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In This Challenging World, Who Are You?

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3 months ago

I can finally call have a week of rest now because our university finally announced gave us a week of academic rest that in my opinion, would be a big thing because of the heavy workload we experienced these past weeks. Imagine me sighing while writing this because I have been waiting for this academic rest to happen and now, it is already on our hands. Anyways, below are the script I made for an activity in which we must create a video of ourselves; may our face may be seen or another way around, without a face, but our voice must be inserted. I chose to record my voice to give life to my presentation because I still have many tasks to finish yesterday. Even though I want to give all I can give and share what I can do in video presentation activities like this, I have no choice but to choose what was the fastest way that could ever benefit me. Therefore, what you will read below is all about me; not only the Maestro who usually writes go-with-the-flow stories, what you’re gonna see are some important details about me that connect what is being asked in the title of the activity our professor wants us to do: Who Am I? For now, this is what I am going to share first. I will take some rest first. Expect me to publish more articles in the following days. I will use my break to write on this site. Have a great read, anyone, and nice to meet you in advance.

 In this world where problems and burdens are the reality, who are you? Who am I?

On September 2, way back in 2002, there was a boy named Ian warmly welcomed by his parents; Mary Ann and Roger are the tags. Ian is the first child of the two lovers that chose each other to make an ideal family together. Gratefully, after years of their love, they get to have four blessings from God: Justine, Jewel, and Jermae. I finally have someone to play with: those are my siblings.

Personally speaking, I am tired of playing games. Since I was a kid, I used to play educational games instead of playing with the kids outside. Helping my parents is more important to me even when I was a kid because of how I become open to this life. And maybe, I put so much pressure on myself of being the first child that I become like these, advanced to some, late to few, scared of many things. Those factors affect me to be who I am today.

I am an artist. I used to express my emotions through playing with words, capturing moments using a camera, color, and picture things by drawing and painting them, and singing along with a song I can relate to. Art is not new to me and actually, I graduated from an art-centered curriculum called Special Program in the Arts under Visual Arts major in junior high school. That curriculum made me know who I really am and what things I can do with the things surrounding me. Aside from that, I am also a blogger, a not-so-known blogger on a not-so-known blogging site. I use Maestro as my alias and share things that Ian can’t say.

Aside from those challenging yet fruitful experiences, I managed to finish another challenging part of my life that I never knew will go like that. It’s a rollercoaster of emotions as I start my senior high school journey as I experience confronting my social fear. I have social anxiety, and speaking in front of many audiences makes me nervous. I just tried it, until I used to it. It never removed as I tried it, but at least I finally know how I would calm myself if I experience it again.

For the present time, who am I? I am still the kid who was blessed to have parents like Mary Ann and Roger. I am still the first-born child who is preparing now to be the soon breadwinner of the family. I am still the art student that many teachers are praising because of such unique social talent and skills. I am still the cowardly guy who can’t speak himself confidently, and finally, I am the trying one who wants to surpass it all. I am now paving my way to becoming a teacher, and not just a teacher, an artist-teacher. Hopefully, what I usually cry for, may it be small or big, impossible or easy to achieve, may them all happen according to his plan.

Who Am I? I am the dreamer.  

Thank you for reading this article.

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Written by   179
3 months ago
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Ohh, man. Anxiety sucks, really. I have that, too. It enables us to face a lot of things. But yeah, just keep thriving and dreaming. I hope one day we'll gonna surpass all of this.

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3 months ago

Indeed. I couldn't say anything about it but just sigh. It ruins everything when it comes around. Anyways, thank you! May we all surpass those things.

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3 months ago