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Introverted, Pluralist, Independent, Impulsive, and Insecure. Which one do you think is the best and which one is the worst so it's worth throwing away?

Habits are a characteristic of a person's behavior that can come from environmental traits and factors. But, among the many forms of this habit, many represent everyone has or tends to have these habits. It will not be a problem to dominate something that describes the person, but from that dominance, there is also what most people have.

- Introverts may be at odds with the open nature of a person. Many are said or described as not sociable, often snagging, and difficult to adapt to a new environment.

If you look at it, on average, everyone will have this character too, although it is not so dominant as reflective as an introvert. The reason is of course that everyone has the word quality time or it takes time to be alone.

- Pluraristare is commonly owned by art workers whose souls want to be free. Not shackled by something. From this nature, it can still be said that everyone has it, where freedom will be the way of life and do not like the problem of being restrained, of course, everyone has it.

- Independent, if the nature of this one is indeed a bit difficult to say many can or have it. Only factors are indeed basic traits, circumstances that can establish the existence of this trait. How not because the basis of the nature of every human being is to live a life full of socializing and needing each other. It is ingrained from birth from the moment everyone is born. But even though it is rare to have reality, everyone actually has it because the nature of wanting to prove one's abilities to others is one proof of the existence of this one trait.

- Then move on to the impulsive nature. In fact, people who have this kind of nature, everything is very fond of things that are in a hurry. Causation is no longer thought of

Without realizing it, even someone who is said to have regular habits or is a perfectionist can also have the basis of this trait. It's just that they don't show it and sometimes because of circumstances that ultimately undermine their plans so try to do it at all costs.

- Insecure is a trait that may last be discussed. Don't feel man, always feel different from most, or never feel calm.

Yes, if this one is as good as a person, one really has to realize because of his nature as a created creature, he feels anxious, afraid that he will always be present even though that person has great courage. This trait is indeed a must-have because this nature reminds us of the greatness of the Almighty. Why is that just a bane when the fortune of every human has clearly been arranged and guaranteed by the Almighty? But what is certain is that everyone must be afraid and try to look for it at all times.

Image by David Bruyland from Pixabay 

This is just a partial mention of the grouping of the types of human traits that usually like to be said in this and that category. In fact, if you think about it all the same, only what is commonly done and not only becomes different. Some are shameless and some are not. And so on. Human beings basically like to group, which unwittingly limits one's own abilities. In fact, it is obviously the same degree, both creatures of God.


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While we do have all these there is one or some that are more dominant. Insecurities and introvert are not a good combination. I should know for I have both :D

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1 year ago

Man is a slave to habit. People will master it so it will become a habit. Even if you practice reading every day, the habit will remain. Man is guided by his habits.

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1 year ago