Blue Collar Vs. White Collar Attitude (2/2)

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1 year ago

In the first half of this article I talked about the challenge of working w/ people you don't jive with. This time let me just share something I observed about two types of workers.

(You can read 1st article here for context.)

Based on my experience, most blue collar worker attitudes here in the Philippines are way different than white collar ones. With the former, they like to talk, talk, talk about mundane and little things. Even if you are not there anymore they will talk negatively about you. I know because that's how most of my previous work colleagues were like. They kept badmouthing the trainee (who didn't finish her OJT) all the time. I was like, whoa. πŸ‘€ Such hatred.

With white collar jobs, once you're out of sight, generally you're definitely gonna be out of mind very soon. That's just how it is. I prefer that because productivity increases. No bad vibes linger between people.

All the jobs I've had have always been white collar ones. If I push through with this other career, I will be a blue collar worker soon. Oh but with bigger pay when I go abroad. Hahaha. Monthly six digits here I come!!! πŸ˜†

So anyway that's all I wanna share with you today. Much like the difference of public and private schools, when you work for different sectors you will also be exposed to a disparity in behavior. Oh I'm not even talking about politics yet. πŸ˜‚

(Get ready, here it comes.)

See, it's like this... One thing I noticed is it seems like many blue collar workers are pro-BBM while white ones are pro-Leni. (They're both presidential candidates like another one I mention below). It's like elitists/middle class vs. the masses. However, I do not understand why the majority of the so-called masses do not go for Ka Leody instead when he is the one fighting for civilian/worker rights.

The pro-BBM people seems to prefer to be blind and deaf due to their dreamy idolatry. What will they gain if the most corrupt family in the country comes back to power? It is not the Filipino people who will benefit at all.

Many continue to disregard fellow citizens' pain and suffering caused by the dictatorial regime. I have interacted with a number of them in a few news comments section and when you ask those people logical and easy moral questions, they will never answer you. I have proven it not once or twice but several times.

The corrupt family and his supporters even complain about the Catholic Church meddling with politics! What, should they stay silent when support for evil is prevalent??? πŸ˜‚ Even other Christian/Catholic leaders endorse the dictator's son, did any presidential candidate complain about that before he/they started crying foul at what priests are doing? I can only shake my head at what is happening today. πŸ€¦β€β™€οΈ

(Imagine if there are plenty of Hitler apologists in Germany. How about having millions of Thanos stans all over the real world or Marvel Universe? Or in's case, what if plagiarizers and article spinners are upvoted highly, supported and encouraged on this site? You should get the picture. )

How sad many supposedly prefer to continue supporting a corrupt political family who do and have done bad things to the Filipino people in their latter years. (Abuse of power will make an unforgettable dent to a lot of people you know.) Those supporters will not even try to look at the reality of a better life with real future opportunities from a concerned labor leader like Ka Leody.

(Heck, at this point anyone is better than BBM, excluding that doctor presidentiable.)

Lol politics is a very hot topic here in the Philippines now. So many people are fighting online in the comments section of social media posts.

Ah my fellow Filipinos... It is saddening to see all the negativity and bickering online. Everyone is defending their candidate like there's no tomorrow.

In person I have not encountered such heated arguments yet. I am avoiding it actually. Even when the previous supervisor I am talking about above was saying she is pro-BBM like our other work colleague, I just kept quiet. (It was only during my training in Cebu that I vocally expressed my political views. That's with a different group of people and most of us were against the evil family.)

Of course by now my former work colleagues all know who I am voting for and what I have to say about the very corrupt former first family. They have eyes to see my social media posts and comments. πŸ˜‚ I bet that's also one of the reasons another one of them recently requested I add him as friend. πŸ˜‚ Probably wanted to read my online arguments with some fanatics like them. Yes I'm sure they are still talking about me even after months have passed. They have a lot of free time everyday.

Whatever the case, make sure to choose a candidate who has personally done a lot of good things. We all want a better life but it should not be at the expense of cheating and hurting other people.

Yes we see desperate political maneuverings left and right. The upcoming election has now become a battle of good and evil, LITERALLY! In this day and age of technology, the devil is desperately and stealthily making people disregard evil deeds so more of us will not go to heaven.

Ah I could go on and on but on that note, I will just end this article. Whatever happens we should be responsible for our actions.

Let us not wish ill will on other people because karma will get us. That does not mean we should let evil triumph. Whether we like it or not, anything we do will affect other people too.

That's all and thank you for coming to my Ted Talk. πŸ˜‚

Anyway, do you agree or disagree with my observation? Hehe.



* * *

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1 year ago


Ted talk ba talaga? hehe. Minsan sarap mag instigate ng usapan e at panoorin un iba na magaway away lol!

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1 year ago

That's exactly what the official news sites social media accts are doing. Parang mga Marites kung mag-post.

Uy sabi ni ganito ganyan, sabi ni ganyan ganito. Ang ending rambulan sa comments. Kabwisit. 😡

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1 year ago

In my college, we have discussed this blue and white collar thing. I'm glad that it is in this platform. Good job!

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1 year ago

Haha yes bihira nakakapansin nyan eh.

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1 year ago