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#BCHTreasureHunt: March, Round 2

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1 year ago

The March round 2 of the Bitcoin Cash Treasure Hunt (#BCHTreasureHunt) begins!

The first round of the#BCHTreasureHunt started on March 1 and ended yesterday, March 15. Now, it's time to commence the second round of the competition. This

The BCHTreasureHunt is about having a little fun, competitive reading, and searching for clues to the 12-word recovery phrase to unlock a wallet holding the grand prize.

Activity: Find all 12 recovery words to the wallet with $5 worth of BCH up for grabs! This grand prize can be increased to $10 or more over time.

Duration: March 16, 2021 to March 15, 2021 11:59 pm (GMT+1)

The Prize

The total prize pool for this round of the competition will be determined by the total donations (tips) received from the hunters and supporting users. The Prize pool for the test round was $10, and the official first round was $10, hopefully we can even get up to $20 or more.

How the prize pool will be distributed:

1. Treasure/Grand Prize50% - This is the grand prize that will be in the wallet waiting to be swept by the first participant to recover all 12 words and restore the wallet. Follow this guide to learn how to restore a wallet using the 12-word recovery phrase.

2. Most active Hunters (User engagement Prize): 15% of the prize pool. 5% to each of the top three active hunters.

Criteria for selecting most active hunters:

  • Hunts in the daily for the word of the day.

  • Submits the word of the day to the appropriate form provided.

  • Likes and comments on the linked posts containing the hidden word of the day.

  • Promotes the #BCHTreasureHunt in their articles on or posts on You may have to mention me so I can get notified.

  • Renoise the #BCHTreasureHunt clues and posts on

  • Donating to the #BCHTreasureHunt fund via tips on and

Points will be awarded for each of these activities, and the top 3 hunters will receive equal prize.

3. Daily Prize: 30% of the prize pool. There will be daily prize of at least $0.05 for each each of the first five (5) hunters to submit the correct word of the day via the appropriate form from the list of forms provided below. There will be a total of 60 prizes for the 12 days. Participants will be required to enter the word of the day to the right form to qualify.  Also, you must leave a comment related to the post where the word was hidden to be eligible to claim the daily prize. So after finding the word in the post, Like and leave a comment before submitting your word to the appropriate form in the list below.

Word Entry Forms

Click on the right form to enter the word of the day.

How the #BCHTreasureHunt works (Mechanics)

  • The grand prize will be hidden in a BCH wallet created on wallet.

  • The clues (one clue per day) to finding each word of the 12 recovery words to the wallet will be posted on So I recommend you follow me on for updates.

  • There is no specific time for posting the clues. blur.

  • With the aid of the clue, you will visit and search the linked post where the word has been hidden to find the word.

  • The words will be given in chronological order. The first clue will be for the first word, the second clue for the second word, and so on. But there may be a twist at the end. So be watchful for that little twist.

  • When you visit the post with the hidden word, try to like the post and possibly leave a content-related comment, just to encourage the author we used his/her post.

  • When you find each word, keep it safe, you can write them down as they come.

  • The first user to find all 12 words and successfully restores the wallet and sweep the fund wins.

How to Participate in the #BCHTreasureHunt

  1. You can optionally follow me, @Alpher on both and I recommend that you enable the notification bell, so you can be notified every time I post a new clue.

  2. Leave a comment on this post with the hashtag #BCHTreasureHunt to become a participant. You have to mention some of your friends in the comment, inviting them to join. Let's hunt

  3. You can promote this competition and actively engage to have a chance at winning $1 at the end of the round.

  4. Visit daily for a new clue.

  5. To participate in the daily prize, submit the word of the day to the appropriate form. And you must like and comment on the post with the hidden word.

Support the Hunt Fund

Th #BCHTreasureHunt needs support from the community. You can support the competition by leaving a generous tip on this post.

How to Donate (Tip)?

  • As a tip on this post

  • Tip daily on #BCHTreasure posts

  • Directly to bitcoincash:qzp5zuh8cjdtxp09pe2y93hp0qqyyq6fjyuz86smgl

We are counting on you.

Please note

  • All word of the day should be entered in a form that will be added to each clue post on  The First 5 Correct entries win 20% each of the daily prize.

  • One entry per user only. A user cannot submit more than one word for a particular word of the day.

  • All 12 recovery words must be in chronological order at the end of each round before you restore the wallet.

  • The first hunter to send the funds out of the wallet wins the treasure. Be at alert because there will be others attempting to take the treasure.

  • If you are the winner, kindly make a post about it on and and tag #BCHTreasureHunt 


Do I have to be a and user to participate in the treasure hunt?

No, the Bitcoin Cash treasure hunt is open to everyone who reads this article and the clues on Anyone can win, although I would appreciate it if you join and and spread the word about Bitcoin Cash to your friends and family. You will also need a wallet app to be able to restore the wallet.

How do I recover the wallet?

Once you've found all the 12 recovery words and their specific order, you have to quickly recover the fund in the wallet app. Immediately after you have restored the wallet, quickly sweep the bitcoin cash out of the wallet into your personal wallet, to prevent other participants from accessing your prize. 

Follow this guide to learn how to restore a wallet using the 12-word recovery phrase.

When does the Bitcoin treasure hunt end?

This round of the treasure hunt will end on March 30, and the next round will commence on April 1. I will leave the bitcoin cash in the wallet for you to recover until the new round post is made on March 16. If not recovered, the prize will be moved over to the next round.

So what are you waiting for? Let's hunt!

P.S., The first recovery word is hidden in this post. The clue to the word will be posted on soon.

Happy Hunting!

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Written by   78
1 year ago
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That's really a great initiative to learn people how they can recover their lost wallet through seed words.

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Let's hunt, again! @carisdeneym @kingofreview @iammaryandmerry #BCHTreasureHunt

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Anyway, pinging some of the people I know are definitely here that might want to join in: @Jane @Eybyoung

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Are u the one who decipher the last round?

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I tried the round 1 but wasn't able to sweep the prize 🤣🤣.

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You need to be fast, though, make sure that you're ready at the minute's notice.

And also know how to solve things.

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Ohhh..... It has begun

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