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Different Benefits from Tomato

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I know you have heard about the good facts of Tomato. It is known for being good to the skin, to the heart and most of all to our health.

Did you know that tomatoes were once classified as poisonous due to their origin family plant, the "nightshade family." Tomato is proven to be good in protecting against cancer and helps in maintaining our blood pressure. It is also helpful in reducing the blood glucose for those diabetic ones. One of the famous benefits from the tomato is the lycopene and lutein.

Tomato offers a lot of benefits to our health so if you are not into tomato then try to make some recipe where there is tomato part in it. You can make tomato fillings for the sandwiches, tomato sauce or salsa. But one of the best and effective way to get the main nutrients from the tomato is to stew it. A lot of people find different ways in making the tomato appealing for everyone, these include cherry tomatoes, stewed tomatoes, raw tomatoes, tomato soups, juices and purees.

The benefits of Tomato to our Skin

It is proven and tested by everyone that tomato can give you clear and clean skin. It contains high Vitamin C which can help your skin to glow. The lycopene content is not only good for the heart but also to the skin as it is rich in antioxidants. It helps to fight free radicals and keep your skin healthy. Tomato helps fight sun damages and ageing, making it as one of the best rejuvenation. Tomato also has astringent properties that helps in reducing excess sebum production from our skin. It also has the pore-shrinking ability and skin tightening properties. It acts as skin brightening and reduce open pores. Nowadays, you can find different skincare products made from tomato. From toner, soothing gels, soaps, moisturiser, cleanser and a lot of beauty products made out from tomato line.

Tomatoes as Anti-Carcinogenic

Thanks to the lycopene content of tomato that helps in controlling the growth of cancer cells including prostate and colorectal cancer. It is also proven in the research that cooking tomatoes increases the lycopene content it. So what are you waiting for, start cooking tomatoes now!

Tomatoes Benefits to the Heart

The lycopene is one of the main nutrient that is good for the heart. In fact studies show that people with a high concentration of lycopene in their organ tissue have a lower risk of heart attacks. The body absorbs lycopene best when it is heated, such as in a tomato sauce or tomato paste, or when it is part of a meal that includes a source of fat such as olive oil.

Tomato for Reducing the Blood Glucose in Diabetes

Research has found that tomatoes actually seem to lower the oxidative stress, inflammation, atherosclerosis, and tissue damage that diabetes triggers. Eating tomatoes for a long time will help your blood sugar level down.

Tomatoes for a Clearer Vision

Lycopene consumption helps to lower the risk of developing age-related macular degeneration and potentially cataracts. Tomato is packed of healthy carotenoids which helps in making your vision better.

How to eat or cook tomato?

There are many ways in which you can prepare tomato deliciously. You can make Tomato Salads along with the other ingredients you can mixed with. You can scrambled the tomato to the eggs for a breakfast full of tomatoes. You can oven roast tomatoes or make a tomato paste. The tomato sauce is the heart of pasta. Another method of cooking the tomato is to stir fry them or add them to the grilled cheese. A lot of people says tomato along with cheese is a perfect combination!

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Written by   71
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