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2 months ago

Success could easily be achieved through collective efforts therefore, it is always a good thing to work as a team. This is one thing I have learnt since I got to know about BCH. The people who already have a good amount of BCH in their wallets and are already praying and waiting for the price to go up are doing all they could to promote this coin by creating more awareness. The lovely thing about this is that, they are not leaving the few of us who currently do not have much of it but still want it to be more valued out of the race. They recognize our ability and appreciates our efforts towards making this goal achievable.

Special appreciation

I personally want to send a special appreciation to a friend, Toorik for believing and having so much trust in me. We have met only virtually for barely a week but he had been able to recognize the passion in me to spread BCH's awareness and also understands my limits. I have gained and learnt a lot from him: his gesture towards me is already having so much impact on me that I have decided to let go of my trust

At first, he entrusted me with a good amount...and I'm glad to say, everything went well as I was able to use it for its purpose which was to create a lazyfox task. The outcome of that task was awesome and I even received a reward from him myself. Then yesterday, I came up with another task idea which I strongly believe would have great impact in Bitcoincash's awareness and adoption and probably bring in more people to use, and lazyfox. He funded it immediately and I created and published it. It was also a success. Take a look here and have your say. The task was about how you could use a $10 worth of BCH to create awareness among people with zero knowledge of BCH. The solver did a good job and the solution got accepted. The initial plan was for 2 applicants to get $10 each but due to a mistake, only 1 person got the $20 but it was all for the good of the task as the solver would use the extra $10 to expand and go through with his plans. Don't forget to checkout the solution(plan) here.

Toorik does a lot of activities on giving generous tips to deserving people and also gives people tasks to perform. He creates a lot of tasks on lazyfox mostly about BCH. So do well to visit lazyfox regularly to participate. Thanks to him for all his efforts.

Toorik also promised to pay if I could get the "Bitcoincash accepted here" stickers for my Double Pay Campaign. I wasn't able to order it online but I'm still trying to see how I could get hold of it as it will really be of a great importance to the campaign.

The Double Pay Campaign( how it's going).

If you have been following my articles then, you must have heard of and already have an idea of what the double pay Campaign is all about. Just to brief you, it's a fun and a more or less serious campaign aimed at increasing bitcoincash adoption within my vicinity. Where a retailer get payed double for a less expensive product I'm buying if only they accept to get payed in BCH. No serious plan, no sponsorship required unless a volunteer. All for the fun of it and the fund comes from my earnings on read, noise and lazyfox. I already shared the outcome of my first attempt.

A Twist In The Story

I have been able to go through with about 2 more since then. Like I shared before, first one was for a cup of tea and one of these two also was for a cup of tea but in another shop. Like I said before that it would not be strictly for only tea, the 3rd one was for a barbing service.

How it played out

I went for a haircut yesterday, and the barber was a young man of about 19 to 21 years old. After I had my hair neatly shaved, I decided to ask Him if he knows anything called bitcoincash. He said he knows of it's existence but never really used it. I then gave the usual explanation of what BCH entails and aims at achieving. He already has a Binance app where he holds some LTC but with zero BCH. I sent him his pay (double) and he was happy. I was also happy that we have a new person onboard.

This campaign will keep as long as I have some BCH in my wallet. I'm not being pressured by anyone, totally doing it at my own free will which is obviously why I'm having a lot of fun.

Don't you think it's time to join the fun?

I already see many other users proposing their own plans for the promotion of BCH. If you have no idea of what to do, you can join me in my campaign let's have some fun. Trust me, it's always fun blowing up people's minds by showing them the incredibility of something they are totally ignorant of which in this case, is Bitcoincash.

Bitcoincash has given us hope, it's time to payback by showing it off to the world in our own little ways. Use your social media handles. Tell your friends and let's get more people to use bitcoincash because, it is usable!

Don't fold your hands... it's time to join the fun!


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Written by   114
2 months ago
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Im with the fun 😍😎

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