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Patronage 2021 Week 4: The community has decided

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1 month ago
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Hey, lovely folks. Here I am again! The start of a new week. The previous week was filled with mixed feeling from a good start resuming work after a boring weekend with lots of work to keep one busy, to a sad day at the office when we lose a colleague, a disappointing Saturday when my favorite team, Arsenal crashed out of the FA Cup, no thanks to a 1-0 defeat by Southampton and a fun filled Sunday when I was visited by some friends and we also went to have fun at a friends birthday party. What a week!

Bitcoin cash has dropped to $432 (as at the time of writing this article) after moving above $500 within the week. Not just Bitcoin cash, bitcoin as dipped to current price of $31,923 after hitting a high of $41k. Ethereum on the otherhand is currently performing better than BTC and BCH, its on the rise and currently sits at $1,349.

And back to the Patronage...

There weeks has already passed by and we are in the 4th week of January and also the 4th week of the Patronage. The beneficiaries of the Patronage week 3 were @leejhen and @Anabiya and both users has received the full package of being a beneficiary. I have subscribed to both users and sponsored them as well. I have also tipped not more than 7 articles published within the week. Done and dusted! Time to move to the next beneficiaries.

Patronage Week 4 Nomination

The week 4 nomination round was announced on Wednesday and a total of 14 users participated. The highest turn up so far. Thank you guys.

Here are their nominations:

  1. @PVMihalache nominated @TheSnarfy and @Meyzee

  2. @Laurenceuuu nominated @Meyzee and @TheSnarfy

  3. @Eybyoung nominated @Meyzee and @TheSnarfy

  4. @bmjc98 nominated @bm8ter and @TheSnarfy

  5. @MoreGainStrategies nominated @Meyzee and @TheSnarfyTheSnarfy

  6. @bbghitte nominated @Firenze and @bm8ter

  7. @carisdaneym2 nominated @bm8ter and @Don26

  8. @bbyblacksheep nominated @TheSnarfy and @Firenze

  9. @Purebeauty nominated @turuncu and

  10. @bakanica nominated @gertu13 and @turuncu

  11. @Yen nominated @TheSnarfy and @Meyzee

  12. @Meyzee nominated @TheSnarfy and @turuncu

  13. @bm8ter nominated @TheSnarfy and @Meyzee

  14. @TheSnarfy nominated @bm8ter and @Meyzee

@TheSnarfy = 9 nominations

@Meyzee = 7 nominations

@bm8ter = 5 nominations

@turuncu = 3 nominations

@Firenzez = 2

@gertu13 and = 1 nominations each.

Our beneficiaries for week 4 are the top two users; @TheSnarfy and @Meyzee with nine and send nomination respectively. Congratulations guys.

A big thank you to the users who honoured us with their nominations. Your continuous support is much appreciated as I look forward to many more weeks of support from y'all. You all rest for now till Wednesday when I announce the week 4 nomination round and I am confident you will answer my call. Thanks once more.

I'm glad that all the users nominated in this round has never been nominated. They are new nominees, users I haven't seen on the platform not read any of their articles. With this I will get to know and read from them. Also we get to reach out to more users.

As for me, my work continues. I have to follow the two beneficiaries for the next 7 days, subscribe, sponsoring, reading and tipping the posts with the little amount I could afford to give at the time. I'm not rusty the hot so don't expect a heavy tip.

Below are the benefits offered by the patronage initiative to the weekly beneficiaries. The nominators (users that nominated them) are not left out.

Below are the benefits users receive as beneficiaries of the Patronage week:

  1. +1 Subscriber(s): The beneficiaries will get a new subscriber, that's me and hopefully, other users will also get to subscribe to them.

  2. Sponsorship: The beneficiaries will receive sponsorship from me and its up to them to accept or reject the offer. This is only possible for users that has enabled the sponsor block on their account.

  3. Tips: And for seven days, I will read and tip up to 7 articles published by the beneficiaries within the week.

  4. Nominators Bonus: The users who participated in the nomination rounds by nominating other users are not left out. Their nomination comment will be tipped by me. Also, those that nominated the users that became beneficiaries of the week will get extra tip.

I have to end this here for today. I will return soon, to seek your assistance again in nominating some users for the initiative.

On the other side, I hope the increase in the fund amount will also mean increase in earnings. Anyways, we will still be here doing what we do best.

Thank you all for the continuous support.

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Written by   512
1 month ago
Topics: Patronage
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Congratulations to the winners! @TheSnarfy and @Meyzee . Also thanks to Macronald who's still doing the Patronage.

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1 month ago

Thank you for those 7 voters! I felt pressured haha! Yieee :) and congrats to @thesnarfy and the others who has been nominated looking forward to read your articles :)

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1 month ago

Congratulations to the winners. 🎊😊🎉

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1 month ago

Wow! Congrats @Meyzee and to my friend, @TheSnarfy! More awesomeness to come for the both of you! 🎉🎉🎉

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1 month ago

thanks Ma'am! :)

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1 month ago

congratulations to the winners

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1 month ago

Oh wow, thank you everyone for the nominations! Nicely do to everyone else as well! It seems we've a caught some readers eyes, and soon we will all get a spot in the lime light.

This couldn't have happened at a better time because I plan to publish a lost tonight as well.

Thanks against!! 😊

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1 month ago