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Down with the king! 5-2

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5 months ago
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Because I forgot to put this up last night 😅😅😅 a sore arm doesn't do any help either

Prologue  Chapter 1-1 Chapter 1-2 Chapter 2-1 Chapter 2-2 Chapter 3-1 Chapter 3-2 Chapter 4-1 Chapter 4-2 Chapter 5-1

Their small get-together lasted until dawn. And gladly, they all asked to walk Audrey at least to the edge of Adroile. They all parted once they bid their farewells to each other. As for Audrey, she wasted no time starting on the three other amplifier helmets. In that entire week, she didn’t step a single foot outside her door. It wasn’t unusual for her anymore yet it concerned Tinble when she was onto something again. Tinble made regular checks on her in that entire week, and at times, the witches would pay her a visit. 

Usually, when they would visit, she wouldn’t even be aware until they finally undid their incantations and they would become visible to human eyes again

“You lot really need to give me some sort of warning when you plan to give me a visit,” Audrey said sternly but she was specifically eyeing Cooper, who seemed to be the one who always urged their little group to pay her a visit

“It’s not our fault that your room is far more interesting than Uscad. That village of ours only has magic” Fleta said bluntly as she wandered around Audrey’s room while picking up everything that catches her eye

“And I wish I had more hands to help build these helmets” Audrey teased, but with her words, they were all ready to lend a hand. 

Because of the extra help she received, they managed to finish ahead of plan. It gave them more time to better coordinate the flow of their plan. It also allowed them to get a better estimate of how far they should start. It was all falling into place, now all they needed to do was to put the plan into execution. 

On the actual day, they waited until midnight before they all gave each other the signal. The first phase of their plan was heavily reliant on Fleta and Audrey. They were fortunate enough that a riot night fell on the night of the full moon. It provided the convenience of an already gathered crowd. 

“Are you ready for this, Fleta?” Audrey was already holding onto Fleta’s hand, giving it a tight squeeze as they walked into the riot arena

“As ready as I’ll ever be,” She said confidently as she put the amplifier helmet over her head. 

Both of them whispered their count. One… Two… Three! As their count reached three, They both pulled their hoods over their heads and they let their plan commence. It started with Fleta using her abilities to propel herself off the ground. Next, it was Audrey who had to scream in fear

“H-HELP! WITCH! THERE’S A WITCH IN THE ARENA!” With Audrey’s shrill cries, the entire crowd had their attention to Fleta who was now levitating 4 feet above the ground. Her eyes glowed a blinding white and as she moved her hands, the wind she was generating was enough to blow the entire arena away. Before she could do that, she turned away and flew out of the arena at a breakneck pace.


Just as Audrey was screaming her lungs out, she equipped herself with her usual mechanical suit then followed Fleta, who already managed to gather quite the crowd while she disrupted the area outside the arena. 

When she saw that Audrey was already out, she zoomed past the streets. The sound of the wind was the signal they all had been waiting for. When Fleta passed the first crack in the wall that hid Winthrop, vines, trees, and grass came to life and sprouted from the concrete-covered ground. It urged the humans to hasten their chase, thinking that she was trying to destroy the city with what she was doing. Some of them even thought that she was planning her revenge after all the human attacks the witches endured. 

One by one, they each showed their abilities. Camdyn made the ground shake and quake. He showed no restraint and made sure that he gave the humans a good scare. With Beverly, the animals she summoned did her bidding for her. Stray cats and dogs came leaping in to attack the humans. When they passed Cooper, he simply froze the floor and with Fleta’s help, they effortlessly pushed the humans to the barrier. 

The group actually thought that they overdid themselves when a number of the humans reached the barrier injured. Luckily Alden was there to heal those who reached the barrier in such a terrible state. One by one, they all got up with such a confused expression on their face. Some still seemed aggravated with the amount of damage the witches caused while some just seemed disoriented after everything that happened during that short chase. Just as some of them were trying to walk further ahead in hopes of catching a glimpse of Fleta, some of them complained that they thought they hit something… like an invisible wall. When some of them checked to see if what the other said was too, they just started walking around with their hands outstretched, as if hoping to feel that wall. Some would shout excitedly when they felt it. It was perhaps, one of the strangest phenomena they ever experienced. 

“Somebody! We need to report this new finding to the leader. There seems to be an invisible wall here!” One of the heavily armed men exclaimed as he continued to grasp along the surface

“I suppose these humans really don’t see the barrier after all” Fleta muttered to herself as she scanned the humans going on a frenzy over the barrier they have only seen for the first time in their lives “Maybe this was the kind of awareness Audrey was trying to show them.” 

For quite some time, she just watched the humans continue to scale the walls to see how far it expanded. They came to a stop when a cloaked figure emerged from above, however. 

“You! You’re humans, are you not? Get away from this wall!” The cloaked figure all but shouted. Irritation was evident in his tone. 

“Who are you to make us leave! You’re just a witch!” The people all gazed up at him, all shouting in protests while some were already aimed at his head if he so much as made a move.

“You’re just mere humans, get away before I have to resort to using violence” The witch’s tone turned ominous that it sent chills down Fleta’s spine, despite the distance she had from the wall. The tone was enough to silence the crowd, even for just a short time. 

Human stubbornness proved to be something else entirely, however. When the humans finally found their bearings again, those that had weapons aimed and began firing one by one. Explosives, bullets, and a few other weapons were fired at the witch yet nobody knew if it ever landed a hit. The smoke they managed to generate covered the sky. 

Chapter 5-2


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Written by   508
5 months ago
Topics: Stories, Blogging
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4 months ago

A sore arm? I guess it is the covid vaccine. I have a lot to catch up on this series.

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5 months ago

it's normal since it's the place with the highest concentration of antibodies so it'll be fine take your time the book isn't gonna go anywhere 😅

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Hahahaha I really have to take my time hahahaha. Sorry, Cell. I hope you feel better today?

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that's fine UwU even ozzyz is waiting for it to finish tbh

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