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Tables Turned: The Finale

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2 months ago

As the man draws nearer towards her, her body shivers more. What just happened? Didn't she wish to die? So why is she shivering at the smell of death? The man is in front of her now still holding a knife. She trembles in the sight of it and can't utter a sound. She can't see his face because it's dark and he wears a hoodie.


He knows her name but she can't recognize him. He slowly takes off his hoodie. The sight becomes clearer though his face is dim. A bald man with a bleached white face, and a carved smile. Jane's mouth opened when she saw that but no sound have come out. It's like she met a living ghost.


After saying that, the man disappeared into the dark along with the gust of the wind. Jane is confused about what happened. It's like everything isn't sinking in. He didn't kill her. For once, she thought that this will be the end of her life but she's still lucky to keep her breath with her. Jane felt a cold and slightly heavy object above the sheets on her lap. She touches it to verify what it is. It's a knife!  It's the knife that the guy brought with him when he enters the room. She was even more confused with this. It's like her brain stopped working and she can't process everything she witnessed. She hid the knife under her pillows. She tries to wonder more about the man who left the knife and drifted off with these thoughts in her sleep.

The next morning, she wake up at the yells of her father and from the screams of her mother. Her father had gambled all the money again and still dare to ask for money from her jobless mother. She can hear the cries of her mother shrieking in pain from the beatings and punches of her father. She walks to the door and opens it slightly. She takes a peek at what's happening in the living room. She felt like being stabbed in her heart seeing her mother lying down to the floor, and using her hands to block the belt.

She felt a sudden outrage within her. Her visions get blurry and without any uncertainties, she gets back to her bed and takes out the knife under her pillows. She runs towards her father and stabs him in the back. Her mother screamed in horror seeing what she did. Her father turns at her and is about to seize her but she's faster to stab him in his heart. She stabs him again and again, not letting her father have his turn to fight back. Her father spits out and coughed up blood, aside from the bleeding wounds in his back and his heart.

Her mother is stunned and petrified from where she is. Her father collapses from having a lot of blood lost. Seeing this leaves no guilt nor regret in her heart. She is actually feeling strange. It's quite fulfilling, satisfying, or gladness that she felt towards them. Her breath is making her uneasy to stand still. It's like something within her wants to explode. She slowly giggled from controlling her breaths, until her voice cracked up and she can't hold it anymore. She burst into laughter. Never in her life had she felt this. Now she knows what happiness means.

"D-demon... Demon... Demon..."

Her mother passed out after saying it. She wipes the knife in her father's clothes while chuckling and hides it in her side pocket. She runs outside without knowing where to go. Claire saw her and shouted at her but she doesn't stop. She can't feel that fear from her anymore. Claire is confused about why is Jane not obeying her, so she follows her, running behind her while calling out her name.

Another prey to be played, Jane thought.

Jane leads her to the outskirts of the village where there is a lofty forest ahead. When they have entered it and there are no people anymore, Jane stops running. She stands in front of a huge tree and looked up like something is up there, sliding her hands into her pocket. Claire is pissed from being ignored and irritatingly calls her out. She hasn't been disobeyed nor ignored by Jane like this before. What's more? Jane tired her out from chasing her this far to a creepy place. Claire called Jane once more at the top of her lungs but still, she received no response. Jane wouldn't even turn to face her.

She gets more pissed at her. She grabs Jane's shoulders to make a turn to face her but she let her go in shock instead, seeing the burned skin in half of Jane's face. Jane smiled and chuckled seeing Claire's terrified face. Then in a blink of an eye, Claire's chest is bleeding from the stab. Jane kick her stomach as many forces she can put forth. She kicks and kicks her until Claire coughs up blood. Jane felt even more glad seeing her helpless, more gladly than seeing her pathetic father. She laughs at the sight of blood bleeding from the wounded chest of Claire and the blood she coughed. Claire is trying to get up but Jane kicks her hard before she could do that. Another stab in the chest makes Claire laying lifeless on the ground. Jane turn around and look up at the tree again.

There, the man from last night is sitting on the branches while enjoying the show. He smiled at her and jumped down. This time, Jane can see him more clearly and recognize those eyes. The eyes that keep glancing at her back then, wondering why she is lonely. Those were the eyes that asked her if she was fine for the first time. No doubt about it now, those eyes belonged to him.

"Jeff..."  She said showing her brightest smile.

Minna-san, Konnichiwa! 😊

Have enjoyed this fictional thriller story? Thanks a lot for appreciating it, if you did. By the way, @Kristofferquincy here is the last part. Just in case you missed it out in your notifications. And to my other readers, sorry for the wait. Please let me know your thoughts in the comment section below. If you still have some cliffhangers, maybe I would write another special chapter. 😄 Anyways, thanks for reading this story from the first part to the end.

If you're new here, these are the links to the previous parts so you can understand the story more.

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Written by   150
2 months ago
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No sh!t, I didn't think of this I mean diko inaasahan yong ganong ending. Overall I love it, I love how it ends haha. Claire deservea it, his Father deserve it too - Hindi naman pwdng forever nalang syang yuyuko at tatanggapin ang mga salita at pananakit nila. I know it's still bad kasi she become a murderer but bastaaa. Haha galing galing.

$ 0.00
2 months ago

Nyahahaha! Malikot po talaga utak ko basta mga ganitong genre. Tinapos ko na baka kasi mas brutal pa yung maisip ko na pangyayari sa susunod na parte. Salamat naman po at nagustuhan ng marami itong kuwento ko.

$ 0.00
2 months ago

Wahhh, mas bet ko yon eeeeee. Gawa ka nalang ulit 🤩😁

$ 0.00
2 months ago

Sige sige. Mag-iisip ako ibang concept. 😆

$ 0.00
2 months ago

People can change if they see unusual things that may leads them to darkness, it's a little bit brutal but I want more intense brutality like giving the details how she killed her victims, I like reading this one cause I feel bored when I read romantic stories.😅

$ 0.00
2 months ago

Yeah, me too. I'm thinking simple romantic stories are too mainstream to write now. Since Halloween is approaching, thriller stories just popping out of my mind.

$ 0.00
2 months ago