BeSupportive: Announcing the Preliminary Round Beneficiaries

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1 year ago
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This post is primarily to announce the two beneficiaries of the Preliminary Round of the Supportive™. But before we dive into it, I have some things to share. It's about the importance of good conversations.

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Conversations Lead to Conversions

One of the biggest SECRETS I've found about success is that MOST of what you need to KNOW, LEARN and DO will be revealed to you in your conversations with people.

Conversations have helped me in all areas of life more than anything else.

Let me tell you a short story.

As an ardent student of personal development, while on campus I used to believe all that was needed to make a difference was to read lots of books, watch videos, listen to tapes, attend workshops/shops/conferences/trainings, etc.

Until my final year when it started dawning on me that life after school would frustrate you if all you have is the certificate (paper) and no Sabificate (Skills to solve problems).

So I decided to go on a search to seek out some of the most important yet greatly neglected principles of life (especially by young people). It was then I discovered that some of the

inventions, developments, innovations, etc, in our world today come about in a conversation.

It's a long story actually so I'll dwell on the lessons I learnt that day.

Honestly many underrate the power of a single conversation. I could remember vividly one of those nights I was with some friends and we were discussing how life outside the campus was going to be like. We discussed huge things and stretched ourselves in the conversation. There was no room for small talk.

It wasn't mere wishing. We all had an idea of how our lives would turn out.

Today, I can say all we spoke about that night are playing out gradually.

The Supportive™ Nomination Round

First off, I want to apologize for being too biased in my decision to take this one home to support my countrymen. We should all be treated equally. The Supportive officially kicks off next week. And everyone is eligible to participate and be nominated.

I gave 24 hours for the nomination of users for the Preliminary round. The time has elapsed and the nominations have been collated.

See below for how the nomination played out:

  1. @Gaftekloriginal nominated @Deeepensiverse and @Crownofbeauty

  2. @Semaj2k21 nominated @YDKleke

  3. @Princessbusayo nominated @doziekash_ and @Ebizz

  4. @Joelsfit nominated @Joelsfit

  5. @Ebizz nominated @doziekash_ and @Ebizz

  6. @Abhay nominated @QueenRaay and @Joelsfit

  7. @YDKleke nominated @YDKleke and @Semaj2k21

  8. @Greatwolfman nominated @Ebizz and @Soulwriter

In the end, Ebizz topped with three nominations. Whereas Joelsfit, YDKleke, and Doziekash came joint second with 2 nominations apiece. After reviewing the three accounts and based on the criteria for selection, I decided to go with two more instead of one making them three beneficiaries for the preliminary round.

So the beneficiaries are:

  1. @Ebizz

  2. @Joelsfit

  3. @YDKleke

Congratulations guys.

I look forward to engaging with your posts and supporting you in any little way I can.

Supportive™ Benefits

  1. Subscription: I will subscribe to each of them and I encourage other supporters to do the same. Even before hitting the publish button, I already subscribed to all three.

  2. Sponsor: I will sponsor the beneficiaries and the amount will depend on the quality of their content.

  3. Post engagement: Read, comment, and upvote at most 7 posts (one each day) within the week of being beneficiaries.

  4. $1 reward at the end of the week, if you have been active (publishing at least 3 articles) and engaging in other users' posts (especially those of your fellow beneficiaries).

  5. If you have noise accounts, share the link here and I will also support you there with much love and probably a rejoice of a quality post. If you don't have a noise account, create one here.

I want to appreciate everyone who turned out to participate in nominating other users. You are blessed.

I want to encourage the beneficiaries to keep being active and encourage one another. I wish them success.


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1 year ago
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Thank you very much. It really hasn't been easy here and what you've done for me has given me the necessary push to keep going and not give up. I would also like to appreciate those who nominated me , you're the best. Here is my noise cash

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1 year ago

Congratulations to all the people that were picked, I'm happy for them and I also wish I can get nominated on the next round but I feel so relieved that someone has come up with this idea... Good work @McRonald

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1 year ago

I will nominate my friends next thinking who needs this opportunity😆

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1 year ago

Well, you have enough time to check around for who needs them.

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1 year ago

Thanks so much, boss for this support it means a lot to me and I will not fail in my own part, and thanks to everyone who nominated me that means you care about me a lot and I will not fail you too, I love you all, here is my noise cash thanks

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1 year ago