Village life

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Village life is life which is close to nature and everything look so real , there is no fakeness at all . In village everything which a person found is so pure .

Lifestyle at village

The lifestyle of the villagers is very simple they used to do simple task they live very smooth life. The people who use to live in village they really take care about their culture. They look after their tradition and the keep their core values. The people of village respect to their elders and see with love towards their child. The kids use to take lesson from their elders and it is considered as a part of their custom . When we sit aside our grandparents they teach us different type of stories which convey a whole meaning and have moral for all of us ! This all build the character of young child . Child are just like a seed of plant which at first was seedling and it takes time to grow but during this process one has to look after . The character building is considered to be the essential part of a person life. The person learns basic ethics when he live with his elder people .

Healthy life:

In villages people have healthy life because they do the task which are difficult to perform the use to visit their field where they look after their seeds and they grew different type of crops . They eat a fresh and healthy fruits and the vegetables which have a nutrition which are pure and those are also grown by themselves. So the enjoy healthy life. While on the other hand in cities there are an hygienic things most commonly in cities you cannot found the pure milk while in villages pure milk can easily find out.

Gatherings in villages:

In cities there are clubs and their different type of gathering areas but in villages there are no such type of clubs in the people usually meet and they remain very sincere with each other they meet with true heart having good feelings most of the time the people who use to live in the villages even dont know that what is cheating as they do not cheat anyone their behaviour is very good with all other they meet each other warmly they help each other whenever they see that other person is facing any problem their approach to each other is positive . They join each other at every occasion whether it is occasion of happiness or melancholy. While in the urban area is there are no such type of gatherings they only meet in clubs and different swimming pools are build there where they usually meet . People remain very busy all over the day in urban areas. Even they perform their all activities inside their home so they do not come outside for meeting to anyone else. The gatherings at the wedding occasion also remain confined. The people at village really humble and hospitable. The people are very hardworking they involve themselves in agricultural things. Their house design is moderate level they are neither more rich nor poor. They also have a separate place where they have animals like sheep cows which in return give milk and different milk products like butter so they have everything organic .

Food :

In village the food is simple there is no concept pf junk food like pizza , burger or anything like shawarma. They only know about bread and butter. They even do not have to go market for buying the vegetables because they have access to their own field crops which are grown by themselves so it remains very easy for them. Their cultivation method is also organic most of the time they do not even use different type of fertilizer for the increase of their crop for the expenditure of their house they usually depend upon their crop income.


In village there are so much facilities there are not job opportunities for the people of village there are no such type of hospitals in village where one can have a good treatment. While on the other side in urban areas the hospitals are very much clean and took preventive measures where the citizen can have good treatment. The machinery which used by the hospitals in cities is of high class which is not there in villages


Wether it is village life are it is City life both are good in their own terms they both have advantages and disadvantages

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My grandmother lives in a small village. I loved spending my summer holidays there when I was a child :)

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1 year ago

Amazing article

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1 year ago

Wow good article to read all about village life e and iam still aliving in the village it is the best life too far then city 🌆

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1 year ago

I know the village life intimately. Even though I live in the city, I was born in the village and I go to my village whenever I can. Village life is the secret of a healthy and long life.

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1 year ago

Village life is pure life

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1 year ago