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What the Governments Won't Tell You About Vaccination: Read This!

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1 year ago

I'm not an anti-vaxxer.

Vaccines have extended our lifespan, they ended hundreds of fatal diseases and prevented millions of deaths worldwide. They took humanity to a whole other level as far as survivability is concerned.

Polio is a great example of this...


...and this is what the governments won't tell you about vaccination - They take 10 to 20 years to successfully develop and even so can pose serious risks. I'm also going to address historical facts, scientific data that is proven and accepted even by sources who back COVID-19 vaccines, and some other stuff you may have missed since the states won't tell you. (you can research them and see these things properly sourced though).

Not only that but there are also tons of other factors to consider.

So, if you want to read about the dangers of the COVID-19 Vaccine from someone who ABSOLUTELY loves vaccination when done right and not someone with a tin foil hat claiming bullshit facts about vaccination that science debunked thousands of times, read this.

I believe it can help you make an informed decision on whether you should be vaccinated or not.

AAMC Warns COVID-19 Vaccines Cannot Be Rushed: Association of American Medical Colleges issued a Warning

AAMC pointed out that one of the most successful vaccines was Polio's.

Indeed, Polio's vaccination sprees were hugely successful and saved millions of lives - the vaccine's impact being felt even to this day.

As we take Polio's example of a good vaccine, we should also have in mind what AAMC points out:

  • 120,000 Doses Contained the LIVE Virus!

  • 40,000 Vaccinated Children Contracted the Disease!

  • Dozens of Children Became Paralyzed!

  • 100 People Contracted the Virus from Children Who Were Vaccinated!

  • 10 People Died.

AAMC points this out to make its point across that even the most successful vaccinations, with vaccines that aren't rushed and go through every loop and hoop, bring some nasty costs into the table.

It's not all just a bed of roses. Humanity pays the price with each new vaccine - the price is paid by the unlucky ones, but the overall result is beneficial for the population...

...this when things are done right, of course!

If you want to read the article to go over it in-depth, open this source in a new window and save it for after you read the rest of the article.

AAMC points out that even the most successful immunization in history had some issues, but writes about how it was imperative that the COVID-19 vaccine wasn't rushed - imagine the results from rushing a vaccine...

...oh wait, you don't have to - it happened some times already.

Let's take a look at that.

What Happened the Last Time a Vaccine Was Rushed?

What if I told you that the last time a Vaccine was rushed was due to a disease that didn't come and that made the famous quote:

“When lives are at stake, it is better to err on the side of overreaction than underreaction,” - Millar and Sencer, got fired a few months later.

The Swine Flu vaccine, which was rushed to prevent an incoming disease that luckily never came to the US in force like scientists were warning about (many being accused of fear-mongering on purpose due to the upcoming elections), caused a lot of serious side effects.

The most notable of those being the Guillain-Barré Syndrome (GBS), a very serious Neurological disorder.

The disease was making the vaccinated's immune system kill their own nerve cells and it even caused paralysis. While most people can fully recover from the disease, some get permanent nerve damage.

Not only that but there were at least 3 documented cases of heart attacks and deaths.

Meanwhile, the President was telling the people the vaccine "could cause a series of sore arms".

And these were just the short-term side effects.

...and again, there was just one death over the swine flu, so the vaccines killed at least triple the casualties.

Nowadays, there are some people who claim it could have been an electoral move, while others state it was for farmaceuticals to profit - who knows?

If you want to open another window for a further read, here's an article on this historical moment.

Now, let's take a look at something the public should DEFINITELY know.

Some Vaccines Have Long Term Effects: Here Are Some Both Short and Long Term Side-Effects

Another window to open if you'd like. There's a CDC (Center for Disease Control) post on their page re-assuring people about the safety of vaccination that discloses lots of side-effects officially.

Check it out here.

As you can see, there are a lot of side-effects disclosed by the CDC about several different vaccines - again, most of these were developed over 10, 20 years or more - so COVID-19 one year development cycle should really trigger some worries.

Here are some side-effects from that page:

  • Polio Vaccine: The Cutter Incident (problems stated above related to Polio's Vaccination, 1955).

  • Vaccines in General: From 55 to 63, included the SV40 Simian Virus from Monkey Kidney Cell Cultures used on development.

  • Swine Flu: Mentioned in the last sub-header.

  • Meningococcal Vaccine: Menactra allegedly caused GBS

  • Hib Vaccine Recall: Alleged contamination of B.Cereus

  • Rotavirus Vaccine: Contaminated with Porcine Circovirus

  • HPV Vaccine: GLASS PARTICLES in vaccines, one batch recalled

Now, notice the CDC sources some studies made after the recalls and years after the vaccines to disprove some of these side-effects (not all). Some studies seem to be credible, while others have suspicious funding OR seem like a way to calm people after the mistakes were done.

Either way, these are on vaccines that weren't rush, with the exception of the Swine Flu one.

With Covid-19's vaccines, you're not looking at 10, 20 years development - you're looking at 1-year developments, sometimes less.

I'm Pro-Vaccines, Anti Covid-19 Vaccines:

I felt that after reading all of this, you may be feeling I'm a bit of an anti-vaxxer.

However, this can't be farthest from the truth.

  • One of my family members owned a Pharmaceutics distributor;

  • One of my family members is a Hospital Director;

I know first hand that vaccines are a powerhouse and responsible for tons upon tons of life-saving.

They really are worth the risk most of the time - yes, because despite what the state tells you, there IS risk.

So, it all comes down to the Risk vs Reward ratio.

What is the Risk of a vaccine? Depends on the vaccine... you saw some risks above already.

Now answer me this:

What is the Risk of a ONE-YEAR DEVELOPMENT Vaccine?

Put that on a scale together with another question:

What is the Risk of COVID-19?

What can harm you the most, the possibility of getting COVID-19, or the certainty of getting the vaccine?

This is a decision you should make while well informed, and this is what this post is all about.

I'm not telling you to take the vaccine or don't take the vaccine, I'm telling you what the governments won't - that vaccination, even when developed property over the course of decades, has risks... both short-term and long-term risks.

This vaccine, however, was developed in 1 year - whatever version you take - so consider that while deciding.

Why Am I Writing This Post: My Mother Was Already Forced to Get Vaccinated

So, why am I going out of my way to write this?

Well, it's because my mother was recently vaccinated since she is a Public Education teacher and it was mandatory in order to work (do I hear financial censorship again?)

Her experience was very interesting.

You see, she was going to be vaccinated by the Astra-Zeneca vaccine.

I was worried sick about her, the bond between mother and son is a strong one, and I urged her not to take the vaccine.

It was causing clots and all sorts of complications, and I worried.

However, doctors and medical staff were all telling her it was safe and it had no risks.


Astra-Zeneca got taken out of her age gap due to SIGNIFICANT RISK of a lot of complications, including death.

  • AGAIN: 2 days earlier she was told by medical staff it posed no threat!

I was extremely happy, but furious at the same time that the rotten system works this way.

Now, finally, my mother took the Pfizer vaccine.

She felt her brain grind to a halt and her mind get fuzzy for two days straight.

Do you know what's the kicker?

She has a lot of colleagues who all said the same - they were struggling to think for two days straight.

I instantly remembered @JonicaBradley saying that she was all fogged up and mind-numbed after being vaccinated.

This is certainly the vaccine's doing.

What makes me worry even further is the fact that some vaccines, even when properly developed, have neurologic long-term problems on a certain percentage of people.


I shudder just to think.

Again, make your own decision, but all of this is why I'm pro-vaccine but anti-covid-vaccine.

Keep Safe!

@MicroReylatos , @zekecuba , A-Coin, Thank you!

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Written by   781
1 year ago
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Hi sir. I hope you are fine and good by the grace of God. You tell about the vaccination of Covid19... Being a medical student I was not much aware of this vaccine but every vaccine takes time to show its effect on the body and it's the right vaccine is not a perfect cure if we adapt to eat healthy food and take care of our body then we become free from this..we just try on others and get a perfect one. Natural things are always a cure one for our body.

I was aware that after vaccinated some people, victims of chest pain, pain in the whole body, briefness in the breath, and x-ray show that 90% maybe its covid but 10% shows its other kind of viruses but we can't risk coz its a deadly virus. And might be vaccination is curable or not but we should use natural things to boost our immune system to fight with this viruses.


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1 year ago

I thank you for your very helpful post and warning. I am also against the Covid19 vaccine. I trust my body. I try to maintain and strengthen my immune system. There are natural vegetables that I grow in my garden. Drink a vitamin smoothie from fresh fruit in the morning. And I try to always think positively, despite the situation that is happening today. I am sure that our psychological and physical state depends on our thoughts that are formed in our brain.

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1 year ago

I don't know if I am allowed to say certain things about this whole vaccine situation but I can certainly tell you, as a nurse and as someone who has acquaintaces in the medical field, that some people with a lot of influence and power are taking a lot of advantage of this whole pandemic. I don't know about other countries but here in my country, there are people dying because of medical errors and the pros label it as "cause of death : covid". Also a lot of industries are making a lot of profit out of this whole situation and I might be crazy for thinking this but I believe that this is not only about people going through an illness.

$ 5.06
1 year ago

Only 5% of the covid deaths are from covid exclusively., check the CDC official numbers. It's all a big fat scam to sell retards medicine they don't need.

They got everyone good tho didn't they.. they all shat themselves.

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1 year ago

That Astra-Zeneca has a lot of victims in our place I mean some who take that vaccine died .. And some having problems with their BP and heart problems

I am not yet vaccinated and I don't have plans to take it.

Nowadays happenings, it's hard to trust anymore..

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11 months ago

Here are some verified facts and you be the judge. My mother lived in Croatia. 88 years old in pretty good health, very active, very clear mind. She took AstraZeneca on February 26. 2021. 4-5 days later she was found on the floor in her apartment barely alive. Nobody can tell when exactly she collapsed because she lived alone. In hospital they immediately diagnosed brain stroke to left side of the brain. Blood clot. Lost complete right side of the body, speech, reading, impossible to communicate, could not eat, could not move. I directly asked a doctor, neurologist was that side effect of vaccination with AstraZeneca. Answer was not. After 7 days she was moved to retirement home that take immobile people. On April 3 retirement home called emergency. She was barely breathing, pulse non measurable. Found another large clot in lungs and mercifully she died within hour after they brought her in. Official cause of death was Covid 19. Just few days after she ended up with stroke 12 EU countries rejected AstraZeneca as they also experienced cases with blood clots. Croatian Ministry of Health still trumpets to this day that vaccine is safe. Safe my ass. EU countries are now donating their stocks of that vaccine to third world countries. I have impression that they need large Covid numbers and also as many deaths as possible unless person died in traffic accident. That is how Government instills fear, can do whatever they want and toy even with fascistic ideas of mandatory vaccinations and marking un-vaccinated people. I will not take any vaccine and resist that idea as long as I humanely can. If against the wall I would take Russian Sputnik V. Unlike Pfizer and other vaccines it is not based on genetics which I consider extremely dangerous. The fact that it's made in Russia is actually appealing to me since their motives to make medication are not the same as large pharma's on the West. It also costs less and Russians are offering any number of vaccines fast. This is my story and I am sticking to it.

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11 months ago

So I think that it is important to take into account the years in which the Polio vaccine was developed (1950's) and the current year (2020's). There is 70 years of medical and scientific advances in research and creation of vaccines that make the fast development of current vaccines more easily explained.

Yes, I agree that there was a rush because this is a modern pandemic and there had to be a vaccine developed for the illness. Yes, of course there is a certain risk and secondary effects to taking a vaccine, after all you take a deactivated version of the virus and put it in your body so that your immune system knows how to deal with it, so it is normal that you can feel sick (muddy headed, maybe) or that certain people can experience more adverse effects. It is my understanding that the risk of blood clots due to AstraZeneca vaccine is something like 1 in 400,000, so relatively small, and it usually affects people who were prone to getting blood clots regardless of a vaccine or not. Hormonal birth control has a risk of causing blood clots, but you don't see people cursing it to hell because of that. So from what I understand, it was more public outcry that caused the AstraZeneca vaccine to be retired in most places than actual risk, but yes, of course there is a risk.

After all it is new vaccines and new things are scary. I am glad you are not an anti-vaxxer and I understand being cautious about the new vaccine; I even understand the uneasiness regarding so-called forced vaccinations (that's a topic I won't touch, though I understand vying for public safety in general... though methods and communication could certainly be improved). But I think that in general more people getting vaccinated is better for everybody than just everyone being distrusting and expecting the worst. My gf also had a muddy head after getting vaccinated for about half a day, a day after the fact (Moderna), but other than that she has been ok. I am still on the waitlist for the vaccination.

I think it is important to make informed decisions about it, and I think that people are within their right to refuse vaccination for now if they want to wait for a more 'trustworthy' version of the vaccine, but I worry that articles with titles such as this end up causing more panic and mistrust and misinformation, regardless of how well thought-out or researched the content of the article is.

Stay safe.

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1 year ago

I can totally relate to this, side affects and implications can be fatal at times. I would like to share my experience with the Sinopharm vaccine (produced by China).

My Uncle (about 70 years old) took the first dosage of Sinopharm vaccine and after four weeks later, he became COVID-19 Positive. The attack was severe, but he recovered.

My other Uncle and Aunt (both 60+ years old) also got vaccinated by the Sinopharm vaccine and both of them became COVID-19 Positive after the first two weeks of dosage. One of the doctors in the hospital mentioned that about 70% of the emerging cases they are dealing with are of those who got vaccinated.

And now I am concerned and furious about whether I should let my parents get vaccinated or not. Both of them are 50+ age group.

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1 year ago

To be honest, opportunities like getting vaccines for free that are provided locally is one of the best options for anyone, but with "uncontrollable" data spreading from "undetermined" sources, wherein sometimes even if the government alone are the ones providing it, you can't help yourself but doubt with what is going on around us. We are just human beings, susceptible to influence and fear and to thoughts that may hinder this kind of decision not just about our health but the protection of our family.

So even if health centers here in my location, are mass providing vaccines, with these things serves as "results" to the vaccines provided, I think I'm fine waiting until the time that they are way past the "experimental" stage on collecting valid results:

I mean don't get me wrong, I am really itching to be vaccinated because as a father I am only looking for my family's protection. But just like everyone else, I am scared as hell as well. As long as these things are ongoing, I believe what I could do is to be extra careful and to be mindful of my comrades. But if the going gets tough, sometimes you just have to do things scared, right?

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1 year ago

Not a pro nor anti- covid vaccine. Let me say I am neutral when it talks about covid vaccine. I don't have much idea or knowledge about vaccines but with your article I am enlighten.

Last day, my younger sister was hired in a company, and in their company being vaccinated is mandatory and atleast two of our family. We are currently living in the province where covid-19 cases is small. I watched news about the possible side effects of vaccine that makes us doubtful and worried at the same time. What we want is be safe from the virus and if being vaccinated is the only remedy, we should take it right? But what makes me think its that, vaccine is supposedly help as away from the virus and yet it may bring us side effects that may affect our health. What we want is safety. And if being vaccinated may cause us some health issues, I guess we should think it carefully.

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1 year ago

You feel what I feel. I'm also not an anti-vaxxer. All my children are vaccinated for anti HEPA, polio and other vaccine given during their infancy but this time it's another story.

Thinking about the aftereffect of the vaccine, I am worried because it is abruptly developed and we don't know it's side effect after a year or two or 10 years from now. Whenever we went to our municipality, they are urging us to be vaccinated. The first thing they said before was it not compulsory . But every time I hear their urging, deep inside I thought, seems like compulsory after all.

The same consolation that there's nothing wrong with it but after few days I heard others who complain unusual pains in their body that they never felt before.

As a mom, it troubles me if time will come that they will use the vaccine to hold our transactions and compulsarily get us vaccinated.

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1 year ago

I agree on a vaccine, it is a process that must be well researched and one that takes a long time.

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11 months ago

You have posted something which was Really needed for people to learn. Very impressive article .

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1 year ago

Thank you for this wonderful article. I agree with you, 100%. People who want to get vaccines should be allowed to, but nobody should be forced.

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1 year ago

Thank you for the upvote @CryptoMax ☺️

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1 year ago


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1 year ago

What is the Risk of a ONE-YEAR DEVELOPMENT Vaccine?

It takes a long time to Develop a new vaccine from scratch. It is totally dependable a lot on how much information is available about the disease itself, 1 year is not enough for a perfect vaccine. Normally it takes 5-10 years.I have studied about viruses quite a long time ago. I know a bit. There is high risk available instead of cure from a one year development vaccine.

What is the Risk of COVID-19? I think the risk for Covid 19 is direct death. We should take lot more time to test this vaccines though we need covid-19's vaccine so much but there is no one will take a risky vaccine while knowing it can be the cause of your death! Our University has emailed us with a notice to register a form to get vaccinated. and recently seen that vaccine from Russia brought in the country. Its different from the past one :)

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1 year ago

One thing you have to factor in the development of the COVID-19 vaccines is that ALL parties worked together. Sure there are a number of vaccines from different countries and they do different things but ALL of them worked on information everyone supplied. That has been unheard of until COVID-19. Because of this sharing of information, development times dropped dramatically. As such, you cannot say there is the same dangers of rushed vaccines as you could in previous cases.

Here in New Zealand we have pretty rigorous regimes for vaccination, especially in children but there was a period where vaccinations weren't promoted so well. We now see a resurgence of diseases like measles all because of misinformation about what vaccines do and how they work.

Most reactions to vaccines come from pre-existing, non-diagnosed conditions that seemed to be bought to the fore with the vaccination rather than the vaccination itself. Unfortunately most science these days is causal rather than real science. "I got a vaccine and this happened therefore the vaccine is at fault" seems to be the common thread. When in actual fact there was something else causing the problem but the last thing that the patient knew had happened was the vaccine. Cause and effect is not good science but it seems to work for anti-vaxxers - not that I'm implying you're an anti-vaxxer.

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1 year ago

My god. I feel like it's better not to go outside than go outside and take a vaccine.. even if you are vaccinated if you will just get another illness because of it--nah.🤦🏻‍♀️

I just hope that this pandemic will end so that we will not struggle to protect our self from it and the most worst thoughts that I'm thinking right now while reading is the ' what if's ' in my mind that the other vaccines is not really a cure or protection for us but a drug that will lead us to death and governments will make money of it. Who knows, maybe even what happened in the movies just like these will also will happened to us in the future. This is so very scary.

Anyway, I just hope that the Government and Even the Doctors will really give us a right medicines and they will do their jobs properly because some of the hospitals are really nearing to give up their works because they are now exhausted and tired to cure us. 🥺

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User's avatar Reo
1 year ago

I also have heard lots of bad news especially about this Astra Zenica. It is really better for me to just be more careful of COVID-19 rather than worrying about two things: the disease and the side effects. No vaccine has ever proved 100% prevention anyway: they say THE RISK of catching the virus is still there, so what is the sense?? I think I would just be more careful in following health protocol and strengthening my immunity, than putting some foreign, NOT so reliable something inside my body and will possibly pose some threats in my life.

I am thankful to come across this. My stand just became more firm.

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1 year ago

You DO realize the word anti vaxxer was created by the pharmaceutical companies to make you not question their product. I think the technology is solid, the idea has been around since the Chinese thousands of years ago.

Although i think if you look into it, there is more to the polio vaccinne - for example polio was nearly eliminated when the vaccinne was released.

It's sales people selling you products, they lie and you die.

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1 year ago

Since the day they talked about vaccine to boost immunity to prevent from having covid-19 virus, I felt fear about it. Because for me the vaccine was being rushed. Well it's my own thought. And also, I have a friend here who had her first shot and she had experience those side effects. I don't know if she will have the second shot. I don't like to be vaccinated though some of my friends telling me to have it.

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1 year ago

This article is so insightful. I am not also in to vaccination regarding about this pandemic we're facing now. I was even afraid when some people here told us that government employees are compulsory to be vaccinated, and my husband is a teacher. I told him not to be vaccinated. That he should refuse to about it. It still a human rights to decide whether to accept vaccine or not. My husband also don't like to be vaccinated. We know our body, we will know if we felt something wrong. And as for me, I trust natural remedy. My mom knows herbs that will strengthen your immunity. I saw already some of my classmates before who have their first shot. I am observing them now though.

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1 year ago

Here is one of the top vaccine experts in the world talking about the dangers of all covid vaccines and the viral immune escape that is going to happen. He's not an anti-vaxxer, just a concerned parent and scientist.

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1 year ago

Well written very informative 👍

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1 year ago

Got vaccinated with aztrazeneca. The side effects were fever, headache and muscle pains. No one force me to take the shot. Its just a matter of prevention. I've seen so many people who suffered from covid 19. Shortness of breath, xray shows pneumonitis, repeat xray after an hour or two shows pneumonia. The progress of the development of disease when you are infected with the virus is fast

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1 year ago

You are right Sir.Being a doctor and research student we are still making trials and trials of vaccine some show side effects in one person and same has no effect on others.It took many hearts for a good research we were able to minimized the side effects.It is kind of shit.Many govt are saying forcefully vaccinate to the people.And moreover if they have no vaccinated they can't travel to foreign.I think there should be freedom and his willing of vaccination or non-vaccination is important.But we have no other option except vaccination that is also strong point.

$ 0.05
1 year ago

You're right dear we should force no one into taking vaccinations because we all have to make this decision on our own has I personally do not support this idea

$ 0.00
1 year ago

Something to add to the arguments I am weighing right now whether I will be taking the vaccine or not.

$ 0.05
1 year ago

This is a lot to take in, but honestly, in my gut I have been debating whether or not to be vaccinated against COVID. So when there is an internal debate, there is a huge part that is unsure about the rightness of making a decision for, rather than against. Thank you for enlightening me even more. You pretty much summed it up, which I otherwise would have to research on from many, many sources, so I appreciate it. Now, I have to pray hard to be guided on what to do.

$ 0.05
1 year ago