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Goodnight little house

Goodnight mouse

Goodnight comb

And goodnight brush

Goodnight nobody

Goodnight mush

And goodnight to the old lady

Whispering "Hush"

Goodnight stars

Goodnight air

Goodnight silence everywhere

Goodnight James

Goodnight John

And goodnight tomorrow's days

I know will be long

Goodnight to this

Goodnight to that

Goodnight to the trees that whispers

Goodnight moving trucks

Goodnight moving trains

It's time for stops

And rests for other days

Goodnight to this day

Hope tomorrow

Bad things today

Were not entirely my fault

Goodnight dresses

Goodnight stresses

Goodnight shoes

And goodnight glasses

Goodnight everything

Goodnight to the dances

Goodnight to the group of boys

Giving glances

Goodnight baby

Goodnight Joy

Goodnight Jenny

And hope you enjoy that toy

Goodnight breakfast

Goodnight lunch

Goodnight to the dinner or supper

I ate for brunch

Goodnight, sleep tight

Don't let the bedbugs bite

Wake up bright in the morning's light

Do what is right with all of your might

Goodnight Chickens

Goodnight Deacons

Goodnight to the clocks

Making tickings

Goodnight silly

Goodnight Dickson

Goodnight, knowing tomorrow

You'll act Chilly

Goodnight GoTV

Goodnight Nicky

Goodnight Luna Loud

Dawn, Ricky, and Dicky

Goodnight my friends

Goodnight Casmir

Goodnight to the cards we slayed

Back in class then

Goodnight to Juice Wrld

Goodnight to a new one

Goodnight, tomorrow will be a truce world

Goodnight to my prayers

Goodnight to God

Goodnight to my favourite players

And the cars I know I can't afford

Goodnight all the daisies

Goodnight Stacey

Goodnight all the people who gave me spaces

Goodnight to the valet

Park, goodnight cook

Goodnight to the people shouting "Crook!"

Goodnight jean

Goodnight jacket

Goodnight Chi

And that Computer

I know I will hack it

Goodnight Tessy

Have a goodnight rest

Goodnight to the heart beating in my chest

Goodnight drugs

And goodnight Docs.

Goodnight Vet.

And "Get well Dogs!"

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nice poem and thank you for acknowledging my writing

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No problem

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2 years ago

Nice poem bro.

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2 years ago

well, the sun is brightly shining on my side of the world. if its night on your side, then I will bid you goodnight.just be careful not to get nightmares tight 😊..thankz for the mention

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3 years ago

Thank you and you are welcome

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3 years ago

Good night n good morning n thank u for mentioning me in this article of yours n nice poem u got there :)

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3 years ago

Thanks dear

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