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Can Bitcoincash really give me the future that I want?

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1 month ago

If you are anything like me, then you must have asked yourself this same question. I wouldn't call it a specialization but I'm just that someone who loves thinking about the future and every other thing in-between. I also love putting my thoughts into words and then, my words into writing. has given me this great privilege to put forth my thoughts to others through articles.

It hasn't been too long since I started to use this cryptocurrency and it's barely 2 weeks since I have joined this community. It's no doubt that this is the best online community anyone could ever wish for. Maybe the goodtime I'm having here is the mother of the fantasies I'm beginning to develop about Bitcoincash.

The good start bitcoincash already gave me

Before coming in here, I have tried all I could to make passive income. I have many online profiles which I have chosen to abandon for now. I have tried many freelancing jobs but was always shown the red flag. Most of the time, I would be the one to dump some of those plaforms due to treatments which are seemingly unfair to me. I do believe that the pay is usually too small or I'm being under-appreciated for my efforts.

I have tried to write and publish news for about 2 news platforms. I was able to make about $10 from one of those platforms in about 3 months. Yes, 3 months! 3 months of tireless searching online for latest happenings in and around the globe and sleepless nights trying to compose my searches into articles. For the second platform, I didn't gain anything from there despite all my efforts because I couldn't reach the minimum withdrawal. It was so frustrating that I had to give up trying. All these were happening during the period of Corona viruse.

Fast forward to beginning of January this year when I found out about online, I visited and got directed to where I immediately signed up and started earning right away. No minimum withdrawal, no KYC, all anonymous. I felt fascinated and decided to join

Since I have joined this place, the hope in passive income has been reactivated again. I have been shown enormous love by many people here including the top donor who happens to be the first person giving me a great boost after I shared my 2021 goal. These acts of kindness I received have given me the effrontery to dream of a future with Bitcoincash.

I dare to dream of a future with this cryptocurrency because I know it has a community that is bounded together by a common goal. I dear to dream of a future with BCH because, I know that any project with such a community and strongly rooted projects could hardly be washed off.

My hopes and expectations

I shouldn't sound absurd when I say; I have high hopes and expectations for Bitcoincash because I Know I'm not the only one having this same dream. Even the investors and analysts keeps giving us hope.

With the help of, and the lovely users, I now have a tangible amount of bitcoincash in my wallet. This amount of bitcoincash currently do not worth much but I believe in the future of bitcoincash, and I believe the Worth would increase even more than ×100 soon. When it does, I would no longer be left out since my plan is to hold firm to the amount I currently have and never sell it for any reason.

My expectations of Bitcoincash is not far from what you would think, I'm expecting that bitcoincash gains global recognition and soon be used by everyone. In that way, I would no longer have to go through the stress of exchanging it for fiat but use it directly for whatever I want while the rest lie in my wallet experiencing periodic increase in both worth and price.

My other expectation which you cannot blame me for is that, I hope,, other existing and incoming platforms that would enable me to earn bitcoincash passively continues to operate even into the future. I also hope these plaforms continue to foster cordial relationship between individuals from different part of the world and of different races as it's already doing. There are many more expectations which I believe would be achievable by Bitcoincash and it's amazing community.

But can it really give me the future that I want?

The answer to this question greatly depends on the kind of future you want for yourself and how you are already working towards it, keeping Bitcoincash in mind.

For me, I want a future where I wouldn't have to depend on the government to provide all my needs. I want a future where, even if I have a career and a job, I would still have other sources of income. I think if bitcoincash continues to exist, then this kind of future would be a realistic one. Because, BCH already have platforms like and where I'm earning already and hoping they continue to exist.

I also want a future where I can enjoy financial freedom and wouldn't have to bother about any central Authority badging into my financial affairs. I want a future where I could do cashless transactions with amazing speed and unnoticeable fee. I believe all of these is already happening with Bitcoincash and will continue this way into the future.

If Bitcoincash continues to exist, gain more ground and become global which it would obviously do, then I don't have to worry about my future.

Thank you Bitcoincash for giving me so much hope.

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Written by   85
1 month ago
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