A Writer's Preference: A Secret Unfold

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Every writer has their own sets of preferences and favorites when it comes to writing. Be it an essay, a blog post, a feature story, a news article, or personal development, there are certain things that people prefer that help them do their work better and in a more enjoyable manner.

The world is vast, and so with the things we can do. There are barriers, but as we overcome them, it makes us feel better, helps us build a passion, and lets us discover more things we started loving the first time we found them. They may just be simple, yet they can mean a lot, not just for ourselves but for others as well who are around us and witnessing these pieces of works we publish here.

A few of these things will be presented here, and what you are going to read is based solely on my own preferences. These things are not really top-secret as they may have been employed by others, but let me share with you the things that I consider some of my favorites.

A quiet and serene environment. It has always been one of my favorites to do things in a calm and serene place. Some of you may find it really effective, and I commend you for that. We all have varied choices and preferences, but this one is really one of the things I prefer working at since I can think better, and it helps me feel a little comfortable. So if you have noticed, I mostly write at night, sometimes very late at night, where only a few minor sounds at night are what I can hear.

Calming and cool music. Songs are considered to be effective for relaxation and stress management and the type of songs I prefer listening to when writing are those that have soft to cool melody-something that can make me sing as well while typing down my thoughts. The songs of Ben&Ben are some of the songs I keep playing. Sometimes, I even play it when I am about to go to sleep, but that is something to talk about in a different post.

Reading related topic. Sometimes, I do read some articles online having the same topic before writing a post. This is to gain inspiration and knowledge also which I could use to deliver the message of the article I am writing in an understandable and effective manner. This can be more observed when I am writing about topics that require background theories and/or meanings so I could explain more the topic. This is the same as reading a book too in such a way of acquiring knowledge and learning new words because you know, it feels good to learn a new thing and be able to apply it right away.

Have stress balls and the like beside. I do not really have stress balls with me right now, but I have several things on my table that I hold and squeeze each time I feel I am a bit stressed or when I am thinking of the exact term or phrase I want to use in my article. This may sound funny for some, but I also snap my fingers and do drumrolls on my table. I find these things effective, and I hope you'll find them helpful as well.

In a nutshell, each of us can have our own preferences about something. Be it the things I have mentioned or other things, it all depends on you, your preference, and what makes you feel and think are excellent and suitable to your personality. I hope this article makes you learn a thing or two and I hope it inspires you as well. Yesterday, I wasn't able to publish one but I hope this one compensates for it. Thank you!

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listening to music calms me in every way

$ 0.01
10 months ago

It relaxes our mind and make us feel better. 😊

$ 0.00
10 months ago

I do like to read in a quiet place but I can't read while listening to music because I will end up leaving what I was reading 😅

$ 0.00
10 months ago

One of my strategies for writing an article is I write when my mind is very active about the topic because once I will lose interest, I don't know how to finish my article anymore @McJulez

$ 0.00
10 months ago