Helpful Tips in Giving Constructive Criticism

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Giving constructive criticism to someone is not an easy job to do but can be a great skill to master if you want to see improvements in other people.

Some people are just giving away criticism not minding if they sound too brutal or harsh while others are way too nice that they intend to forget to highlight things that are needed to be improved along the way.

In this article, I will share with you some helpful tips on giving constructive criticism but first what is constructive criticism?

In my personal opinion, its primary function is to make positive improvements to people. It involves both positive and negative opinions in a friendlier way rather than being formal and serious.

According to (, 2020), Constructive criticism is a helpful way of giving feedback that provides specific, actionable suggestions. Rather than providing general advice, constructive criticism gives specific recommendations on how to make positive improvements. Constructive criticism is clear, to the point, and easy to put into action

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Helpful Tips To Do in Giving Away Constructive Criticism

Tip#1—Use The Feedback Sandwich Method

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I first heard it on Tiktok with Ayn Bernos which is a linguist. She mostly uses it when she is going to answer different impromptu questions on Toastmasters and I can say that this is truly helpful when it comes to criticizing. This method is divided into three (3) segments:

  1. You will start by addressing what you like about the topic. Focus on its strength first and highlight the things that catch your interest.

  2. Then after that, criticism takes place. Tell them what are the things you saw that needs improvement.

  3. Lastly, wrap up all the positive comments and the positive results that can be expected once the criticism has been applied.

Do you now have an idea why it is called 'Feedback Sandwich'? It is because it is like a patty being wrapped in two chubby buns 😹

Tip#2—Give Recommendations on how they can improve themselves

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Giving tips or recommendations to one person will give them an idea of what you have in mind, share it!. Using this, you are encouraging them to act on what you have shared. A great recommendation is specific and rationale is present which explains your point of view to the person.

Tip#3—Point out things that can be improved through action

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In giving constructive criticism, focus on the things that the person can do something or improve about rather than highlighting things that are out of their control. This gives them the confidence to do something because you point out things they can do.

To be honest, I tried to give constructive criticism to someone in here. I think it's the article of carisdaneym2 and kli4d? I don't know if I followed the feedback sandwich method when I criticized their works but they are both good writers.

I just want everyone to know that we should be always mindful of what we are going to say once we are criticizing someone's work because we might help them or worst damage them from our choices of words.

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2 years ago


My favorite method is the first one where I out the criticism in between the things I found well done. I think it just helps in helping someone receive the criticism easily because they know they have done good things as well.

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2 years ago

It's easy to have a critical point of view, but it's difficult to gain critical acceptance. I think the vast majority of people are not open to criticism. They are completely covered in criticism, whether constructive or destructive. Even on Read.cas, I can get blocked when I criticize an author's article or write my own opinion. However, if we are not open to criticism, what is the use of writing or reading if we do not tolerate opposition?

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2 years ago