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Personality Test: You are still bothered by mistakes that you made a long time ago

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3 months ago

Personality test again and again! Yay! To be honest, I felt dizzy because i did not noticed that I answered the other questions first before the first batch questions. So i struggle to separate the next questions to 13 Questions again.

This is a never ending personality test. But before we will answer the questions in the test again to know my MBTI type, i will tell you a one story why I decided to answer those.

Story Time...

So, in the first article of this test, I also told you that I would like to know my MBTI type because, many kpop idols are sharing their MBTI type and me, as a fan of them i also want(ed) to know my MBTI type if i am also similar or i have an idol who have the same MBTI type as mine. Then, I saw this Link of the Personality test that i am answering now. At first, There are only 16 questions to be answer and so, I can only share to you a one article then i can able to share to you my MBTI type already. In short, I made that as an topic for a day. However, i am dumbfounded because, when I am on the middle of answering the 16 questions, i am not yet finished because there are a lot of some next questions again and again.

I was tired of thinking about my personality. I also think twice to myself more before clicking the Agree, Disagree, or in the middle button circle. But... I enjoyed answering those so, I think, it is very interesting.

But I was so sorry to my readers if they keep reading about this kind of topic. I don't know why I am saying this right now. But I think, I need to say sorry since, maybe, some of you will found this as a boring topic as I always shared my personality to you.

Anyways, that's a very long introduction. Let us start answering the next batch of questions now.

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In your Social Circle, you are often the one who contacts your friends and initiates activities

Disagree. Because I am not that kind of person. I always stay at my room often..i don't really like to know more people. So, I don't contact friends and intiates activities. I prefer and appreciate people to contact me first.

You rarely contemplate the reasons for human existence or the meaning of life

I am a human too. I was borned not to know, clueless, or brainless about us living in this kind of world. So, I also think the possible reasons if what is the meaning of life especially when I was depressed or stress. I question the people above, if what is the meaning of life? Why we are here? Why we always experienced this kind of hard kind of life? Like that.

You take great care not to make people look bad, even when it is completely their fault

Are you curious if why my Answer is Agreed to this one?

Not as what you think okay? I am not in the side of some people who are doing bad and making as if they didn't do anything. What i mean is, i have this kind of personality that:

I can't neglect to blame the victims why other people are attacking them. How can I explain this? Hmm...

For example Situation:

When this victim was bullied by other people because of her wearing something unappropiate in the school. Of course, I can able to defend this person because I am a woman and it doesn't mean that they are wearing something that they know that it's not good at the school, It doesn't mean that they will bully that person. It's their happiness but I can't also stop myself to be mad and being sarcastic to that person since they knew that it's bad, that there are some consequences that will happen next and they will suffee yet they still do it.

I don't understand myself either why i am meddling in their business.

Your personal work style is closer to spontaneous bursts of energy than organized and consistent efforts

To be honest, I don't understand this question. It makes my brain hurt. But based on my understanding to this question, if I prefer A work that I bursts some energy more than giving a organized and consistent effort?

Well, I am a littke disagreed to this one. I rather prefer a work style that i can put a lot of my energy at the same time being organized and i can give my efforts. Because, I don't think we can work hard if we can give these 3 right?

But I also think that, a work style that i want is a work that gives me energy. What i mean is, a work that will related to my talent and one of them is publishing an article or doing blog like what we are doing right now since, you know my past that I loved writing stories back then. Even though, we give all our efforts if we are not loving the work that we are have because you don't want to do it, we can get tired easily right so, it's pointless.

If someone thinks highly of you, you wonder how long it will take them to feel disappointed in you

I really agree to this one. I don't really like other people to think of me highly. I want them to be feel that i was an average like them in the same position, in the same line, not higher than them and i prefer lower than them because, we are all the same.

Everytime that someone praise me. Especially my Juniors before when they always saw me, they always flutter my heart telling me that i look beautiful. I wonder if i should look or should i not wear make-up to make them disappoint? But even though, i shouldn't wear make-up going to school they still praised me that even if i am drunk going to the school, they still like me. Not to brag, but they are like that when i was Senior High School but now, that i graduated already, they just smile at me.

You would love a job that requires you to work alone most of the time

If we don't need to carry some things or a work that requires to use a body weight actions, I prefer to work alone. A work that i will just sit, typing some words, like what we are doing here.

You believe that pondering abstract philosophical questions is a waste of time

I agreed to this one. I am not a genius person and I don't really like studying because i am a lazy person that even thinking about hard and deep questions are not accepting my brain. So, yeah, i consider that thinking a abstract philosophical question is just a waste of time for me.

You feel more drawn to places with busy, bustling atmospheres than quiet, intimate places

Disagreed of course! I prefer a places that more quiet and at the same time intimate place. I may single for years but I think, usually the most quiet places are the places where some lovers goes to because they want to be alone, to the places that they are just the only one or they have their own world to enjoy the beautiful scenery.

Meanwhile me after realizing something:

GIF Source link Here

Except going to the you know... HA...HA.. a vacation hote/rooms? Unless...It's a sound proof. It will give me some peace of mind.

GIF Source Link Here

You know at first glance how someone is feeling

I agree! I shared to you before that i loved playing or having a bet with my bestfriend back then. Observing other people's situation and guessing after if what will happen next. So, Observing someone's feeling is also one of the thing that i can observe and i can observe their feeling by their facial expressions.

It's a hidden talent of mine because everyone can do this one too. Not only me.

For example is:

When someone looks so very quiet in the car, or other transport vehicles where I was near to that person. I can tell that someone will be very quiet in the side and there is this two posibile reasons why:

  • First, they are calling by nature.

  • Second, they are have a senti moment (living on their own kind of world).

  • Something or someone is bothering them.

You are still bothered by mistakes that you made a long time ago

I also shared to you already. The tragedy that makes me depressed for a long time and i still can feel it right now. I always blamed myself not taking good care of my dogs who was k!lled by hands of some bad people.

The trauma is still here...every night. When night always came, I always look outside of my window if it's raining or not. Even though, it's not raining, I can still hear some rain drops in the roof so i always covered my ears because i know what will happened to me next.


Just a 1o questions for now. There are some questions left and that is the last batch of this test and on my next article (I don't know if when) I can share to you the final result of my MBTI type. I hope that there are some people who have the same MBTI type of mine. Did you check yours already?

Anyways, I learned to this batch of questions that I am really a lone person. I prefer to be alone rather than having a lot of people around me: From places where I would like to go, and even at work. At the same time, I can't still move on to the past because I can't forget that easily. Pew!

I hope you enjoyed reading this about me again. I am so very happy to share something about me to you at the same time, know myself more or better.

And this is the 4th batch of questions of my Personality test. If you haven't read the First, Second, and Third batch of this you can click these links below.

Thanks For reading!

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Written by   503
3 months ago
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Likewise, I'm not even comfortable if someone thinks highly of me especially when they praise me often because I felt like they just set the bar too high and I'm afraid they will expect too much from me, so in return I would get anxious that what if I won't do better than I used to be anymore? That's why sometimes I just keep silent if I've got great achievement, and just show to them I'm just an average person.

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3 months ago

When someone thinks highly of me... Some colleagues appreciates the way I handle issues. If they are facing some problems, they would come to me to ask advice. One time, I was told how to remain cool and calm despite having many problems at the office.
I answered. "I don't think about it."
But I never tell them, I don't think about it because I am busy thinking how to make more money and what topic I can write about.

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3 months ago

ako ang hirap ko maka detect nang feelings or emotion nang ibang tao aside sa anak ko

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3 months ago

I like to be alone but I don't want to work alone at all times.

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3 months ago

Just like you, I also don't contact my friends first. If they won't message me, I'm fine and if they did I just reply 😂. I also don't like school and so solving the abstract is also a waste of my time as no matter how much I would try, I still can't solve it 😅.

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3 months ago

Yeah I really enjoyed this article, all personalities feel familiar. But please what does MBTI mean?

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3 months ago

Mistakes happens in our life and yeah sometime that kind of bothering mistakes happens too which can not be forgotten at all. Well I would love the jobs which I can handle from my home alone, lol!

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3 months ago

yay we have some same personalities

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3 months ago