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The Good and faithful servant

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3 months ago

what we do today and think nobody knows, need to be paid attention to because someone up there is watching us. The event is being recorded and they are piling everything up for you. You might even think people around you are not watching you, hmmm. The truth is they are watching you, they are only being quiet and pretended not to. Let go to the track and run this journey of the faithful servant together.

"I didn't believe you can be this disciplined and never fall for my husband despite his several attempts to rape you. You are a good girl that deserved to be taken good care of "..... Mrs Dorathy said.

Flashback of what happened

Tinu is a very hardworking girl, she is young and also beautiful. Beautiful is an understatement, In fact, she is an angel. Despite all these attributes, she was not enjoying life worthy of all these attributes because she lost her parent including her two elder brothers in a motor accident while they were coming back from travelling at the age of four (4). A woman picked her up at the event and trained her to her capability. When she could not further her education and could no longer take care of her because she doesn't have much with her, she went ahead and give her out as a maid in a rich woman house called Mrs Dorathy a.k.a Mummy D.

Tinu started working there at the age of fifteen (15) years while she was about to finish her senior secondary school. She washed the dishes, cook for the family, take care of the house and also take care of the children. Mrs Dorathy has three children and the three children are females. She has a husband too which happened to be a drunkard but Mrs Dorathy loves her husband like that and didn't because of that sent her husband away. Tinu was diligent with her work and never put up a strange attitude that will make Mrs Dorathy hate her. The three children love Tinu so well and so did she too.

One day, the husband came home drunk and no one was at home except Tinu. She assisted him to get his way to his room as the wife usually do anytime he comes home drunk and she is available too. When she gets to his room with him, she makes sure he lied down on the bed and she turned back to leave the room, but Mr chuks draw her back and push her to the bed. She quickly rises to her feet but Mr chuks already grabbed her tight to have something with her but she managed to kick him out of the way and ran out. When the wife came back, tinu didn't tell her anything because she doesn't want something that will lead to her packing and what that can cause a fight in their family.

When I say what we lead to her packing is that Mrs Dorathy just shows up any attitude towards. She might smile at her today and shout at her the next day. So, she doesn't know the type of mood she might meet when she wants to tell her so she decides to keep it to herself.

You won't believe Mr Chuks know what happened between him and her because ever since then he has been trying to seduce the girl to fall for her but she refused. He wasn't drunk that day but he pretended to because he knew Tinu will surely help her to his room so he can accomplish his mission. This went on for years but Tinu kept it to herself and nobody knew about it.

After several attempts to rape her but was fruitless, Mr chuks then planned against her. He came home with a lot of money and pretended to be drunk, fortunately for him his wife and children were at home but this time around the wife was busy with something and couldn't assist him to his room but told Tinu to help him.

Tinu already knew she is in for it today when she was asked to help Mr chuks to his room. He gave Tinu the briefcase of money to assist him with and then lean on her to take him to his room. When they got to the room, he tried to do the same as he has been trying all these days but nothing happened. He collected the money from her and sent her out. After some minutes, when he noticed everyone was downstairs and nobody was upstairs, he went straight to Tinu's room with the briefcase full of money and hid it in her room. He did this knowing fully well that they would think he was drunk and he gave Tinu the briefcase and headed to his room not knowing that Mrs Dorathy has placed some hidden cameras in the house when his gateman hints her at some strange voices he do her when Mr chuks comes back home drunk and she is not at home. The gateman told her he does hear the voice of Tinu loudly whenever she assist Mr chuks to his room and the voices seem as if they are having something together. All these Mrs Dorathy kept to herself for over several weeks and plant hidden cameras in the house while she sent Tinu to the market that will take her the whole day before she comes back.

The next day came and Mr chuks was shouting all over the houses about his money that someone has stolen his money. He, first of all, accused his wife and his children, Mrs Dorathy who has known what happened pretended and played along till he went to accuse the innocent Tinu. He entered Tinu's room and checked all her room and later went to where he hid the money in the same room and brought out the briefcase. Tinu has started crying and begging Mr Chuks and Mrs Dorathy saying she didn't steal the money and she didn't know how the money got into her room. Mr chuks was shouting on top of his voice that she is a thief and she needs to leave this house. He has not finished his statement when Mrs Dorathy shut him up and told him he should be the one to leave the house instead.

She brought all of them downstairs and played all the videos saved on the camera and all of them was surprised and they couldn't open their mouth because they didn't know the camera was installed in the house at all. Mr chuks kept quiet and couldn't say anything and started to beg his wife while Tinu was crying and at the same time happy because she didn't fall for his trap despite the she didn't know the camera was in the house.

"I didn't believe you can be this disciplined and never fall for my husband despite his several attempts to rape you. You are a good girl that deserved to be taken good care of "..... Mrs Dorathy said. You are a faithful servant despite how are I treated you sometimes with a bad attitude, you didn't because of that think of sleeping with my husband to wicked me. God will bless you and uphold you.

She sent her husband away and ever since then she started to take good care of Tinu, she sent her to school to further her education too. She took her as her own daughter and that was how Tinu was blessed too.

Lead image is from Google.

Thanks for reading, God bless you all.

Byee for now🥰🥰🥰.

6th August, 2021.

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Written by   185
3 months ago
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Such an interesting and lessons to learn from this story. Thank God for who Tinu is, she was really disciplined and keep herself pure. This is an example to those who would always take advantage of maids in their home and also an example to maid who think they can have their way taking what doesn't belong to them all in the name of money been used to blind their eyes to see the end result of it.

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3 months ago

Is really a great lesson,especially to maids,they think by sleeping with their boss and having pregnant for them,will make them have share in their property. Whereas is a lie. Thanks for reading ma.

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3 months ago

This is a big example for people out there, there is dignity in being totally in control irrespective of how seductive or enticing it may be....God sees the heart and we receive blessings for that...

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3 months ago

You have spoken well, it is a big example we all need to learn and cultivate. Thanks for engaging bro.

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3 months ago