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Happy Annunciation to you, friends!

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2 months ago

Today, on April 7, the Church celebrates a great celebration - Annunciation of the Blessed Virgin Mary!!!!🕊 The meaning is to prayerfully and spiritually prepare to meet the good news of the coming into our world of the Savior.

Why do Orthodox people have such a reverent attitude to the Feast of the Annunciation, which the Church traditionally considers the second in importance after the Holy Easter? Because after the cry of archangel Gabriel to the Virgin Mary:

"Holy Virgin, Rejoice! Blessed art thou among women", mankind found hope for deliverance from sin and eternal life.

Why do Orthodox people have such a reverent attitude to the Feast of the Annunciation, which the Church traditionally considers the second in importance after the Holy Easter? Because after the cry of the Archangel Gabriel to the Virgin Mary: "Virgin Mary, rejoice! Blessed art thou among women," mankind has found hope of liberation from sin and eternal life.

People used to say about this April day: "The birds don't build nests, and the maidens don't weave braids."

For those observing Lent, fish and wine are allowed today. In small quantities, of course. Indulge yourself, because there are still just over two weeks until Easter! But it was strongly recommended not to work on this day before! Last year, for example, some employers were afraid of celestial pangs, but still let the Orthodox workers go from work! Today the coronavirus is in retreat, and everyone is working, so if possible, increase your idleness on this festive day.

Many people also believed that making much noise on that day, rattling basins and ringing bells would scare away predatory beasts and save livestock.

And to save crops from diseases and other bad luck, women used to gather Annunciation ashes; when any plant in the garden got sick, the housewives sprinkled the harvest with them.

Public omens on the Annunciation on this day since ancient times people used to determine the spring and summer weather.

It is believed that if the night of the Annunciation is warm, then starting the next day there will not be frosts and wait for a cold spell.

If it is frosty this morning and there is frost on the trees, then frosts are possible throughout April. At the same time, frosts on this day promise a rich summer harvest.

If there is still snow on the roofs, it will lie in the fields until May.

If there is a thunderstorm on this day, it bodes well for a warm summer.

And if you look at the sky, you can guess whether the summer will be rainy. A cloudless and bright sky will tell about this.

Morning fog is to the flooding of rivers and reeds. Good weather will be for a long time, if the swallows have not arrived by the Annunciation, says another omen.

Rain on this day - to a good harvest of rye and mushrooms. The fishermen hoped that there would be rainy weather on that day, as they believed that there would be a good catch for the whole year.

On this day many families tried not to quarrel and live in peace and tranquility, as they believed that the year would pass the way they would spend the Annunciation.

The peasants expected wind, frost and fog, as according to the belief it promises a good harvest for the whole year. Even the crooks of that time had their belief. If on this day it was possible to steal something, then the next year was believed to be successful and prosperous.

If on the Feast of the Annunciation there were no swallows, then everyone was preparing for a cold winter. If on the eve and on the day of the feast people bought new clothes, then on no account they should have tried them on that day, otherwise, according to the superstition, the thing would be quickly spoiled and torn. According to folk beliefs it is strictly forbidden to do on April 7:

On April 7, it is impossible to start new affairs, because they will not work out. It is categorically impossible to give anything from home and to lend money, as until the next Annunciation you will have to live in poverty and hardship.

It is forbidden to cry on April 7, as you will have to cry until Easter. It is categorically forbidden to quarrel on the Annunciation, as all year long scandals and conflicts will not go away from home.

It is forbidden to laugh loudly and have fun, sing and dance, as after that the whole year will pass in melancholy and sadness.

On the Annunciation it is categorically impossible to do hard work at home and in the garden, as you can severely damage your health.

On the Annunciation it is strictly forbidden to do hard work at home and in the garden, as you can severely damage your health.

You categorically can not cut your hair, because, according to folk beliefs, you can shorten your life. Also it is prohibited to dye hair, do hairstyles and plaiting, because any manipulation of the hair can deprive you of beauty, health and mutual love.

According to popular belief, those girls who violate this prohibition will be lonely during the year.

Do not marry on the Annunciation, as such a marriage will not be happy. And the woman is likely to be widowed early. Girls on this April day can not tell about their relationship with a guy, because it could lead to separation.

On the Annunciation you can't talk about your plans for the future, because they will never come true. It is no coincidence that the words spoken by the messenger of God to the Immaculate Virgin have become one of the most reverent and luminous prayers that accompany the believer throughout his life.

As we pray this prayer, we experience again and again the spiritual jubilation of touching the Good News of the Immaculate Conception of the Righteous Virgin by the Holy Spirit and the coming birth of the Messiah, Jesus Christ.

Today come to the temple, and if you don't have such an opportunity, pray at home, prepare yourselves for the joint communion on one of the main holidays of Christians - the Annunciation of the Blessed Virgin Mary.

Happy Holidays to all you Orthodox Christians!!! 🕊

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I thank God for his help in writing this article, and you, dear readers, praise him if your reading has been helpful to you.

I want to know your opinion.

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Written by   188
2 months ago
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Forbidden to laugh and forbidden to cry? That's challenging :D But I like the idea of not doing hard work.

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2 months ago

Dear Belozoriana, I congratulate you on this day. The tradition you talked about was very interesting to me. The people of the past had very beautiful, interesting and original beliefs.

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2 months ago