Keep Yourself Motivated and Focused on Your Goals

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I know how it feels to get sidetracked from your goals and discouraged to move on. It is demotivating. You are not giving up on your dreams but you lose the will to carry on.  

I have experienced this last year when I was writing my manuscript. Due to increasing levels of anxiety and uncertainty because of the pandemic, I took a break from writing. I already finished 4 out of 8 chapters then. It was only recently when I decided to revisit my project and catch up from where I have left. 

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We are not always at our best. But when this happens, quickly get back up with these tips:

If you start to get discouraged about something, list the reasons why you're doing that thing in the first place.

Have a pen and paper ready. It helps to recall all the things that inspire you to carry out your task. Some of the reasons I have for my book writing journey are the following:

  • As a personal ministry and testimony to my potential readers

  • For personal and professional growth 

  • To fulfill my dreams of being a full-fledged author

It doesn't matter what your reasons are, as long as it keeps you going and it inspires you, anchor your actions to it. 

Look for someone who completed a similar task in the past and follow his example

It's great to have someone to emulate because it saves you time and possible failure. One of the reasons why we are demotivated is because of fear of failure or we just don't know what to do. A practical solution is to look out for people who have been successful in the same situation and learn from them. 

Walk away from the task for a few minutes and do something else. 

Sometimes we get bored from doing the same things over and over. Especially when your goal takes a long time to fulfill. When this happens, walk away for a while to breathe in some fresh air and fresh motivation. When you get a bit of space from something, you often come back with a renewed energy to complete it. This is the same logic why we need to take vacations from time to time. It puts our minds on reset mode, ready to tackle bigger challenges, or at least overcoming burnout and boredom.  

Look at the task with a "fresh" pair of eyes. 

We have done this recently during our church leaders' meeting. We were given a situation, in the light of New Normal, that we are in a very young organization. Instead of thinking of solutions to our current problems, we are to think for ideas as if we are just beginning to launch. Looking at a task with a fresh pair of eyes means imagining that you're just starting the project and you're thinking about the best ways to tackle it. You just might see a solution that you didn't before.

Make your goal public.

I have written a blog about goal-setting and this is one of my key points. Knowing that other people are aware that you're working toward something can be a great motivator in pushing you to reach that goal. They do not only serve as your cheerleaders, but they can also be your prime motivators in reaching for your goals. You will push for excellence and will try not to shortchange the people who wish you the best. 

Treat yourself to a little gift

It can be like a frappucino at the coffee shop or a few minutes of playing mobile games, for finishing that task. It is not always energizing to do the same task over and over but when you're working toward something you want, you'll be motivated to keep at it. It doesn't hurt to treat yourself from time to time. Splurge a little. Spend a little. Reward yourself for keeping on. It works like a tap on the back, except that you do it for yourself. 

How about you, how do you keep yourself motivated? Share in the comments below!

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Yizz na yizz sa reward yourself uwu :)

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Haha yes! Oo nga, magandang isama yan. Let your success be your revenge! Balasilajan

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