You are most welcome to read.

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1 month ago