Patronage 2021 Week 10: The Community has Decided

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2 years ago
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Wow, how one's days switch from few days of fun to busy days and sleepless nights. Told you about my journey to some states in the country and how the first stop at Lokoja, Kogi state was a personal one. To honour a friends wedding invite and also visit some old friends and spend little time at a place I spent most of my childhood. Well, the weekend was fun, but sometimes, the fun seizes and life struggles continue.

I left Lokoja on Monday for Abuja after the wedding and visiting friends and places. And since then it's been work, work, work. If you noticed I haven't been online for a while both on and here. Thought I was going to make out time every day to visit and leave a few lines, but it didn't work out as envisaged. Well, busyness could only keep me away for so long. Now I'm here writing my first post in 5 days. These 5 days flew by so fast, how are we already on Tuesday. Well, it happens, when you are very busy, you sometimes fail to keep count of time.

I missed you guys.

Back to the Patronage

The Patronage nomination round for this week's beneficiaries had a little twist from the usual. I allowed users to nominate themselves as well as any other user. I have had plans of throwing this in once per month, but this was the first, and I plan to keep allowing users to nominate themselves in one of the nomination rounds in a month.

The previous week's beneficiaries were @Hanzell and @immaryandmerry. I have been able to subscribe and tip the articles they have published within the week. As for the sponsorship, I'm still having a had time with that. And now, their time as the Patronage beneficiaries has come to a good end. Time to move on to new beneficiaries.

Patronage Week 10 Nomination

The Patronage keeps going and more users are supported every week. The current week's nomination post was made a few days ago, with a little tweak on who can be nominated; Users we're allowed to nominate themselves. And the decision was well received by the users.

We had 17 users come in to nominate 15 unique users for the week. And took advantage of the opportunity to nominate themselves.

Here is a list of who nominated who:

  1. @olawalium nominated @olawalium and @Fexonice1

  2. @Youungdim nominated @Eybyoung and @Jane

  3. @MicroReylatos nominated @MicroReylatos and @oizaguirres

  4. @immaryandmerry nominated @Marts and @Maestro

  5. @Jane nominated @Eybyoung and @Jane

  6. @Eybyoung nominated @Eybyoung and @Jane

  7. @bbyblacksheep nominated @Codex_04 and @Firenze

  8. @carisdaneym2 nominated @Marts and @Maestro

  9. @Mathilde nominated @Mathilde and @littlenewthings

  10. @PVMihalache nominated @Eybyoung and @eommaZel

  11. @kingofreview nominated @Marts and @Luna09

  12. @Crackers nominated @Eybyoung and @eommaZel

  13. @Ruffa nominated @Eybyoung and @Jane

  14. @Laurenceuuu nominated @Eybyoung and @Jane

  15. @andrianlover nominated @Jane and @ZenifaAnn

  16. @bmjc98 nominated @Eybyoung and @Jane

  17. @MoreGainStrategies nominated @Eybyoung and @eommaZel

@Eybyoung topped the nominees' list with 9 nominations, followed by @Jane with 7 nominations. So both users are the Patronage beneficiaries for week 10. Congratulations.

A big thank you to the 17 users who made out time to participate in the nomination round of the Patronage. You can rest for now till Wednesday when I come again to announce the week 11 nomination round and I am confident you will answer my call. Thanks once more.

As for me, my work continues. I have to follow the two beneficiaries through the week to subscribe, sponsor them, read and tip their posts with the little amount I could afford to give at the time.

Below are the benefits offered by the patronage initiative to the weekly beneficiaries. The nominators (users that nominated them) are not left out.

  1. Subscriber(s): I will subscribe to the beneficiaries and hopefully, other users will also get to subscribe to them.

  2. Sponsorship: I will send a sponsor offer to both users and it's up to them to accept or reject the offer. Note: You have to activate your sponsor block to be able to get sponsored.

  3. Tips: lastly, I will read and tip up to 7 articles published by the beneficiaries within the week.

  4. Nominators Bonus: The users who participated in the nomination rounds by nominating other users are not left out. Their nomination comment will be tipped by me. Also, those that nominated the users that became beneficiaries of the week will get an extra tip.

A few more things

  • To encourage users to participate in the nomination round, I will tip comments, especially nomination comments that give reasons for nominating the users.

  • I will only tip articles written in English. I can't tip what I can neither read nor understand.

  • The tip amount depends on the quality of your article. And I reserve the right not to tip your articles. As much as I want to support users to publish more, I also want to encourage them to stick to a level of quality which we will all appreciate.

  • Yes, you can vote for the same users as the user before you. As the more nominations, a user gets, the more his/her chances of topping.

I have to end this here for today. I will return soon, to seek your assistance again in nominating some users for the initiative.

On the other side, I hope the increase in the fund amount will also mean an increase in earnings. Anyways, we will still be here doing what we do best.

Thank you all for the continuous support.

Love and Support.

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2 years ago
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Congratulations to the winners

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2 years ago

Wahhh, Congratsss @Eybyoung and @Jane 🙋, panalo ang manok ko 😜😜😜😂

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2 years ago

🤣🤣🤣 sa wakas.
@EyByoung congrats sa self nomination natin 🤣🤣

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2 years ago

Congratulations to @jane for winning it.😇😇

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2 years ago

@Jane we made it 😂 Congrats to us at least we can now see our names on the list yehey!

Btw, thanks to all who nominated and to you dear @Macronald for letting us experience this one. 😁

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2 years ago

Im in too

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2 years ago

Congratulations girls!

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2 years ago

Congrats @Eybyoung i @Jane

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2 years ago

Thank you 😊

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2 years ago