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To Bitcoincash's Legends and Super Heroes

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2 months ago


This article is greatly inspired by the well intended comment @MarcDeMesel passed on an art work of him done by one of users who was showing his own appreciation to him via one of his skills. He made a potrate of Marc and presented it to him through an article here on Marc was obviously happy with the work and felt appreciated but He wanted more, he doesn't want to be receiving the praises alone, some of which he said should also be channelled to his deserving colleagues in the struggle of making BCH great. This made me wondered how humble he could be.

This is to you sir Marc; you deserve all the praises you are receiving because you have worked so hard to earn it by impacting on many lives including mine. You have been an inspiration to many of us here and we can't thank you enough. You even deserve more praises for showing such humility. Of course, a tree cannot make a forest. You couldn't have done it alone without the other legends and thank you for being appreciative of their efforts.

I personally don't know many of these legends and heroes but I feel obligated to appriciate the efforts of every single soul that had worked hard to bring this digital currency which has changed my whole life and total perspective about life into reality. And also appreciate them that are still working to keep it sailing.

Thanks to Marc for mentioning few of them in his comment.

To Roger Ver

@RogerVer , Thank you for being such a great promoter and a strong leader of this coin. We the regular users can not thank you enough for all your sacrifices.

To Simon of and

Every time I receive an Upvote in BCH on or tip on, the first expression that shows up is a smile. That smile is always for you. You have changed many lives believe me you. There are many individuals here who are from a very poor country but because of the simplicity of these two great platforms and BCH, they are able to earn and make a living.

I understand that the underlying goal of these platforms is to create awareness and bring in more users to BCH but it has achieved even more than that. It has changed lives. And believe me when I say; it also changed mine. My wish for these two platforms is that, they keep growing and never suffer backdrop.

You have sacrificed a lot to make this community active. Thanks for bringing me into the BCH's community. Because of that, I can now set a goal and work towards achieving it. I also wish to see your face someday. You are a legend.

To Molecular

According to the comment of MarcDeMesel, I understood that @molecular is a big donor on flipstarters. Thanks for all your generous donations. You are a huge part of the success.

I have also run into some posts which you Upvoted here. Thanks for supporting this platform which is giving some of us and our lives meanings today. Your efforts will not go unrewarded.

We can't thank you enough.

To @JonathanSilverblood ,

John Nieri ( @emergent_reasons ) ,

Imaginary username ( @im_uname ),

@freetrader and others

These are the tech guys, the brain behind the BCH projects. These are the people I'm actually referring to as the heroes of BCH.

Like you can see in Marc's comment, They were able to save Bitcoin cash in 2020 from a coup by creating the BCHN, flipstarter and anyhedge. Flipstarters and Anyhedge are big BCH's projects that are serving as the backbone and strong foundation of Bitcoincash today.

If you guys were not there, who knows what would have been the fate of bitcoincash today? You have done so brilliantly and invested your skills into this. There would be no success story for BCH without your names.

These guys are also active users. I have seen a BCH enabled project in Africa where emergent reasons was said to had offered a loan of $3,000.

Thanks for all you have done and still doing.

To Test75785

I really don't have any idea who's behind this username @Test75785 and I don't know if it's a person or robot but, I have seen you do great things. Few days ago, I stumbled upon a post talking about the impact of Bitcoincash in Africa. It was sorting for funds for a BCH enabled project in Africa to produce clean water. After opening it, I saw how you have Upvoted it generously. That is the kind of philanthropic acts BCH lovers like you do. You cannot imagine how many lives that project is going to affect positively. I have seen you in many other posts touching lives. Thanks for contributing to this great platform and for being so generous.

To Ross Ulbritch, Mike Hearn and other Bitcoin legends

Thanks to you guys for the efforts you all invested in making BCH a success. Like Marc said, you all were crucial and we appreciate you for that.

To other Legends and heroes

I know that there are hundreds of people currently working and spending to create more awareness and get BCH to new users and to it's deserving position. You all are legends. History will not forget you and remember this saying when BCH hits the moon.

Continue the work in good faith and it will surely pay off real soon.

To My fellow, and bitcoincash users.

We have all been given the opportunity to use this 'free to use' cryptocurrency even without investing our money into it. We could earn it here on and and then hold or use it for what ever we want because it is usable. I believe we should also take upon ourselves the responsibility of making it global so it can assume the position it was intended for. Bitcoincash deserves to be used by everyone.

We can make that happen by creating more awareness about it in our own little ways. I already have my own fun campaign going on. You can join me or do yours in your own way.

Let's also use these platforms without any form of illegal activities and scamming. We should not also spam and always abide by the rules in order to have a long stay here.

I personally wish,, all BCH projects and Bitcoincash more success story!

Feel free to share this article so that many people can read and appreciate them also.


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Written by   114
2 months ago
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You are making interesting articles since the day you joined here.. This is true ... We should praise other people behind BCH.. Because of them, we are here.

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2 months ago

Showing gratitude to those who have given you hope is always very important.. Thanks for the compliment Jane.

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2 months ago