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Down with the king! 5-1

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5 months ago

Why does the rainy season make me want to sleep all day? I don't enjoy this at all because I was really planning to do something different today

Prologue  Chapter 1-1 Chapter 1-2 Chapter 2-1 Chapter 2-2 Chapter 3-1 Chapter 3-2 Chapter 4-1 Chapter 4-2

Chapter 5

It’s all coming together now

Over the span of that week, Audrey did nothing but try to incorporate the fundamentals of what she learned into a new kind of technology. Something that she hoped could amplify Cooper’s and the other witches’ abilities so that they don’t use up too much of their energy. After so many explosions and multiple revisions on her blueprints, she finally managed to create something stable enough. Now, all it needed was to be tested out. 

Hopefully, there would be enough people she could learn from when she and Cooper get the chance to meet again. At the end of that week, they met again but this time, she grew more confident to go to the walls by herself. She only needed to wait for Cooper so that he could perform his incantation to mask her presence.

“You’ve gotten braver, Audrey” He teased her as he gestured her into the wall opening

“I’m just excited to meet these people who would be willing to help” Her grin grew wider, and she was already walking ahead to their meeting spot, “I think I finally figured out something” 

“What’s that?” He asked curiously

“You’ll figure out when you see it” She teased as she raised the large bag she had with her “It’s all in here” 

On their arrival at the hilltop, there, a group of witches stood waiting.

“Took you long enough” A rather tall and slim woman was the first to speak, the others remained quiet. 

“My apologies, Fleta. I had to make sure she wouldn’t be detected by the scouts” He flashed her an apologetic smile before gesturing to Audrey “Audrey, this is Fleta, she’s blessed with wind manipulating abilities” 

She nodded her head in acknowledgment, and so did Fleta. 

“That macho gentleman over there is Camdyn, an earth caster or so he calls himself. This tall man is Winthrop, his specialty is manipulating plants” He gestured to each one of them “This lovely lady is Beverly, she’s capable of manipulating animals but only at a certain range for now. She isn’t of age yet. And lastly is Alden, she’s a healer” 

Each and every one of them was hesitant in approaching Audrey but when Cooper guided her to get closer to the group, they tried to at least offer a small, quick handshake with her. 

“So you’re the human Cooper’s been so obsessed with” It was Alden that spoke, A cheeky, teasing grin was on her lips as she took a closer look at Audrey

“I- He’s fixated on me?” Both she and Cooper grew red at the teasing but it only caused the entire group to burst out laughing. “Just how much did you tell them about me?” 

They only stopped when Cooper cleared his throat “So, back to why we’re here,” again, he gestured towards Audrey who still had her bag in hand. “She wanted to meet more witches and she was making something that would make us stronger” 

Audrey had pulled out a helmet-like contraption from her bag. She only had two so she handed one to Cooper, and the other one, Camdyn took “Not really make you stronger… but it was meant to amplify your abilities. These two were the most successful ones I’ve managed so far” She smiled sheepishly

Each and every one of them took their turns inspecting the contraptions, they all questioned what each component was for and Audrey happily answered every question they had before Cooper hesitantly tried the helmet on. 

“So how does this work? Does it have a switch like your other machines? Or do I just have to wait?” Cooper turned to Audrey, although his attention was fully focused on the thing on his head

“It will start when you try to use your ice capabilities” Audrey explained bluntly

“I think… you should step back then, all of you.” Cooper took a deep breath and let his eyes flutter shut as he concentrated all his energy. When he opened his eyes, they started glowing a bright blue once more but unlike last time, the wind wasn’t just cold, snow and bits of ice mixed into the cold air. 

“Is this really Cooper’s abilities? He’s as strong as the pure ones-” It was Camdyn who spoke. Upon seeing how much Cooper’s abilities were amplified, he wasted no time in putting the contraption on to test out how much his abilities would amplify. The moment he opened his eyes, the ground quaked under their feet, some parts of the earth even cracked open. It was a terrifying feat yet Audrey was proud of what she had achieved. 

Once both of them finished testing out their abilities, Winthrop, Beverly, Alden, and Fleta had their go of the amplifier. For that entire afternoon, the group shared as much of what they knew to Audrey, and in turn, she introduced them to the simplest of technology that humans managed to create. With each of their cooperation, they all tried to devise a plan that would help them introduce humans to the truth that has been hidden from them for so long. But they definitely had to proceed with the plan soon. 

They all agreed that each of them should receive an amplifier so that each of them has a fighting chance to escape in the case that humans managed to back them into a corner. In exchange, Audrey asked that she be allowed to keep the scroll where history was written. They were reluctant to do so when it was difficult to acquire a copy of the scroll. She had to assure them that she would give the utmost care for the scroll. It was only Cooper’s trust that made them finally agree to have her keep it. 

“You needn't worry about the scroll, I’ll make sure it’s safe with me” Audrey carefully placed it in her bag, followed by the amplifier helmets, as they came to call it. 

“So how do we get the humans to see the barrier?” Fleta was curious 

“We could be bait!” Winthrop eagerly suggested as he played with a stray vine that he had grown from a tree

“Easy for you to say, you could be bait even while you’re hiding” Camdyn spoke in protest at the idea yet Beverly couldn’t help but agree with the suggestion 

“No, no- he could be on to something” Audrey couldn’t help but agree with the idea “I mean if each of you would have an amplifier helmet, you could all do it from afar!” Her smile grew from ear to ear as she picked up a stick and she started making illustrations on the ground. “You guys could use incantations to mask yourselves or you could stay behind the walls, like what Winthrop, Beverly, and Camdyn can do. Alden can be on standby in the case that someone gets injured but hopefully, that doesn’t happen and we wouldn’t need to have you fight too” 

The three mentioned looked amongst themselves at first, wondering for a bit if it would be a good idea yet in the end, they all nodded in agreement 

“But what about Cooper and Fleta? Would they need to be seen?” Beverly came to ask when there were no mentions of their names yet

“Cooper can also stay behind the walls or above it, but  Fleta… You’ll have to lead them there” Audrey looked apologetically at her

“Hey, since that machine of yours can make me fly incredibly fast, I doubt they would be able to catch up. I like it. Go ahead and let me be bait. I’ll blow them all away” She said excitedly. 

They were really excited about the plan and with everything they had talked about yet they forgot one important thing that Cooper remembered: “Wait- when are we going to execute this?” That was when all the attention fell on him

“When are you guys in your best condition then? So that I know when I should be done preparing the amplifier helmets” Audrey felt quite flustered for having forgotten such an important detail. She was quite thankful that Cooper remembered

“It has to be on the night of the full moon. It’s when we’re at our strongest” Alden had said bluntly

“That would be in a week from now. Are you able to build that many contraptions in such a short amount of time?” Camdyn was curious as he again eyed the helmets that protruded from Audrey’s bag

“I’ll make sure I can even if I have to lose sleep over it” Audrey exclaimed with full confidence. She couldn’t afford to let any minute go to waste when their plan was all set. All they had to do was wait and build. 

Chapter 5-2

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Written by   508
5 months ago
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