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The Knights Templar, The Masonic Order, and Crypto: What’s The Connection?

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7 months ago

I’m a huge history buff and I know a lot about world history.

Having said that, this makes it easy for me to see patterns and how we keep on repeating our past mistakes, or glories for that matter.

Now, there’s huge parallelism between what we’re going through now and what humanity went through when the Templars first invented the modern banking system.

You see, the Templars were visionaries during their time and invented what many consider to be the first bank operating in the modern system with international presence, fractional reserves, IOUs, and whatnot.

This, of course, didn’t please the agents of the previous paradigm and gave the visionaries of this new system a target on their backs.

Today, we are witnessing the same happening to the visionaries who are propelling this crypto paradigm shift and inventing the next big way to do banking, revolutionizing the systems as we know it.

Again, this draws a target on their back…

…but the parallelism doesn’t end here.

Does this sound like an interesting post? Then read below!


The Knights Templar: Inventing Modern Banking

The Order of the Temple of Solomon, known as the Knights Templar or the Templar Order, was a Christian Order who had a big role in history.

I’ll keep this post as free from religion or political matters as possible, so I’m not going to delve deep into the politics, wars, cults, religions, and so on influencing the international landscape (different faiths, people, beliefs, and so on conditioning different narratives and being triggered by different things).

Having said that, scholars agree that the Knights Templar invented the modern banking system.

You see, back in the day, traveling by road wasn’t safe and there were bandits everywhere.

This made it nearly impossible to travel with money if you didn’t have an army to protect you, and people who were traveling long distances on their pilgrimages needed to have money for the time they’d spend on the road and in the destination city – away from their home treasuries.

As they couldn’t carry money, the Templar Order invented a kind of IOU, a document, which worked like this:

- You’d pay the Order or Partners in your home country with X, they’d give you the document.

- You’d travel;

- You’d reach your destination and deliver the document to the local Order or Partner and they’d pay you back.

This made it so that for the first time in history people could trust custodians and use financial operations that rendered them safe from robbers and banditry.

Then the Templars started building upon those services and financial products and developed everything that would fit as the base of the modern banking system.

They were visionaries and the equivalent of crypto developers in a lot of ways due to the fact they knew what the future of money and governance needed to look like.

We’ve been reaping the benefits ever since, but all they reaped was death.


The Persecution From the System: King Philip IV Hunting and Killing the Templars

The system in place at the time started to notice that the Status Quo was being upset greatly.

Kings were losing power and the Templars were becoming more powerful than States… that couldn’t be!

The tiles were set for the Templar Order to be persecuted as everyone was envying their vision and the change was proving to be detrimental to the Statism agents of the time.

It was then that King Philip IV had enough.

The big blue blob, the medieval power known as France, declared the Templars to be outlaws and started persecuting them and executing them, killing them en masse!

The bloodbath was huge and not even the Pope had the power or will to protect them.

The visionaries had to drop everything and flee, their glorious white robes now covered with mud and blood, their flesh being pierced by traitor blades and system-owned daggers.

This was the thank you note the states at the time had for this paradigm shift and its proponents.

But the system had a low of good things, so it got implemented… just under new terms and being directly controlled by Agents of the current system.

And from then on it's history…


The Masonic Order: The System’s Replacement of the Templar Order

In today’s world, many state that the Masonic Order are followers of the Templar Order, and that the Templar Order evolved to become the Rosicrucians and the Free Masons.

However, if you analyze it even superficially you can see this is far from the truth.

Just ask anyone from the Opus Dei, an organization of the church that really takes their history seriously – they’ll tell you the Free Masonry is the opposite of their order and has no regard for any religious principles or moral ethics of the Knights Templars.

The Masonic Order is comprised of agents of statism.

The rulers of our countries, since the 1770s, were largely involved with Masonic lodges, and each country probably had kings belonging to the upper echelon.

The Agents of Statism took the legacy of the Templar Order and made it their own, and they did the same with the modern banking system.

What happened is that now the paradigm shift is happening again, the modern banking system isn’t modern anymore, it’s archaic and in dire need of changes.

Our system of governance is also in need of an update, and you can see history aligning itself to be repeated once again… but how?

First, let’s just finish this story.


The Order of Christ: The Decline of the True Templar Order

The true followers of the Templar Order couldn’t exactly state they were Templars, or they’d just be killed.

Many fled to Scotland and Portugal, and some speculate they even reached the Americas, although that’s disputed.

However, it was in Portugal that they sought to revive the order.

They submitted the old principles of the Templar Order to the Pope but under a different name and category.

Instead of a military order, they opted to submit it as a spiritual order, and instead of the Templar Order, they called it the Order of Christ.

They chose The Convento de Cristo (Convent of Christ) in Tomar as their Stronghold and started trying to make a State of their own to rebuild…

…Many say that Portugal is a country that owes its existence to this effort…

…alas, they could never get back on their feet and the figures of Statism at the time prevented their ascension.

The Templars could never recover, and the Order of Christ slowly became a footnote, even though it became powerful for a short time. (always under control).


The Parallelism: Crypto Inventing “Modern” Banking!

We stand at a point in history where we are inventing what future generations will call “Modern Banking”.

We are revolutionizing the financial system, we are creating state-of-the-art technology and features never dreamt of before.

We are the templars of our time, the visionaries, the ones who saw what is needed in terms of banking, financial systems and governance, and we are doing it.

Again, the “Kings” worldwide aren’t too pleased about it, and so once again they set a target on our backs.

If we were in the medieval ages, you could be sure blood would already be flowing by now, and that many of the Crypto celebrities you know wouldn’t have their names in bright lights, but in obituaries.

Enter the persecution from the system, this time in a more nuanced manner.


The Persecution From the System: Crypto Aggression!

As I stated above, one cannot simply deem everyone in Crypto to be an outlaw and hunt them down.

… or?

You see, if you think about it, this is exactly the course of action totalitarian regimes are taking right now.

The news of crypto being done, mining companies closed down, being judged and imprisoned, crypto being outlawed…

…this is history repeating itself!

Drop the conspiracy hats because this isn’t a conspiracy at all, it is happening for everyone to see.

Even in the countries where people cannot simply be declared outlaws and hunted down for no reason, we’re seeing a huge focus on shutting us down, on discrediting us, and on sabotaging every little step we take.

The persecution already started, and we reach a junction… a crossroads of sorts.

Will history repeat itself?


The Crossroads: A Statism-Backed Replacement?

The templars, once outlawed, were replaced by Statism-backed orders like the Masonic Order.

They were also stripped of their banking system, the states and the tycoons deemed friendly to statism taking over and developing central banks and governmental banks in place.

In time, the banksters solidified themselves in a position where they are now seen as the authority… even though their inception was bloody.

We reached a point on the road where two things can happen:

- We can keep on controlling our “invention” and make it serve everyone;

- We can get the “invention” stolen from us to serve the System;

To be blunt, I think the agents of the current system are already preparing the second scenario.

They are making Central Bank Digital Currencies (CBDC) to masquerade themselves and try to slowly pass their ideals, corruption, centralization and rotten system practices to Crypto.

But it’s not over yet, it’s only just beginning.

We must be ready to defend our ground and to defend decentralization and the other great virtues that make our modern banking system 2.0 – crypto – superior to the old paradigm.

We don’t just add digital behind it, we fundamentally reform and reinvent everything, to best serve the descendants of humanity.

Our future can be either more centralized or more decentralized, and if you know what the word ELYSIUM stands for, then you don’t want more centralization.


The Order of Christ: A Future We Want to Avoid!

If decentralized crypto gets replaced by CBDCs and Centralized Digital Currency from Statism-backed authorities, then we can try to resist forming small pockets of decentralized tokens.

That can get us going for some time more, but we will inevitably suffer the same fate of the Order of Christ, becoming a footnote in history and having the rotten authorities of now claim digital currency for their own, installing the centralization practices into it and making sure their interests are being protected by pocketed centralized crypto authorities.

We simply cannot stop this from happening.

What’s the difference?

The difference is that the Templars were centralized themselves, and this time the States and Banksters are fighting the people globally, not just an organization, so this time it won’t be as easy as it was back then.

I think if most people thought about the origin of modern banking and if more people know the history of what I’m writing about here, they would be more alert and able to see what we’re going through is the exact same.


The Parallelism is Clear: Will Humanity Learn From History?

The true question is if we learned enough from history to make sure this doesn’t happen again.

Will we continue to keep on being pioneers for decentralized solutions?

Will we resist what the states will wave in front of our noses? The treats they’ll wiggle in front of our starving eyes to make us drop DeFi and embrace CeFi once again?

Will we allow them to slowly get our tokens in exchange for their CBDCs?

Will the system creep up on us without us noticing to rug pull us in the end?

Will we suffer the same fate of the Knights Templars?


Will the Satoshi Nakamoto whitepaper become the Holy Grail of our time?

Deemed to be a powerful artifact but lost or hidden from everyone… forever?

I certainly hope not!


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Written by   752
7 months ago
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7 months ago


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7 months ago

@CryptoMax This article just took me back a couple of decades back in time. But aside from enjoying that, I get what you mean. It feels like you are thinking about the future by taking us back in history. And it's true. With what is happening with the crypto world right now, it seems that history repeats itself where the use of modern "banking" is being persecuted, being attacked. Until a time will come that crypto just becomes history.

Let's not let it happen though. That is why, for me, having this kind of platform, as well as noise is a way to keep the system upfloating if you know what i mean. Because as long as a lot of people use it, as long as a lot is accepting it, then perhaps, it won't be lost in time.

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7 months ago

I saw the lead image and opened it because I know that logo. My dad's a Mason. I grew up seeing that logo everyday. 😊

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7 months ago

While I am reading this and the way how you explain the history that my poor brain cells about history was awaken and got interested. I don't know history but I know the Bible story, at some part you have mentioned were familiar to me and I understand it properly because of few knowledge with me. You surely are a history lover yourself, and I am so amazed. I am just sad and worried by the facts being laid before me. I will just hope and pray that we will not be decentralized through the prosecutors that also mask as alliance for them to destroy crypto and it's centralization. Long live modern banking, long live crypto currencies.

$ 0.05
7 months ago

I am imagining scene while reading this ..

$ 0.05
7 months ago

In historical war series i have seen that the king or sultan or Khan just collected the treasure and make its own wealth and often distribution to its citizens.. Anyway, new information pull me into new research..

$ 0.05
7 months ago

I'm not familliar with this history but I became interested in this history thank you.

$ 0.00
7 months ago

I feel like I am watching a history film or some sort of documentary from a History channel. Thank you for this!!! :) Cheers!

$ 0.05
7 months ago

I have little interest in History.But I am lucky to know about the banking system laid by Templer.I don't know but many Christian society Ignored their role.Anyway,anything give modernism is need of the day.I agreed I certainly answered no like you.

$ 0.05
7 months ago

decentralized finance has come to stay.

$ 0.00
7 months ago

I, too, am a huge history buff. I have also made an informal study of religions through history. I find it very interesting that many religious institutions were also money lending and money exchanging institutions. I would argue the temples in Jerusalem were the first banking institutions. I do like your parallels between the templars and the crypto world.

$ 20.05
7 months ago