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Make Your Work From Home Experience Work For You

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9 months ago

Since the beginning of community quarantine and lockdowns, a lot of offices shifted to work-from-home set up to accommodate the government protocols and also to protect their employees from the Coronavirus. For the first two months of the strictest lockdown in the Philippines, the most congested highway - EDSA, was bereft of vehicles and foot traffic. As a result, air pollution was minimized, and accidents and crime rates dropped.

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Among the things I realized during that time is "kaya naman pala na work from home" (work from home set-up is possible!). But why do most employers stick to the traditional office setup when some office work can be done remotely? I also thought about some PWDs deprived of the opportunity to work just because of logistical constraints. If only work from home setup will be highly encouraged (or mandated, if possible) to certain industries, it can be a game-changer:

  • minimized foot and vehicular traffic, which means fewer accidents and less pollution

  • opportunity for some PWDs for employment

  • more time for employees with their families and for themselves

But while work from home has its benefits, it also has its disadvantages. The major disadvantage is distraction

However, we can deal with it through the following:

Enforce a work schedule at home. 

Even if you're working from home, you should still follow an organized work schedule. Develop a routine to motivate yourself to get started at an appropriate time as you would in a traditional office environment. Your "shift" must be followed rigorously and beware of the temptation to take frequent trips to the refrigerator, or stolen naps. Also, minimize your time browsing on social media or watching TV. Your mindset has to be in a serious work mode.

Communicate your schedule to your family. 

Once you've established your work schedule, make sure everyone in your household knows that those are your work hours and you're not to be disturbed during that time. This is helpful because they will always remind you to "get back to work" when you're already on over-break, and they will wake you up before you get late punching your virtual timecard. Also, when everyone at home knows your schedule, you can demand them to respect it. You have to set boundaries. 

Get dressed up. 

When people hear about work from home, they think of working on a laptop while wearing pajamas and unkempt hair. This should not be! While you don't have to wear formal attire while working from home, you should at least take shower and change into regular clothes. Getting dressed will do the trick to put you in the right mood for work, transitioning from "home time" to "work time". In addition, taking a bath in the morning will enliven your mood and give you a boost, helps your blood circulation, as you ready to conquer the day. 

Work near a window. 

Working near a window will help especially when you want to rest your eyes a little from computer radiation, or you want some fresh air if there's any. It is best to work with natural light but choose the most distraction-free place. Avoid facing a busy street or somewhere you can hear your neighbors. You don't want your concentration to be bothered by the gossips you hear from next door. 

When you feel like you're already in a rut, take a walk. 

When you feel like reaching your "threshold", take a short walk around the house to give you enough boost to come back with a fresh perspective. A walk can also help break up the monotony of sitting at your desk all day. It signals the brain that you're up to something new. 

The beauty of work from home setup is you're working in your most convenient place. But be mindful of the distractions that might drag you from being productive. Make your work from home experience work for you. 

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Written by   105
9 months ago
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kaya naman pala... eto din naisip ko.. i am thankful sa wfh set up, my husband was with me the entire time when I just gave birth.

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9 months ago

Wow! Hoping when things get better after this pandemic, wfh set will still be available for most of us :)

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9 months ago

yes let's hope for the best!

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8 months ago