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A Help That is Also a Rest.

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4 months ago

We all know how is the feeling of missing someone. Moreover, missing something is also the same—it only differs on how a person missed that something. Therefore, in my case, I missed doing murals—that we always used to do before, most often in my junior high school days—when I was still visual arts student. It’s been almost three years since I did my last mural. I remember it was on around the month of December and January in the year 2020, and I did it for a celebration in our nearby city—a celebration for a feast I led. That experience was one of the best moments I experienced in my years of being an artist. The reason for that is it even showed that though I was tired of doing many things for my passion, I won’t run out of a sense of being wanted and appreciated. That is one of my best experiences, yet my last one experiencing such things—unfortunately, it turned my table to focus more on other things and became a new kind of person because of the Pandemic.

Since the main reason for doing this article is to tell my experience last March 19. I just want to highlight the main word for this blog; Me. Well, as you can see here, I was not in the frame because I am the photographer. Yet, mesmerizing and looking at these fantastic alumni and junior artists working together made my junior high school more of a thing to be missed. Though we have gaps like age and experience with them, I can proudly say that we didn’t think of it instead worked as one. I missed teaching and sharing my experiences while doing my things with these young talented artists because we always did that when I was still a visual artist. They even opened up a topic about that and approached me, feeling how they missed being taught.

I want to dedicate my gratefulness to these talented, beautiful ladies for being there with me, grinding under the sun, sketching using short-cupped pencil, and going along the pressure. I just chatted with them with one go and never experienced receiving any denials from these two. We started our day with a fresh and fragrant-selves, but we ended the days contrarily. Nevertheless, we were happy and had no regrets with ourselves about doing that. We still managed to get where we were always at and bought the things eating together.

Lastly, I would like to appreciate the promoter of this activity, the reason why I attended the mural, and one of the factors of who I am today, my visual arts adviser, Ma’am Angelica. Though she greeted me than the usual greet she used to do—she told me that I have now lighter and better skin than before, but it would be better if I invest more on a fat body, I would be more handsome, she added—which was originally from “Hey, if you have lighter and no pimples in your face, you will be more handsome”—I will still and always admire her way of handling artist even though she admitted personally that she didn’t know how to draw. It might be confusing for you to hear that she didn’t know how to draw but was able to handle talented artists for almost 15 years—the secret she shared about that is the secret aura she has. I don’t know; even though I finished my years on her, I am still intimidated by her atmosphere. Hence, that shows how big of respect I have for her. I'm hoping for more projects like this with them, but I hope it will not go with something more important next time. This is Maestro, a forever visual artist.

Thank you for reading this article!

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Written by   179
4 months ago
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Am a big fan of art but in my country we don't do murals and anyone found that you have the passion for art and want to do it as your main source of income then you are in problem and in schools is not even taught talk of having it study, I just wish we could be invited to in of the murals you will be attending the next time

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4 months ago