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5 Bitcoin Cash Achieved!

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2 months ago

Disclaimer: The purpose of writing this is to document our progress with our BCH accumulation, as it is one of our goal at #Club1BCH. To inspire you, not to brag and not to lend nor a financial advise. Reserve your sarcasm with you and read at your own risk.

The excitement on achieving 1BCH still lingers on me, much more that I've got 5BCH already despite spending some of it for personal purposes. I've spent for our needs and it's kinda satisfying knowing you've got Bitcoin Cash to cover your back in times of need. It sounds like “money” and not just an internet coin floating in the blockchain, although we have to exchange it on fiat, at least we know we have real money for emergency purposes. How nice is that? I've got my own bank with Bitcoin Cash!

I've written an article where did I spent my BCH, you can read it here. I was very delightful when I can achieve more BCH because I plan to hold it for the long term, as I believe it will be one of the reasons I'll be “financially stable” in the future, yes my faith in BCH is at a peak just like how the people behind Bitcoin Cash believe on it.

Upon reading the @bmjc98 article about achieving her full 4BCH I also calculated mine and I posted it at the noise. cash, just read it here.

It was posted two days ago (July 24), and as I said I already sell 0.10 BCH because I need to buy needs for my daughter again since my partner was not on boarded yet.

Currently, my running balance of BCH in my wallet is 5.13BCH as I have already out the 0.10BCH for spendings.

What made it easier to achieve 5BCH?

Well it's a mixture of luck and hard work, I've been on the platform for 1 year and already spent some of my BCH earnings that were not able to track since we only started #Club1BCH last January, that's the time I track all my BCH earnings and spendings.

I got lucky last June

The last month of June was my lucky month as Sir Marc Demesel noticed my writings, he tipped me a total of 2.25BCH, because of that I was able to achieve my 3rd and 4th BCH at the same time.

Last May 24, I achieved my 2 BCH. The progress seems fast in June as I achieved a total of 4.80BCH, I only needed 0.20 BCH to complete the 5BCH but because I keep spending and fund my partner's onboarding again, I spent some of that 4.80BCH and just did my best to replace it and finally completed the 5.13BCH.

The dip helped me to earn more BCH

The price of all cryptocurrencies after the market crashed keeps falling but because we have a crypto-powered platform such as noise. cash and, it helps us to accumulate more BCH satoshi during the dip.

The price in dollars might be lowered than the previous month but we got more BCH satoshi counts than before when the price was high because the tips are determined by dollar.

My noise. cash tips are better than my

Last May my noise. cash tips are on fire as I earned 0.44BCH, which was lowered during June but I was still able to earn 0.24BCH half of my May earnings. This month I am currently on 0.34BCH, I didn't earn that via “magic” because I did my best to post sensible noise, some are informative for other users which were about noise. cash system, that's why some of my posts got some renoise. Because of that renoise, I gather more followers and more likers as well on my post.

While my read. cash earnings are still at 0.26BCH, I don't know if I can make it to 0.30BCH before July ends but whatever it is I am still very grateful for what I have and what I received.

Closing Thoughts

Now that I was able to achieve my 5BCH, I don't have to pressure myself to get more but I will still work hard, as usual, writing and posting at noise is already my habit, it's already part of my routine as these two platforms are only my favorite, I didn't visit another site anymore as I have said I am slacking in crypto space lol, my bad.

5 BCH is my ultimate goal to achieve and hold, that's what I said to myself before. If I can have more then that's a bonus and I'll be grateful. I also plan next month to give back to the community as I was kicked on top tippers, also maybe I'll sponsor some users again.

That's all, thank you for reading!

Date Published: July 26, 2021

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Written by   935
2 months ago
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