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How to Make Buckwheat Flour Charlotte.

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2 months ago

I used to think that baked pies were made only with the most familiar flour, wheat! And it turns out!!! You can come up with so many quiches with unusual flours! I was inspired to make this discovery by a recipe for oatmeal quiche. If you can do the familiar apple biscuit recipe with oat flour, then you can do it with other kinds, too? Buckwheat flour, for example - buckwheat pancakes with it are very interesting and delicious! It's decided - we're baking buckwheat biscuits!

I loved the result: a fluffy, beautiful biscuit, with a dark golden, buckwheat honey-colored crust; with pretty light brown flecks; with a subtle buckwheat flavor and a crispy crust! This gorgeous crust, as thin and crispy as meringue or as the first ice is a distinctive feature of biscuits with the addition of unusual flours. The oatmeal had one, and the buckwheat flour shuffle came out with a deliciously tender crust, too.

Also, buckwheat casserole is especially crumbly and crumbly because buckwheat flour has no gluten in it. If you bake 100% buckwheat, the dough just won't "hold together" Therefore, buckwheat baked goods add wheat flour in the ratio of 1:1


Per 23 cm. mold:
5-7 juicy (not loose) apples;
3 fairly large eggs;
An incomplete cup of sugar (about 170-180g);
Half a cup of wheat flour;
Half cup of buckwheat flour (about 70-75g of each type);
One teaspoon of baking powder;
A piece of butter to grease the mold.

How to bake:

First, prepare the mold. Suitable as a slotted, as well as solid. At the bottom we will cover the parchment, so that the pie was easier to get out. Grease the walls and bottom of the form with oil and carefully flour a thin layer.
Now prepare the apples: rinse, cut into quarters, peel the core and cut into thin slices.

Apple slise

Spread the apple slices evenly over the bottom of the mold. Finally, let's prepare the dough - I always start with the dough when everything else is ready, because the dough for the quiche is very fluffy, and you have to bake it as soon as it is ready, so it does not have time to settle.

To the eggs (yolks and whites) poured sugar and beat with a mixer, starting at low speed and gradually increasing - until the mass increases, becomes fluffy, light and thickens so that the mixer whiskers will leave not immediately melting traces.

Carefully pour two kinds of flour with baking powder into the whipped mass and mix from bottom to top, in a circle, until all the flour is incorporated.

Pour the buckwheat biscuit batter over the apples, helping it to spread evenly with a spoon.

Put into the oven heated to 200C and bake for about 20 minutes, then look carefully: is it ruddy? Try the middle: is it dry? If not yet, and the top is already very "tanned," slightly reduce the temperature to 180C. You can put a ladle of water at the bottom of the oven, so that the bottom of the charlotte does not stick - but do all maneuvers carefully, from too sharp changes "hot-cold" biscuit can sag. The charlotte is ready when the wooden stick remains dry.

Open the oven door, let the pie stand like that for 5 minutes, then you can take it out, open the form and transfer it to a dish.

If desired, you can sprinkle the buckwheat charlotte with powdered sugar.

Charlotte is an incredibly popular dessert that was invented in England. Hence the name after the English name Charlotte. However, it caught on and became popular in our regions, where we've come up with a special recipe for it.
In our classic sense, Charlotte is a sponge cake, which is made with sour apples. It is quite a caloric, very sweet dessert. It is the kind of dish that is absolutely impossible for those who are watching their diet. But that is not true.
You and I can make a dish that's practically a proper diet: the wheat flour shmalottka. Of course, you still need to use a lot of sugar to make a proper biscuit dough. Without sugar, it won't rise and you won't get that fluffy protein mass. However, you can still use sweeteners such as stevia or fructose.

Buckwheat flour charlotte is almost identical in flavor to classic charlotte, the only difference is the darker color of the dough. Another undoubted advantage of such flour is that it can easily be made at home. And for this you need only one ingredient! 

You just need to grind a few cups of buckwheat in a grinder and you will get ready a healthy flour, which you can use for many other recipes. This recipe is extremely easy to follow and any hostess can handle it, you'll want to make this pie over and over again!

I loved it as it is!

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Written by   31
2 months ago
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Wow, it looks so delicious . I think I should try this procedure asap. Loved it🥰👍

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1 month ago

lovely! wanna try it soonestt

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2 months ago

Oh lala this sounds tasty! Have you still got left overs for me? 😂❤️

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2 months ago

No. But don't worry! Just in time for your arrival we'll bake a new one🤗

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2 months ago

That's lovely. Thank you 😊

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2 months ago