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Bitcoincash adoption: meet Bitcoincashautist.

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1 week ago

The Bitcoincash peer to peer electronic cash is about face an upgrade in it network and most especially new features. What are update and how is it going to affect it users and what are the opportunities it is going to bring to it users, thanks to Bitcoincash node who has more information about the upgrade.

The market is currently fluctuating since Bitcoincash is going below $200 and also rising again and most especially now that everyone investors are obviously in pain and most lost nearly all of their investment and some lost nearly 90% or 80% of their investment.

Today I would like you guys to meet Bitcoincashautist a Bitcoincash activist and supporter of Bitcoincash projects and also technical development and writers in Bitcoincash ecosystem and here on

What do you have say to about Bitcoincash.

when refering to a particular blochchain then technically there's more than 1. Bitcoincash is has it own blockchain and also a hard fork of bitcoin.

first Bitcoin blockchain is no more, first descendants are Core and Cash

that's where you invite argumentation ad nauseum... because interpretations of what it all means are as many as there are humans... whereas nobody can debate facts, and fact is that a fork happened, that both trace back to the genesis block and share the same fundamental properties, namely supply curve and PoW algo

Bitcoin is what we make it to be, and there's a descendant that sticks to the p2p cash

and it's not some spin-off, it's a direct descendant of the first chain

all other forks are 2nd line

we're the first, and have a rightful claim to the throne hehe ;)

What do you have to say about Bitcoincash adoption.

I love this chart

Adoption could be read cash or flexusd or something. I haven't got a better metric for adoption than that chart,notice how eth established itself in this run

what's interesting is that Bitcoincash is at same adoption level as btc, they started seeing scaling problems hehe.

bch could do a 10x without blinking.

But we are a group of grassroots BCH enthusiasts just doing something we love and believe in because we need these products to exist for our own lives and business.

This is beautiful, I agreed that we are group of Bitcoincash ethusiasts just doing something we love and believe in Because we all need Bitcoincash to exist for our own lives and business.

The survival of Bitcoincash assist the continuity of our businesses and most especially those who solely depend on Bitcoincash itself.

What do you have to say about and why did you tip me that huge amount.

sure, it's a growing platform, you upvoted some of my posts first and then I saw you're a legit poster and thought to support you a little.. I'm focused on technical developments, haven't got time or interest for other things so that is why am less active on the platform.


The trends and the falls in some hyped coin that many spend their time investing and even money on. The social media shows that alot of crypto investors are currently buy the dip since it an opportunity for them.

Bitcoincash might just end up overtaking many coin and the halving might allow many start investing in it cause during that time there would be scarcity and of course inflation would be the other of day the market.

Bitcoincash has changed alot of people life and the fall is just making investors sad. It is now less 24hours that the update would be launched to the Bitcoincash's ecosystem. The update would bring alot of things to investors and also unlock the future Bitcoincash has for investors.

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The information are free from erotic contents and all the information are used for promotion of cryptocurrencies.

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Written by   115
1 week ago
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Isn't this interesting to see?! Let's go there... First time I'm hearing or reading about @bitcoincashautist that handle is mouthful too haha.

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1 week ago

Can't wait for this upgrade to come to fruition. I think it will greatly help especially when demand exceeds supply.

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1 week ago

The upgrade is what many of us are waiting for, I wonder what the new things we would see, also for the bitcoinacashautist, I don't know of you can share the telegram link too

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1 week ago

Thank you for informing us about this bitcoincashautist. I hearing about him for the first time now. I can easily follow him now to learn more about his work.

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1 week ago

It great to know more about bitcoincashautist right now am looking forward to the giveaway contest

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1 week ago

Hah, nice work pulling some of my telegram posts, here's a tip, well deserved

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1 week ago