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Statism is IMMORAL: 9 Reasons Why!

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6 months ago
Statism is Immoral

If you were born during the Dark Ages, you would think Feudalism was the best form of government possible and you would refuse to think of it as immoral.

You would have been used to and conditioned to accept Feudalism as the only way society could live on and prosper.

You would be defending Feudalism by the grit of your teeth.

You would have a Stockholm Syndrome allegiance to it.

…You would be wrong!

Statism is IMMORAL, and no matter what you think now, I’m going to show you 11 Reasons why you should renounce it and see it as the predatory form of governance it is.

See today’s governments and states in their true predatory form – read this article!


Monopolies Suck!

States are Monopolies: Monopolies Bring Higher Prices and Bad Services

If you know the basics of economics and have a grasp on how markets work, then you know monopolies are among the worst thing you can have.

Competition is what forces the market players to lower their prices, to provide better services – to get more value to the user or beneficiary of a good or service.

Monopolies have no place in free markets.

States are monopolies, they draw the lines, they make the rules, they make the loopholes, they exploit them.

This has dire consequences.

The taxpayer is constantly offered poor service at a high cost.

Think about all of the taxes you pay and how the state allocates them to do all sorts of things in your name – things like getting new cars for government officials, pay for meals, directly accept and adjudicate contracts, and more.

Inefficiency, High-Costs… and you don’t get to decide.

Who does the planning? The “generous” state plans for you, you don’t get a say.


No Mises Test... Sad Markets

Governments Don’t Pass Mises’ “Profit and Loss” Test: The Arbitrary States

Mises wrote some farfetched things in Bureaucracy, but he also wrote a ton of great capitalism concepts down.

One of these genius concepts was the profit-and-loss test.

This is the test every company has to pass in order to stay afloat.

If the company doesn’t provide value to the markets if it doesn’t make the right decisions if it doesn’t deliver what people want when they want, where they want, how they want, and so on… they go bankrupt and are pushed out of the market.

The state never goes through this test.

It keeps itself in the market through coercion and is never accountable for not delivering value.

This is why many of the decisions these agents of Statism do end up being poor decisions.

“If you keep on bailing out the losers, there’s no end to the cost”. The state is a loser constantly having its mistakes and bad decisions forgiven, and there’s no end to this cost… it keeps on being paid by all of us…

…every time we do a transaction…

…every time we get our paycheck…

…every time we collect our dividends…

…even when you die.


What's Good? What's Bad?

The Coercion of Statism: Stealing and Syphoning Value

The state, however, needs revenue to keep on doing its bad decisions, and to keep on planning on your behalf.

Where can a bad monopoly get its profit from?

If its services and products are high cost and low quality, it can’t get its revenue freely – it needs to take it at gunpoint.

If you don’t pay the state its due, then you go to jail, then your life is over – unless you’re in bed with it, if you are you also get a free pass.

The state then opts to siphon value out of the companies that deliver it, and to steal funds from everyone living under it – again, you’re good if you’re in bed with it.

Statism, at its core, is a parasitic system that survives by siphoning value from those who add it and by stealing from everyone.

The value states inject into their “markets” is infinitely less than the value it siphons.


Two Moral and Ethical Tables

Two Moral Tabs: One For You, One For Them

There are two moral tables or moral tabs in play – one for you, one for them.

You see, you learn that it is immoral to:

- Steal;

- Coerce;

- Threaten;

- Infringe on other’s liberties;

- Force others to do what you want them to do;


But if you think about it, the State does this every single day.

- The State steals you by taxation, fees and it even taxes money that was already taxed (you get taxed on earnings, then you get taxed spending those earnings and can even be taxed again for capital gains on those earnings and etc…)

- The State coerces you to pay taxes, to pay for services and products you don’t need, to respect deadlines or you have to pay extra, etc…

- The State threatens you with jail, fines, extra payments, you name it!

- The State decides what you can and can not do or have, infringing on your liberties sometimes with preposterous reasons.

- The State forces you to do things you don’t want to, to go to places you don’t want to, to enroll in procedures you want no part off… etc!

Moral values restrict you, you’re supposed to be moral and ethical, but they aren’t.



People Are Indoctrinated to Believe Statism is Moral and Legitimate:

People are taught throughout their lives and from the cribs that the predatory and immoral nature of the state is legitimate.

However, they constantly learn that the free market and capitalism are shady and are a festering wound of immorality and promiscuity.

Imagine that…

Capitalism and free markets, the pillars of voluntary exchange.


Free the Free Markets

Without State Favors and Exploits, Companies Are Forced to Please the Public:

Today, private companies can sometimes skip the profit-and-loss test and survive despite offering little value to the market.

This is done by what is known as Lobbying!

Big enough companies can grease the palms of the agents of Statism to get special favors, bailouts, and other great perks like the State deeming their products mandatory.

The states can simply decide everyone is forced to take Vaccine X, and therefore justify spending tax money on buying said vaccine – feeding a company that would otherwise struggle to sell even half.

Hence, it is this lobbying factor that rends capitalism a bad name, when in fact it is a symptom of Statism.

Statism exists at the expense of all of us and provides nothing to the average man.

I’m not an anarchist, as I once said, but the system needs to evolve to take human greed and emotion out the seat of power – perhaps adding a system based on pragmatism, something we can easily implement with the advent of blockchain, hasgraph, and other technologies… but I digress.

Regardless, make no mistake, the next system will be an upgrade to this one, Feudalism ran its course, so shall Statism and Government Propelled “Fake Capitalism”.


Slaves in Present Times

Placating Slaves Takes Resources: Governments Spending to Suppress Us!

Why does the Statism-backed system throw money to the people each time there’s an election? Why do they start throwing money down when polls reveal worrying data?

It’s simple.

To maintain a system based on the exploitation of the taxpayer, or the slaves, Statism needs to spend a considerable amount of money to placate and keep people in line.

This is why Government Spending increases to placate “interest groups”, “pressure groups” and so on.


Cult Tactics

Cult Tactics: Hymns, Flags, Fighter Jets, Parades, Nationalism… and so on!

So, if the state really wants to manipulate people so hard, shouldn’t just they use Cult Tactics?

After all, those are tried and proven!

Of course, and they use them already… people just have too much Stockholm Syndrome to notice.

Even children wave flags, chant the country’s name, proud anthems are played, nationalism showcased in movies, parades, fighter jets soaring over sports events… and these are just a few of the many examples out there.

Of course, this all legitimizes the entity. If you, therefore, refuse to comply, you’re a traitor to everyone… that’s the idea.

Read some books on cult tactics and you’ll start seeing the parallelisms.


Franz Oppenheimer Dropped the Bomb

“The Forcible Appropriation of the Labor of Others. Robbery! Forcible Appropriation!” – Franz Oppenheimer

Oppenheimer had a brilliant mind no matter what you say about his inventions… and he also had his heart in the right place as he was very guilty of the way his inventions were used to wage war.

So, what does a smart and good man say about Capitalism and Statism?

He said that there are two ways to get wealth:

- Through Voluntaryism, creating goods and services others are willing to pay for;

- Through Political Means: Forcible Expropriation, Robbery!

If this isn’t a glaring example of what I’m talking about in this article, then I don’t know what is.

So, think about it!


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Written by   740
6 months ago
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This was refreshing to find:

"The states can simply decide everyone is forced to take Vaccine X, and therefore justify spending tax money on buying said vaccine – feeding a company that would otherwise struggle to sell even half.

Hence, it is this lobbying factor that rends capitalism a bad name, when in fact it is a symptom of Statism."

In what are labelled capitalist States business is driven by government policy instead of the marketplace.

Your description Government Propelled “Fake Capitalism” fits well.

The time has arrived to end the vast thefts and extortions that "government" perform on a comatose public.

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4 months ago

I like the way how you explain the whole article very sharply.. As a newbie it’s very helpful for me to increase my explanation skill from you..Beside this I have read the whole article and got some idea about statism..Thank you so much and highly appreciate for you.

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5 months ago

There is no escaping the state and world without state, I don't it is better, it could even be worse. It would be dog eat dog world where those who rule are the moneyed and powerful ones.

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6 months ago

I have not so much idea about statism. I've Learned a lot from this article. Useful for me.

$ 0.05
6 months ago

These topics were also discussed when I was in high school. Such a long time so I forgot about those except the monopoly because we also have that here before in our country. Your article serves as a very informative one to recount the lessons I forgot.

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6 months ago

good read

$ 0.01
6 months ago

In that way I was thinking if freedom truly exist. All points are well made and i find myself agreeing and disagreeing to all this and that. I don't know how to put words correctly because I grow and live in a state that does all you have mention and I am one of the many who rants due to all the reasons you have stated. Well, I don't really know if there will be an end of it. I'm tired and suck of it. But there's still hope, so I'm still hoping.

$ 0.05
6 months ago

Statism is immoral but love to state and your homeland is not immoral.I agreed to all your points but one thing you really like stats are not function if they not get taxes and duties from the people of its state.But they should provide them services,not force the people and give then freedom their should monopoly of things,there should not robbing of money.No doubt they invest a lot of money in elections so when they come in govt they collect it.State should be maintained on freedom and justice.How we can improve 9 reasons you mentioned statism is immoral?you should Also write about it.

$ 0.09
6 months ago

Hi everyone I'm new here am I welcome

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6 months ago