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The Beauty Products that I used since when I was High School

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1 year ago
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Today we will talk about some Beauty Products that I used since High School and because I was Inspired by @McJulez 's Article : My Skin Care Routine (you can read his article Just click the link :) ) Can I share mine too?

Everyone has their own way in how they take care their skins by just simple way and or they can take care of it by using products. And we have two kinds of people like that:

  1. Some people choose to be simple like they don't need some expensive products just so they can take care of their skin. They just choose some products that they use it since they we're young and or they choose some herbal and organic things.

  2. People who can afford buying expensive products can always trying to buy and buy and buy some things that they can use to take care of their health and they did not care of how it costs just so they can make them beautiful.

In my Elementary days, I don't care about skin cares, what soap my parents always use to me unlike some other parents when they are afford to buy their children a orange soap (kojic) and they did not let their child going out to play just so they can take care of their child skin color and make them grow up beautiful.

I still remember my soap since when I was Kid and that is Johnson's baby milk soap

Image from Google

Until I become Grade 8 (Second year High School) , I am loyal to that soap because I smell like a baby when I use that. I like the smell and I think maybe because I became used to it? and I don't trust other products beside from that.

Well when my Sister become a Maiden, I always see her using a colored orange soap in the bathroom and I began to be curious if what is that and I ask my friend if she know about that thing and she said that it was called Silka Papaya Whitening Soap

Image from Google

And it is very effective because she is using that since when we are Grade 6 vacation. I can't believe that she is using a beauty products by that age. My gosh! However, I would also like to try it since I find my skin very tan and you know it is part of being a High School student to start taking care of yourself not just in inside but outside and I use that until I started become a Grade 9. So far, it lightens my skin a little after using it for year and I also with Silka Papaya Lotion. I discover again an another beauty product and that is Kojie San

Image from Google

By the influence of my Cousin when I was vacationing in their House, I discovered this soap in their bathroom. She told me that this soap is very effective to her because her skin got tan because of the trip in the beach before and after that, she use that for almost months and her skin become back to normal and she is paring it with Nivea Lotion but I can't afford that lotion haha so I just pair it with Flawless U whitening lotion.

Image from Google

However, it is very hard to use it because there are a lot of 'Bawal' like you can't go out to the house so I always stay in their house and even if I will not go out, I still help her parents in chores. Nakakahiya magpaganda kapag tamad ka naman lol.

When I become a Senior High, I still use that and I learned some beauty tips from my cousin if ever I still use that while I was going to school.

  1. ALWAYS use umbrella when you go out because your skin will become very tan if you don't nakakasunog daw kasi ng balat yung kojic.

  2. ALWAYS wear pajama inside and outside of the house every morning so that your skin color in your legs will be fair (Kaya pala di pantay sa may legs at braso ko).

  3. Wear Sunblock but I can't afford it so I did not wear some

and I am thankful that when we become Senior High School, we are not always exposing in the sun except in our MAPEH subject which is always practicing dance activities every Monday to Thursday and Dance Competation in Fridays.

When we become Grade 12, I noticed that my classmate's face is beautiful like she have a pinkish in her cheeks and when it exsposed the sun, kikinang ng parang diamond charot like a glass and that is what we called, Glass Skin right now. So I asked her if what she always used and she said that is using Rejuvenating. I don't know what is that so she explained to me if What is the Rejuvenating set and How you will use it? (I will include it here so that if you wanted to try it and or so you can be aware)

What is Rejuvenating Set?

A rejuvenating set is a skin care set comprised of a soap (facial cleanser), toner, day cream with SPF, and night cream with peeling properties. As the name implies, it is meant to rejuvenate or renew the skin by assisting or accelerating its exfoliation process.

-Source: The Beauty Junkee Blog spot

According to what I read in the link above, Rejuvenating set has a Peeling process which is ito yung kapag gagamit ka ng rejuvenating cream, magpepeel yung mukha mo at mababawasan pagka kapal ng mukha mo charot. Mababawasan yung mga libag or dead skin cells natin kaya parang ang itim ng mukha natin because of some pollutions, mga alikabok na dumadapo sa skins natin ganon and yung mga products na ginagamit natin trough how many years.

How to Use it?

You can read it in their description box of what products you choose but I will tell you how I use it.

1. The first step that you will do is to clean your face using their kojic bar soap.

How I use their Kojic Bar soap?

  • The first thing that I always do to my soap is I always cut it to 3-6 or more pieces. So that, I can save some soap and I always separate my soap for my face and body. And I don't buy another soap for my body because they already have it.

  • Before that I will put it to my face, I will make it bubble foam first to my hand and apply it gently to my face to avoid getting hurt because

    Note: Every Kojic soap can make your face will be injured if you are not careful to apply so you better be careful okay?

  • I soaked it for 3 mins in my face to absorb the kojic soap in my skin and if you are sensitive, you better just soak it in 1-2 mins in your face because it can be painful after the next days of using but it's just normal if you are a first timer. And after that, I rinse it with water.

2. The Second step is to apply their toner. This is very important guys because even if you are already cleansing your face using soap and or cleanser. It is still have a remain dirt in your skin and reason why nagkakapimple tayo sa mukha minsan. So to make sure that there is no remaining dirt you can clean it with cotton pads and Toner.

3.The Third Step is to apply their Creams and there are two types of Creams in their Packaging set:

  • The First one is the Day Cream which is their Sunblock to protect your face in the sun when you go out. This is very effective because It can't make my face tan even if I am exposing in the sun light but not very long hours.

  • The other one is their Night Cream which is their Rejuvenating cream and you can just use this every night and this is the most important part of rejuvenating set because this is what we needed in the peeling and exfoliation process.

In using Rejuvenating set, I would like to warn you before you can try it. Because of this reason:

  • First Timer or not, You can experience a mild pain in your face because it is part of peeling because Skin peeling gets rid of dull damaged skin so the smooth new skin underneath can be revealed so if you experience a super pain, you should stop or break of using toner.

  • Expect itchy in your face because of peeling however, I advice you don't scratch your face because it will become wound

And in how many years that I used some Rejuvenating products, I can tell that they are very effective because they are the reason why I don't have pimples even if I sleep late at night and I am stress.

And that is all the products that I used since when I was High School. I don't recommend this to some 15-years old of age-below you can used some mild whitening soaps. Okay? Because your skin is still young and this is just for adults.

By the way guys I am trying this rejuvenating product right now.

Image from Google

I can't upload my own photo of the product here 🤦🏻‍♀️ anyway, I was influenced by vlogger Shaina Denniz in Youtube. Because this is new before but I couldn't have time to buy it. However, it's my 2nd day and I will update you after 2 weeks if it is very effective too.

So that Is all the beauty products that I used since I am High School. Again, Thank you very much @McJulez for influencing me to write about this topic! ❤️

Thank you for reading Guys! You can share your skin cares too in the comment down below!


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Written by   514
1 year ago
Topics: Beauty, Products, Health, Tips, Experience, ...
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jusko..ponds lang talaga ala. ko at eskinol eh😂😂

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Sana all ano may pambili ng pampaganda haha Ingat ingat nalang sa pag pili ng ginagamit ha baka mapano kapa. Dilekado paman din gumamit ng mga ganyan

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Ipon ipon lang haha tsaka Oo nga hirap din baka mapeke ganon or mapano mukha ko kaya rejuvenating lang talaga ang trinatrust ko

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