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BTC Stagnated After Bitcoin Forked Off: Bankster Tether Coin (BTC)

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11 months ago

BTC Stagnated After Bitcoin Forked Off: How Bitcoin (BCH) Turned BTC Into a High-Risk Investment!

For those who haven’t noticed yet, let me point out how Bitcoin is a solid investment and BTC is one of the riskiest investments in the Crypto Market today.

First of all, BTC’s price is being manipulated like crazy now – most of the obvious price manipulation coming from Tether going “BRRRRR” and printing by bucketloads to support price as BTC insiders sell and suckers buy.

Secondly, we have the blatant instability of the BTC blockchain, together with its HUGE operating costs – most of them coming from the fact BTC refuses to evolve and be more like Bitcoin thanks to the vested interests of shady entities like Blockstream.

This is just a slither of what makes BTC such a bad investment, as it has no fundamentals, no use, and is – again – an overpriced beanie baby you need to pay to play with.

However, if you want to delve deep into these topics, start by reading this:

These two articles will approach two of the biggest main manipulators and enforce the logic that you should stay away from BTC unless you consider yourself to be a gambler and not an investor.

You have a lot of BTC Maxis, Pomps, Tether Agents, Blockstream, yadda yadda shilling the token… even though they know “rising adoption” comes from Tether printing and their points are all bullshit (as the one stating BTC banks the unbanked, when the unbanked don’t even have enough to cover BTC fees).

But what’s more?

Well, read below and find out how BTC stagnated and stopped all organic processes when Bitcoin forked off.


The Cancerous BTC Markets: How BTC is All Smoke and Mirrors

We all know Crypto’s lack of regulation is a double-edged sword because even though it largely benefits real working systems with programmable qualities that render regulation obsolete, they give a lot of advantage to those wanting to manipulate the markets on less than noble projects.

BTC is a clear example of this!

There are a lot of centralized exchanges with a vested interest in this whole BTC “process”, and while noobs don’t see any misconduct, trained eyes and veteran investors can clearly see the strings behind BTC’s price movements and how they fit in the bigger picture.

Heck, talk with a knowledgeable Crypto Veteran and he’ll call the involved exchanges by name!

The noobs see the price charts and find them normal, and BTC schemers use this on their behalf as they use their many tactics to fake credibility, adoption, and other variables to cover up the real manipulation going behind the scenes.

I recently said, when writing my Masons and Templars article, that history has a strong role in giving people the ability to predict and spot patterns in events.

Well, history repeats itself as I can detect that the tactics in use to keep BTC relevant and its price up are the EXACT SAME as those used in companies during the 1920s, before the big crash.

It’s textbook stuff!

BTC is being manipulated and propped up constantly in a lot of different ways, which leads people to “excuse” its shortcomings due to greed and to keep on believing the BTC cult leaders.


BTC Price Going Up Means It’s Getting Adopted Right?... Right?

“But Max, look at the price, it is clearly getting increasingly adopted. People are getting in. Smart money, bla bla”.

Sorry men, I call bullshit!

In fact, this is one of the core points of my post:


Just look at the transaction char I shared below:

As you can see above, even though Bitcoin experienced adoption growth and transaction growth up until 2017, it all stopped when Bitcoin stopped being Bitcoin and became BTC.

It all stopped when Bitcoin began its path under the BCH handle and BTC became Bankster Coin.

Bankster Tether Coin: BTC!

BTC has risen in price like crazy, yet transactions remained the same. I can guarantee that if Bitcoin remained under the BTC name, its transactions would have risen exponentially due to the low fees and real use cases.

Tether, the huge whale lurking over BTC, which prints BILLIONS of USDT to keep BTC up… is the biggest player, and every “Smart Money”, “Institutional Investor”, “Millionaire” and “Musk” type of customer is just a single grain of sand amid the Tether fed Desert!

Organic Markets Will Put Bitcoin on the Spotlight: Manipulated Markets Will Sink BTC

We now have a clear case of how something, even something useless, can be marketed and painted to be a better investment than something useful and fundamentally sound.

We now have a clear example that masses can easily be manipulated if you capitalize on their primal instincts like greed, the desire to belong, the desire to feel "smart" and "unique", and the "Us VS. Them" mentality.

We now have a clear case that points out that if you have enough centralized big fish pocketed, and enough APomp gurus, you can throw fundamentals out of the window.

...but all of these cases and examples have a catch!

They aren't sustainable!

This is a short-term move, and that's why BTC is a HIGH-RISK investment that is bound to crash overnight sooner rather than later.

Fundamentals are the backbone of any responsible investment.

The long-term?

Bitcoin is going to be placed right back up on the spotlight...

...this is how young markets mature: The farmer that is "market's law" must in time scythe out all the weeds.

If you place your roots down next to the wrong plant, you may get scythed with.

Remember, two mushrooms can at first look alike, but while one is a great side dish for eggs, the other will kill you.

Opt for the fundamentals, opt for the one that brings benefits...

...bright colors are often just bait!

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Written by   781
11 months ago
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I totally agree with the fact that bitcoin will soon be placed right back on the spotlight. Because of all cryptocurrencies bitcoin serves as the greatest of all. Many are scared of investing, saying its risky, but in the end they will see.

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11 months ago

There's no doubt that even though bitcoin has given the best returns, it is very volatile and risky.

$ 0.00
10 months ago

Yes, I totally agree to you boss. Although cryptocurrenty like BTC brings the currency of the world into a new level it is not sustainable and not suitable for long term life income. Many people think if you invest to this, it will become rich overnight but no. You need to have a special set of skills and become a professional trader in order to gain benefits when it come to BTC investing. I also try it, I once invest but as student my capital is still low so the benefits I get don't outweigh the capital I invest. But in a long run, I lost lot of money because of my insufficient skills and knowledge regarding BTC trading investment. So, I realized that this is not suitable for ordinary people as much as like me who are still a student. And I also try to invest in brooker but it only leads into loss as it was only a scam. So yes, it's like betting your fortune here. Don't get yourself indulge to much, you might get hurt yourself in the process.

Hello this is Kian, please subscribe and support me. Thank you!! And also thank you the author of this article.

$ 0.00
11 months ago

Can you imagine crypto world without Bitcoin ? Infect i can say BTC is the backbone of Crypto and yah ofcourse this is risky investment but the profit ? Right now BTC investor getting safe profit without thinking about it lose just because they think this will not go into ground anymore ..

Why you should you think this is riskyy ? Just look the price increase chart of BTC from 2009 to 2021 then you can see how safest bitcoin investment is .. I see no reason to see btc is risky investment and market manipulation is a normal matter in crypto and especially when it comes about bitcoin .. Bitcoin replacing the fiat man and the day will come when every satoshi will be worth 1 USD! 💀💀💀

$ 0.10
11 months ago

You said and I quote "Bitcoin is going to be placed right back up on the spotlight..." How long do you think the wait will be? I grow weary everyday watching it fall.

But I love the post. Thanks for the eye opening article.

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11 months ago

BTC is enough Bullshit. After Elon Musk tweet how it changed into bloody ideat All we know very well. Blockstream and market manipulation changes into Bankster Tether coin. BCH is better forked of Crypto than BTC.

$ 0.00
11 months ago