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Only Two Things Are Certain: Death and Taxes

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7 months ago

There are only two things that are certain in this life, Death, and Taxes - or so would Benjamin Franklin say and Mark Twain reinforce.

Today's post is all about the absurdity of the piles of taxes we have to pay in tribute to our overlords so they can plan where to spend our money to our best... cof cof ... interest.

Start By Paying Taxes on Your Wages:

First of all, if you want to survive you must start by working and earning wages... those wages are taxed, of course.

Both you and your employer will pay taxes on the work you do, so much so that you are working a crazy amount of time just so you can pay them, and you only get a fraction of what your employer pays for you.

So, you got taxed on your wages but your employer had to pay a lot of stuff just to have you working too, and this made it so he has to pay you less so it affects you in more ways than one.

Now, Pay Taxes on What You Buy!

Now that you were taxed and got your money, you're free to spend it however you want it right?

Well, maybe.

You see, whenever you buy something with that already taxed money, you need to pay taxes on it.

So, you will need to pay taxes on what you buy... the company which sells you the product will also pay taxes on the gains generated by that sale, so again the money is taxed twice.

It was taxed when you earned it, which your employer and yourself had to pay... and now it gets taxed on your purchase, where both you and the company need to pay taxes on it.

You are paying the sales tax, of course, else you would be arrested or heavily fined.

Continue By Paying Income Tax on the Money That Was Taxed on Point 1:

Now, if you have been rolling those calendar days, it comes a time in which you need to fill in and pay your income tax.

Your money was already taxed when you earned it, but now you get to tax the total number you got has income throughout the period after the last time you paid your income tax.

It is now time to fork over more money, on capital that was already taxed to the ground, taking away most of the value and siphoning it to the state so it can manage it properly - we all know the State manages your money way better than you.

If You Have Enough to Invest: Pay Taxes on Capital Gains

So, through smart decisions, you managed to get some money to spare and you're thinking about investing in order to start earning more?

That's great!

That's the way to think!

Just bear in mind that you'll have to pay taxes on the capital gains your money already taxed countless times generates.

You are now buying assets that can potentially better your life and reward you for the good decisions you've been making... we don't want that!

Pay up, sonny!

Increasing Your Net Worth? More Taxes!

Some years after you first start investing, you're getting a bit more comfortable, and your net worth has increased.

But wait, you now have gone up a few tiers.

That means the state needs to ramp up those tax %s a bit!

You need to pay for those who didn't save enough to invest or that don't like working.

Don't be a selfish pig, support those with less!

More taxes going your way!

Only Two Things Are Certain: Death and Taxes

As you can see, there are a lot of taxes on top of taxes for money that was already taxed and resulted from the remains of already taxed cash.

But... what about the other certain thing?

Did You Die? Your Kids Will Pay Taxes on What You Left!

You had a good run, but you died!


Now it is time for your kids to reap the rewards of your good decisions... to maybe have a better start in life than you had.

Except they are going to have to pay heavy taxes on whatever you have left!

The state will, of course, manage your money with your kids' interest in mind and will, of course, improve the quality of life in the country... you can rest assured those politicians are noble-hearted and will do their utmost to put your money to good use.

Taxes Are Tyranny: Punishing Good Decisions, Rewarding Bad Decisions!

As you can see, Taxes crush the "many", and only the "few" (the agents of Statism) plan for everyone... of course having THEIR best interests at heart.

But it's not only that.

Those who put more value into the market and those that make the smarter decisions and push economies, technologies and life forward are those who pay less.

Those who do all of the bad decisions, don't work, don't add value and do nothing for the others sometimes are exempt and even receive.

Of course, the guys on the top, those who do the taxing, get the most - together with the banksters who support them of course.

What a lovely world!

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Written by   752
7 months ago
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100% agree. People forget about death sometimes. Thanks for remembering. But I don't like giving tax! I am earning hardly and I have to share it for nothing.

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7 months ago

Do you think tax is a form of theft?

$ 0.01
7 months ago

I don't like it... theft is a concept that can be defined in different ways depending on a lot of contexts... if by theft you mean taking what belongs to others, then everyone needs to agree that they are. "moral or immoral theft" doesn't matter, still theft even if you agree with taxes being laid down.

$ 0.00
7 months ago

In my country we hardly pay direct tax only government worker that earn salaries that pay.

$ 0.01
7 months ago

I completely agree with you. I am beyond sick of having to pay for the government to steal me blind and live a lifestyle I cannot afford. Go and have a look at my ex president Jacob Zuma and his "fire pool". We have paid taxes our whole lives and what did we get for it? An unsafe country, inadequate policing, horrific hospitals which force me to pay for private medical aid, roads that are unsafe because of unlicensed drivers that none of our traffic police have the ability to deal with. And let me not start on the fact that because I own my own business I am told that I don't qualify for a mortgage that I should so I cannot even get a property to my name that I want to buy. I just want a small little farm for self sufficiency and I can't even do that, because even if I could afford it, I would get raped and murdered in the places I can afford to buy.

$ 0.10
7 months ago

This is right you tax till death come to end your life. We tax for buying but our money still not has freedom of money. We tax for protection and privacy, but still, we are unsecured.

$ 0.00
7 months ago

I hate to pay taxes but we live to pay for it.

$ 0.01
7 months ago

So true, I can relate my brother @CryptoMax .I think we can Escapes Tax in Life especially here in Nigeria not everyone pays tax to the government. But you see death that's is so so sure it's certainly we all must die one day

$ 0.00
7 months ago

While I understand the frustration of paying taxes I also understand the need. Public services and infrastructure do need to be paid for. It should also be noted that tax cuts overwhelmingly help people who are already rich far, far, far more than it helps people on lower incomes.

I certainly think there could be improvements on most tax systems though to simplify them and make it a lot clearer what you pay and why you pay it.

$ 0.01
7 months ago