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5 months ago (Last updated: 3 months ago)

Do you know someone who can buy hectares of land in the province? Well I got really surprised when I talked to someone who just did that last week. Oh my, I mean, that's just mindblowing for me.

Let me tell you what happened today...

Before I decided to change career again, being a real estate agent is what I've been doing for several years now. I put my being one on hold to be a trainee in a new career though. This is how I was able to see the beauty of Batangas. Today I was finally able to do some real estate work once more.

Upon waking up, somehow I decided to play on my phone. Yeah yeah I know mobile games doesn't have anything to do with working. 😂

Remember the play to earn game I wrote about? Well that's what I'm playing more often now. Right in the middle of it, I suddenly remembered something. I had to email the info about the Batangas properties to my cousin. She was asking where to buy some land or property so I was gonna send her details of two different ones.

I went out of my room and got the envelope with the documents I had of one of the properties. Then I contacted the broker coordinator to ask for side by side (combinable) units. (No I am not a broker, just an agent under a broker.) I was surprised to get an immediate text reply. Then after I sent a few more texts asking for some details it took a while before I got a response. Oh boy.

So I checked on the other property next and prepared some of the information. I needed some other details so I asked the other person in charge. And yeah it took a while before she responded. Her reply was she's not at home or at work so she can't really send me the info immediately. Tsk tsk.

Unfortunately the broker coordinators aren't as quick to reply as I was hoping for. One of them is out while the other one is on maternity leave. Oh my. It's the weekend and you'd expect them to be available, alas it seems only real estate agents like me are working. Ah life.

No I didn't even drink coffee, just a glass of water. (Image from Unsplash.)

Well since I had to wait on those two people I decided to just post ads online and contact clients/potential buyers. Several contacts replied and one of them asked if he could call. Oh, interesting. So I said sure and I answered his call. Turns out he just bought some hectares of land in Batangas. I mean, wow. 😳 I couldn't help but say wow as he went on with his intro to his question.

Man, sometimes I just feel so small whenever I encounter such clients. I mean, come on! One hectare of land is not cheap, what more if it's more than 5 hectares? Egads! 🥴 I don't know what else to feel but whoa dude. I thought, why would he buy from me if he could buy hectares of land, right?

This client is already a senior citizen I think, or almost. As far as I know he's maybe 50's to 60's. And can you imagine, he has a real estate question for me? Oh my what a surprise. But hey I am in the business of selling properties so one side of me said I shouldn't be surprised at all. Haha.

Anyway so I answered his question while he told me the story of how he got the land, the location and his plans about it, etc. Apparently he's going to develop a few hectares and turn it into a residential area. Well looks like he's going to be a developer of some sort. He already has a buddy architect so both of them would be working on it.

In the end I was honest about my answer to his questions. Eventually he said he'd look at the ones I was offering maybe he has a friend to recommend it to or something. Well, it's fine if that's just what he'd like from me. I know it's probably close to impossible for him to buy an affordable property from me anyway. (Ah defeatism and negativity, hahaha.)

I did send him two types of properties after the call. One is a luxury commercial/residential property and two affordable ones. And that was that. Really hope he'd pass on the information to his friends and family members. (Maybe you know someone who's looking for affordable preselling residential or luxury commercial properties in Batangas too. Feel free to have them contact me. 😁)

After the chat conversation it was already lunch time. Uh oh, I haven't had breakfast yet! The food I put in the microwave had been sitting in there and waiting for two hours. 😂 What the heck.

Nope, this wasn't what I ate but it looks like a nice breakfast right? (Image from Unsplash.)

Yeah that's the problem when I am working at home. I tend to eat work and the internet for breakfast. 🥴😂 I spent maybe 3 to 4 hours working before I finally ate something aside from drinking a glass of water.

No I don't think it's brunch anymore. Hahaha. But maybe it is or would it be just breakfast and lunch? Haha whatever.

My work day is not yet over though but since eating lunch I haven't gone back to work yet. 😅 I did receive the email of one of the things I asked for. Am only waiting for the other one to send me what I requested. Hope she gets to send them later.

Oh and the third Batangas province property I planned on selling is also not updated yet. Ugh why does it take them long to update their property information? How can the properties get sold if all the details aren't updated? I mean, I've been asking them the information since a day or so ago. (Actually I only started communicating with coordinators since last week.)

Don't ask me why it's like this because I don't know either. Ah agent problems. 😆 Can't work continuously if I'm in this situation. Why I decided to work when it's December is something you dear readers should already know. I've written about what I've been doing since mid-October and I only have the time now while I'm waiting for my new career work to start.

Why is my supposed new job in another career still not starting? Well there's a storm here in the Philippines. Typhoon Odette became signal number 4 in the southern part of the country. Some people died and got injured too. I guess my employer and boss from the other career would be cautious as well because of it. Perhaps that's why I am still waiting. Hahaha.

It's okay though as I don't know how to get work abroad yet. That's my main goal. Have no idea where to send my resume (but in reality I do know where to look). I just haven't really done much job hunting yet. Well I'm working on selling properties so I haven't really applied all over the place.

Ah priorities, priorities. 😆 Definitely everything will be easier for me and my real estate clients as soon as I have all the information. For now, I shall just play that mobile game again. Hehe.

How's your weekend going? Hope you're having a great time too!



* * *

Lead image from Pixabay.

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Written by   264
5 months ago (Last updated: 3 months ago)
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Wow, just reading you made me tired of all the work you have ahead of you. I hope you can make a lot of profit from property sales. And I wish you success in your resume placement.

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5 months ago

Really? Awww, didn't think it would make people tired hehe. It is quite a hassle sometimes but once I have all the information it will be easier for me and my clients. :)

Thank you!

$ 0.00
5 months ago

Just kidding. Continue with your duties and don't forget to eat jijiji.

$ 0.00
5 months ago

Hahaha, yeah thanks!

$ 0.00
5 months ago