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Today's Discovery: 2 Amazing Manhwa

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1 year ago

After being involved in a world of pass time, do you have that feeling were you thought you already know every crook and cranny of your hobby? That feeling sucks, because you no longer have any more amazing to do and only waits for updates.

Take books for example, I mentioned earlier in passing that I am an avid reader since grade school, didn't I? I first started with books for kids like fairytale, fables, legends, and staff but the shortage for materials have challenged my lust to read so I started reading the pocket books of my mother. Yeah, those romance packed books available during year 2008 or such. Some pocket books are using basic english language and it helped me tackle much deeper words. After reading those books within our house, I started craving for more so I ransacked my grandmother's house HAHAHA. The shelf at my Lola's house was actually more on the knowledge type books like encyclopedias, books for nursing, books for engineering, books for language, and some random books on a variety of fields. It's the property of my aunties and uncles who pursued professional education but those didn't particularly interest me 🥴. Who would want that as a child? So the pictures within the encyclopedias only caught my attention. Fortunately, after entering a room that's not longer used by my aunties, I saw novel books left on a high shelf. My eyes shone at the prospect of plenty novels but to my dismay, it was all in english. My English that time waa still quite weak, so I started with the most thin book until I'm knowledgeable enough to read thicker books. One of my aunt, my father's youngest sister, just so happened to enjoy english novels as much as I do so she bought every best sellers and it is me who leached her collection and read them without paying. Mwahahah. Oh well, after finishing all of those books, I have nothing to read so I reread those books atleast twice 🥴.

With the feeling of boredom, I stopped rereading them and thankfully, online books were introduced to me by my elder friends. That's how I ended up scavenging every books in wattpad, ebooks, free amazon novels, HAHAHAH. Of course I'm also picky about it, I only read good books with potential. That's how my never ending journey about books ended with me trying to write my own book because of the feeling that I no longer have available books that interest me. Contemporary with my journey with books, I also ransacked every anime to the point that I'm very picky with it. Well that's just how I think I guess. The thought of nothing else to watch made me bounce to the Manga world. I started with the colorful action and romance pack Chinese Manhua's, then to the awesome high quality Korean manhua, and to the interesting very awesome Japanese manga.

Now, I'm on a threshold where new manga can't keep up with my voracious appetite to devour every good manga. It's a miracle that I discover hidden manga that is super awesome. Setting all my rants aside, below are the awesome manga I discovered today.

P.S. Asura Scans scantelate awesome manga and it is only now that I thought of following them. They are also the team who scantelated famous manhwa like SSS class suicide hunter,and solo log in, the ever famous solo leveling and such.. The point is, their collection is super cool. I will definitely look them up when I have more time. I hope they have more Manhwa in store with plenty updates 🥴

(1) The Player that can't Level up

Truth be told, it was the first article I saw when I opened google to write this article in readcash. That's just some awesome coincidence but who knows? Google might've played some tricks with my search history 🥴. I didn't read the whole article but I can't seem to see their similarities with idol Saitama.

I first cringed at the starting chapters but it's actually good when you read pass it. Just like the common 'I need to heal my family member' trope, his goal was to save his mom from dying.

That's what he looked liked when the doctor told him that her mother only has a year and a few months left for living. He got upset and grinded few levels of the tower for the drop, yeah, drops that can be exchanged for money 🤑. But modern technology can't save his mom so he delved deeper to the dungeon until he managed to find an all healing elexir.

But he can only achieve it with the help of his master. Yeah, he sorta fell into a scam and gained the elexir with the help of his master. I can't wait to see where his journey will end.

There are also villains trying to kill him out of the blue. But being the protagonist he was, someone will help him to save the day.

Overall, the quality, art style won't definitely disappoint you :)) Read more to find out.

(2) Level Up Alone

The story plot here is also good, the ML started to be a porter for the hunters and ended up as an awakened one. He looked like a side character right now but I know he'll be awesome as time goes by. Same with the firsts plot, he also tackles the dungeon with the goal of healing his father only to be surprised that his father don't have any medical disease. There's actually a high level parasite attached to him that's sucking his life force so his goal was to get stronger in order to detach it from his father without any of them dying.

It's also a a monster type setting with level ups and acquiring skills. Just like our favorite character, from rags to awesomeness, he was the weakest but awakened due to some life and death situation. He survived somehow and been blessed with an AI as his guide to leveling up. It's fantastic I tell you :)) Read more to know 🥴😍👽

Have a great day ahead! 😍💛

Writing with the plan to sleep soon, EvilWillow 🙈😴

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Written by   61
1 year ago
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DI ako makarelate dito pero kung kdrama pag uusapan,game ako,,hahahaha

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1 year ago

Hehe, sleep while you dream about what you've always been watching and reading. Ma try nga din ang manga. nag try ako noon pero mas prefer ko naka anime na siya. mabuti na lang tamad dn ako mag start ng panonoorin kaya napakarami pang books and movies, etc to devour. haha.

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1 year ago

There's a lot of manhwa I've been reading.

Try Eleceed Mercenary enrollment Group study Lookism Weak The beginning after the end.

They are good aside from Solo leveling

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1 year ago