High School Memories: I Once Become a Businessman

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2 years ago

Have you ever experience selling out some goods to your schoolmates just to earn some cash? Or perhaps befriend your adviser and teachers to earn additional customers?

I am proud to say that I have become a part-time businessman during my high school years. It's been a very exciting and memorable experience that I will not ever regret in my whole life. That journey taught me so many lessons and provide me some knowledge on how can I be an effective businessman.


What is my reason behind it?

When I was in seventh grade, our school decided to conduct a field trip in November (if I remembered it right). Eventually, when I got home I ask my parents if I can attend that trip. They said that I can but in the next following years I will not going to attend again. They gave me two options, I will going to attend now or I will attend the next field trip next year. I thought about it seriously and chose to attend when I reached eighth grade since I believe that it will be much enjoyable. They approved my decision and grant my wish afterward.

However, since I enjoyed attending a field trip so much I decided to attend again in my 9th grade, 10th grade, and even in my senior high! But my only problem is money lol πŸ˜† That's why I think a lot of things about how can I earn extra money in just a couple of months. Luckily, I was able to find a solution to my problem and that is to sell different kinds of foods in our school.

What foods do I sell?

To be honest? There's a lot! I remember selling gummy worms which I bought on ultra mega, milk and ube pastillas which are made by our neighbor, pop cola (a gummy food like gummy worms that tasted like cola), milky polvoron which I bought from a supplier nearby then later upgraded into sweetened graham balls, dynamite or (chili with cheese that is rolled in lumpia wrapper), delicious and yummy cheese sticks that are made by myself and lastly buko pandan with gelatin.

Yes, that's the foods I was able to sell for about 3 years. I started selling when I was in grade 9 to achieve enough money for my field trip because I don't want to ask my parents for money. I want to earn something by doing it by myself and I can say that it is my greatest achievement.

How much do I earn in 3 years of selling?

I don't want to share the full details but all I can say is that I was able to pay the fees for my field trip on the consecutive years and was able to save some part of it to myself as part of my daily savings. Some go to my weekly load, monthly shopping, and treats to myself.

What do I learn from this experience?

  • It's easy to spend money but it's so hard to earn.

  • You will learn to save your own money. Savings is a priority!

  • Effective communication can attract possible customers.

  • Being confident in your products can boost your sales.

  • Patience is a virtue

  • Negotiation skills will be developed

You can all try doing what I did before but all I can say is that it's not that easy to start. You can encounter different problems that can hinder you to achieve your goals but if you have enough patience and determination, nothing is impossible. This journey of my life has been closed but I can proudly say that I once become a businessman. A businessman who learned something and a man who will achieve something.

Authors Note

August 06, 2021
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Good day guys! Since I don't have any topics in my mind earlier, I decided to share my experience on being a part-time business man when I was on my high school years. I hope that you enjoyed reading this one and you learn or discover something.

I want also to say my deep gratitude to my sponsors, commentators, readers, and silent readers for reading this article of mine today. You don't know how I am because of your supports.

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2 years ago


Naranasan ko din mag benta nong High School ako, sinangag na mani si Mama ko ang nagbalot at nagluto. Kaso mo, di ako effectivr na seller. Tamad ako mang alok ng paninda tapos nahihiya pa. Ee sa pagtitinda nees mo ng kapal face jan para maka benta sa kabilang section. Kaso diko kaya wahaha. Pati polvoron natry ko na din. Kaso ayaw ko talaga, laging walang benta wahahaga. Ako lang naman ang bumibili sa sarili ko hahaha. Pero ikaw, galing mo namang bata. Bata palang may diskarte na sa buhay. Ayos na ayos yan.

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2 years ago

Naranasan ko din yan magtinda ng kakanin ni Lola β˜ΊπŸ’š Not school days pero nung bakasyon πŸ˜‚ HAHAHA ang sipag mong bata. Ako nga di ko naranasan mag field trip sa enchanted kingdom noon. Dalawa kasi kami ni ate nag aaral non di afford ni Mama

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2 years ago

Wow sipag mo naman po hehe My mother sells polvoron before to her class While me and my brother we are the one who made it It is really hard from the start of course but if you already have popularity for sure it will be easy to sell

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2 years ago

Saammeee I used to sell foods and snacks when I was in highschool. It truly helps me especially my daily baon hahaha. I no longer asked my parents for baon kasi I have savings na

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2 years ago

Ang galing at sipag naman mag tinda. Nag tintinda rin ako ng ice candy at mga biscuit sa school dati, at same polvoron at munchkins. Pero nung elementary palang ako nun, mahilig na talaga ako kumita para mabili ko yung mga gusto ko.

Marami nga tayong matutunan lahat sa nabanggit mo. ☺️

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2 years ago