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First a look at the answers to Quizzes & Puzzles 2.

Answer to Quiz 2:1

Two Ancient cities were buried by ash from a volcanic eruption in the year 79 AD. They are famous, because they were largely preserved in the ash and powdered volcanic rock. Which are the cities and what is the volcano called?

The cities were Pompeii and Herculaneum. The volcano was Vesuvius.

@Sergee0213 knew Pompeii in a comment written only moments after the quiz was published.

Answer to Quiz 2:2

The science or systematic study of animals is called zoology; of diseases, it is called pathology; and of stamps, it is philately. But what is the systematic study of flags called?

Vexillology. I wrote about that in Vexillology & Heraldry:

The word was coined in 1958 by Whitney Smith, and is composed by two stems: Latin vexillum, meaning flag or banner; and the common end -ology, derived from Greek “logos”. Vexillology comprises everything about flags, including history, usage and symbolism. The International Federation of Vexillological Associations defines it as:'the creation and development of a body of knowledge about flags of all types, their forms and functions, and of scientific theories and principles based on that knowledge'”.

@Sergee0213 was very close to solve this. It didn't become exactly right, but he was thinking in the right way and came as close as one can come without hitting the mark. However, it was @Aimure who finally came with the right answer.

Answer to Quiz 2:3

"'[...] but if you have a wart on your forehead or nose, you imagine that all the world is looking at it, and that people would make fun of you because of it, even if you had discovered America!'

This is quoted from a novel by one of the greatest Russian authors ever, no doubt he is one of the greatest novelists in world literature. Who is the author and what is the name of the novel?"

This is difficult, so let me give a clue. The novel, which is one of his most famous, and whose title indicates limited intelligence, was originally published in 1869, but it remains a true classic.

The author was Fyodor Dostoevsky, (1821-1881). and the novel was “The Idiot”.

Portrait of Dostoevsky (above). Painting (1872), oil on canvas, by Vasily Perov. Public Domain. Original at the Tretyakov Gallery.

Answer to Puzzle 2:4


Have I been counting wrong here? No, this is correct, but how can it be?

This is not the decimal system; I have used the base seven. This is immediately clear when realising that 3+4=10 and not 7. For two numbers, a and b, where a+b=10, a+b=the base of the system. And 3+4 arithmetically is seven, so when 10 is an expression for seven, we have the base seven.

Expressed in the decimal system, our expression would be: 59+18=77

And now some new things to exercise the brain.

Quiz 3:1

Rice, bamboo, papyrus sedge, and sugar cane; what do they have in common?

Quiz 3:2

For which placental mammal is the difference in size between a mother and her newborn the greatest? (The smallest babies in relation to the size of the mother.)

Quiz 3:3

An English king, who planned to convert to Islam, sent a secret message to a Muslim ruler. Through the message he actually offered himself and his country in vassalage.

The Muslim ruler answered:

"I was just now looking at the book of a wise Greek and a Christian named Paul, which is written in Greek, and his deeds and words please me much; one thing, however, concerning him displeases me, and that is that he did not stand firm in the faith in which he was born, but turned to another like a deserter and a waverer.

And I say this with regard to your Lord, the king of the English, who abandons the most pious and pure law of the Christians under which he was born, and desires, fickle and unstable as he is, to come over to our faith!"

The offer was rejected, and this was added:

"I never read or heard that any king possessing such a prosperous kingdom subject and obedient to him, would voluntarily ruin his sovereignty by making tributary a country that is free, by giving a stranger that which is his own, by turning happiness to misery, and thus giving himself up to the will of another, conquered, as it were, without a word.

I have rather read and heard from many that they would procure liberty for themselves at the expense of streams of blood, which is a praiseworthy action; but now I hear that your wretched lord, a sloth and a coward, who is even worse than nothing, wishes from a free man become a slave, who is the most wretched of all human beings."

Who was the English king?

(From where these messages are quoted, will be stated along with the answer, in “Quizzes & Puzzles 4”.)

Puzzle 3:4

This problem was once given to me by “Wise Owl”, a retired Naval Officer with whom I exchanged logical puzzles many years ago.

We are at the North Pole and have a way to determine how many ice holes, bears and fish there are. We do that by rolling two normal dice. Here are some of our results:

5+2. One hole. Four bears. Two fish.

2+6. No holes. No bears. No fish.

3+5. Two holes. Six bears. Six fish.

We could go on, but that is enough for you to work out our method. So, how many holes, bears and fish are indicated by a throw of, say, 4+3?

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Quizzes & Puzzles 2

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The only answer I Knew in all the questions and quizzes above was just the number 1 the rest were just not for me actually 🙃😂😂🤣. But they were really nice question and now after reading them and there answers you can go on and ask me anything question now and I will give you the answer like how Einstein will give an answer to a physics question😂😂😂😂

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Didn’t get the answer but thanks for the mention though. Those puzzles and quizzes will make someone think and it would be great for our brains exercise.

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Yes, it is the purpose of them: to make people think. and to provide brain exercise. And maybe to provide some knowledge in a playful way.

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Wow, these puzzles were so hard, my brain twisted while thinking about them. That novel called "The Idiot" must be an interesting one, and I think it is worth reading.

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The Idiot is one of the greatest novels in world literature!

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