The Babysitter (My Halloween Horror Story)

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2 years ago

Ash is a high school student looking for a sideline for extra cash. She sits at her desk, half-asleep still with a coffee on her side.

*Yawn* She is looking for a part-time job, instead of just hanging with friends. She browses the internet to look for some offers. She scrolls as she sips on her warm coffee.

"Wow! $50 per hour, just to babysit. Is this even real?" Her eyes are now wide open filled with excitement. She is so thrilled with what she sees.

Ash cannot believe her eyes seeing how much she can earn by just babysitting. She is suspecting that the boss is a rich woman, or just very generous with the pay. She then phoned the number. The call was very quick, it only took for her to be hired in a minute. The boss must be very busy.

The next hour, she was hired. The work will start tomorrow morning. She will be working for four hours a day with a toddler aged 2 years old.

She is so excited and happy, and cannot wait to meet the family. She finished her cup of coffee and smiled from ear to ear.

The next day...

"All right! I am all set and ready to work!"

She then took her trusty old bike, pinned the destination, and followed the GPS direction to the house of her new boss. She always has a big backpack, she carries it everywhere she goes. It is like a security blanket for her. After 15 minutes she arrived at her destination.

"Wow, this house is so big!" She wonders why the house looks gloomy and the plants are dead.

"This house is sure like in the horror movies. I wonder why there are so many flies here?"

*The gate opens* She was startled and squeaked like a little kid. "Oh, maybe they have an automatic system here."


There is a CCTV camera and a voice was heard.

"Hello, are you the new babysitter? Please, come in"

Flies are everywhere, circling the head on Ash. The annoying sound of them makes you go crazy. Very irritating. Ash was a little crept out of the flies. She is gagging off because of the smell. There is no way she cannot cover her mouth in disgust. It is comparable to a rotten egg. She then placed her bike in the garage and then went to the living room to meet the new boss. She was sitting and patiently waiting for the boss.

"Hey, you must be Ash. I am Mrs. Grim, and this is my baby Roi" The baby smiled at Ash, and giggled in delight. "I have to go now, this hour will be the start of your work. I will see you after four hours, okay?"

Ash, then took the baby and the baby's stuff like the diapers, formula, etc. The boss closed the door and left just the two of them together.

Ash was so weirded out with the house. It feels cold, dark, and empty. There are no pictures of the family in any corners of the house. There is no family vibe in it, it is just like a room for prisoners. The lights are twitching, and that a foul smell is lingering. She thought of maybe there is garbage that was not picked up since the boss was so busy.

The baby started to cry.

"Oh, hush, hush. Do not cry now." Ash gave the milk and pat Roi's back. The baby slept instantly like in a snap. She put the baby in the crib. At the back of the baby, she noticed a big stitch as if the baby has an operation on the spine. Ash was shocked and felt sorry for the baby. It was not disclosed by the boss what the medical history of the baby has. She laid the baby in the crib carefully.

Out of curiosity, she scanned the room from left to right. It is so quiet, not a single sound is made just the buzzing of the flies. She saw the stairs and went upstairs. She knows she is not allowed but her guts told her so to investigate. There is a peculiar cabinet.


She opened it and saw a decomposing body. Her heart dropped, her hands starts to shiver, very cold, almost like amputated because of what she saw. She cannot move for a minute, her mind is disoriented. She almost fainted and vomited on what she saw.

The body has a few bite marks and scratches like a monster mauled the body. The heart was pierced leaving a big hollow on the chest, limbs are missing. The bad smell covers the whole room, lights are twitching.

Ash's heart pumps really fast and went downstairs, almost tripped because she was shaking so badly. She is so shocked at what she saw she fell to the floor.

"So, you know what is the secret of this house?" A matured voice spoke to Ash.

"Roi, you are a grown man in a body of a baby? How could this happen?" Her lips are trembling while speaking almost inaudibly.

"I am not a baby. I am a demon eating the souls of weak prey. YOU ARE NEXT."

Ash quickly thinks of escaping out. Her instincts kicked in. Ash gets up and throws a vase next to her to Roi. Roi was distracted with the shattered glasses, splitting and cutting his skin. Ash took the lampshade cord and tied Roi on the stair post as fast as she could.

"LET ME FREE! YOUR SOUL IS MINE!" Roi shouts in pain and anger. His voice turned to a low, wicked, demonic tone.

Ash hurriedly escape from this horror. She finally found the exit to the garage. She saw the gasoline and poured it all over the place. She then sets the garage on fire.


Her left foot is in a bad shape because of the fall from the stairs. She took her backpack and rode her bicycle. She is so nervous and panting while cycling. She cannot feel her legs. Trembling and in shock at what she is experiencing right now. She feels really heavy and every pedal is her life.

She managed to reach their house and shakingly looked for her phone to call the police. The place is scrambled and everything is a blur. Before she even pressed the number, there is something moving on her backpack. The backpack rips off spilling blood. Roi jumps out and screams with a knife in his hand.

He jumped straight to Ah's throat. he whispered, "You should have been wiser not to bring a backpack, young lady."

"AHHHHH!!!" Ash screams so loud at the top of her lungs. Trying all her might to take Roi away from her body.

It was too late for Ash to escape. Roi and cuts the throat, the oozing blood dripping on the cold concrete floor. The lifeless body of Ash is lying with her eyes wide open.

Roi then cut open the chest and ate the heart of Ash. He then transferred his soul into the body and cleaned up the mess he made. Ash is now gone and the body is a suit for Roi to pretend to be someone again.

A few hours have passed...

*Ding Dong* Mom's ash comes home from busy work.

"Hey, Ash! It is your mommy, kindly open the door for me, please?"

"Sorry, mom, it took me time to open the door. Are you ready for the dinner?"

"What took you so long as if you did not grow in this house."

The two had dinner and opened the TV.


"Newsbreak: A baby was missing for 2 days now and no traces can be found in the city. Is this the new thing for the kidnappers? The Mayor advised the people to be careful because of the incident..."

"Oh, God. Ash, you should be careful every time okay? So, how was your part-time job? is your boss good?

"Yes, mom. I am VERY CAREFUL. In fact, my boss gave me so much trust she gave me a good salary."

"That is great! Eat up your food, honey."

The two had a great dinner whilst Roi is thinking of her next victim.


Author's Corner

Happy Halloween!

Hello, guys. This is my entry for this Halloween. I am not a great writer when it comes to storytelling. I try this time hoping you all like it.

I had fun writing it. My brain cells worked so hard for me to come up with a horror story. I am not fond of horror stories or movies haha! By the way, enjoy your Sunday with your fam!

Opensea/Twitter/ @Jijisaur

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2 years ago


Sana si ash yung bida akala ko tyanak si Roi hihi demonyo pala sis, ang ganda ng story .

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2 years ago

Thank you po sis! Napapangetan nga po ako sa kwento ko huhu feeling ko la kwenta. Pero na appreciate ko po comment niyo. God bless!🥰

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2 years ago

Oh no poor Ash. Akala ko nakaligtas sya, nakakaiyak. Ang ganda NG story, straight to the point!

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2 years ago

Thank you po! I appreciate your comment. Yeah, it was a tragedy.

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2 years ago

Nakakasad yung ending sis.🥺 Nawala si Ash. Nagtiwala siya kasi agad. Pag ako nasa sitwasyon Hindi talaga ako tutuloy simula nung nakita ko yung house is horror. Sobrang nakakatakot.

Ang galing mo gumawa mars. Unique yung story niya...

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2 years ago

Thank you dear for reading. 🥺 Feeling ko hindi maganda kwento... Pero salamat na appreictae niyo po. ☺️

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2 years ago

You're welcome sis. Maganda kaya sis. Unique talaga..

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2 years ago